those faces are so cute lol


Rad Kannao

Who says guys can’t wear high heels?! He has the most girl and man power!

Casual Noot out for a date with Kanji <3

Sketch/color practice XD


Ok but I saw this video on facebook and I was laughing my ass off at it omg. I’m kind of shocked the film and cinematography is so good for that time and how they were able to capture all this and looks hella dangerous for everyone but wow.

May it be forever preserved.

Also the driver is p dang cute lol


lol if u think I can’t combine those three things then u are so underestimating me, patster223

1 + 3 + hoodie = things you said too quietly at 1am while wearing newt’s hoodie (x)

hermann nuzzles into the pillow.  with the hoodie pulled up over his head, his face is completely obscured.  he lets himself smile as wide as he’d like.

“get back here,” newt says.  he wraps one arm around hermann’s waist, then pulls him closer.  hermann squawks and lets out an embarrassing giggle.  “god, you’re so cute.”  newt pulls the hoodie to the side with two fingers.  “come out of there, Schildkrötchen.”

hermann blushes, and newt kisses the apple of his cheek.  there are butterflies in hermann’s stomach, stars in his eyes.  newt’s hand slips under his shirt.

“come kiss me.”

hermann obliges.  he gives newt a quick peck, then buries his face back into the pillow.  newt’s nails scratch along his spine, up and down in lazy, ticklish trails.  hermann breathes hot breaths against the cotton.  he whispers–

“stay with me.”

newt’s hand stops.  he smoothes his thumb against hermann’s skin.

“hmm?” he murmurs.  he pulls the hoodie away and looks at hermann when hermann turns his head.  “what?  you were talking into the pillow.”

hermann stares at him–sweet smile on newt’s face, eyes tender and playful.  he shakes his head, dismissive, and newt kisses him full on the lips.

(I think Schildkrötchen should mean “little turtle” but I translated with nine tabs of quick google research so welp it might not be 100%)

[more from the “things you said” meme]

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LOL you wearin polo hats now I bet you were one of those bitches wearin bucket hats when schoolboy Q was hot

Oh god no bucket hats make me look so ugly certain styles DO NOT work wit my face shape like bucket hats n 5 panels lol classic polo hats make my lil round face look cute ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


LOL ok wow I mean he looks gorgeous but it’s so hard to see him doing all those cool, sexy, man poses.. and I just couldn’t see him as a grown up adult because of his face. It looks more playful to me.. the way he posed. And even if he doesn’t have that dazed, innocent, deer-in-the-headlight look he’s just naturally cute blame that facial feature of his. Gosh I just want to put him in my pocket and take him home… 

Oh and he likes The Grand Budapest Hotel!

#793: we’ve been mutuals for a long time, pretty sure you were one of the first blogs I followed?? we used to talk occasionally, not so much anymore but I still think you’re adorable and awesome and I always smile when I see you in my activity. 

#12: any time i see an abundance of gay porn on my dash you’re the reason why lol. you’re def one of those people i would never unfollow. i feel like we’re friends even though we don’t talk. 

#6111: your face is so cute I just wanna squeeze it or kiss it or something! anyway ily please don’t think I’m creepy 

mutuals send me numbers and i’ll talk about u x 

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Omg you just made my day, thank you so much! I'm so glad that I'm following such a rad astrology blog! If you ever need to vent or just rant about something random, please don't be shy. ^-^(Coming from a shy person) lol

Awwwhhh thank you so much, you’re such a cutie! I wish I was on my phone so I could do those hearts and blushy faces… Thank you for the offer as well, I’ll probably (definitely) take you up on that! My personal is I’m on there a lot too. 

Another one of those
  • Him:so what're you up to?
  • Me:Relaxing....
  • Him:Lol, how?
  • Me:I'm about to stuff my face with pizza, and I just took an extremely hot shower
  • Him:All clean and cute. Sexy and cute?
  • Me:um...I wear PJ pants and a big T-shirt to sleep.
  • I swear if he likes me, he likes me for me. I ain't gonna change

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guess why those shippers are seen as crazy? XD Though we TaoHun shippers are seen as that as well by some by now so.. whatever.. I just think that the reasoning of those shippers usually was kinda stupid.. that's not something you base a ship on.. anyway XD Sehun usually makes a face when he tries to hide what he's feeling.. Tao hugging from behind must have felt really good for him XD I mean.. think about the hug at the ISACs XD // lol basically XD

same tho lmao im p sure were all some level of crazy shipper////// thEYRE JUST SO CUTe LIL BUBBLEY hUN CANT CONTAIN HIS FEElINGS FROM THE TAO HuG OH MY GOODNESS just remembering is making me emotional the isacs were honeslty such a blessing im really jealous of their relationship tbh theyre just so comfortable w each other n that hug looked sO nice ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

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Valentin what's wrong? I remember you would always say yes to go to the movies with our friends now you're so sour! I'm sorry if I came on too strong, I just want a friendship with you, I miss your cute out of nowhere jokes and those cute stupid faces you would do when drinking out of a cup lol cx and I just want to be able to be friends, no relationship just friends! I have ticket for us to the movies, just text me back, you don't have anyone to worry about not letting you. Text me!

Natalie what part of NO do you not fucking understand. LEAVE ME ALONE CRAZY ASS B.