"You okay?" 

Gently Jet pushed his shoulder. He’s been quiet for days . It was hard to tell what he was actually thinking.

"Thorry…..I’m juth trying to figure thith pattern out."

He frowned, did he misunderstand something, it looked like he had to redo it.

"I can’t help you if you won’t tell me what’s wrong, but I think I could help you with the pattern."

"But you don’t know anything about knitting."

Jet took the alpaca plush from the floor and handed it to him. “Here.”


Gigabit looked over the doll. What was he supposed to do with this? Hug it? That still wasn’t much help.

”You see, first you explain it to the doll, and then you will see what’s wrong.”

“How ith that going to help?”

“Just try it, I heard it worked.”

hex-ler said:

"Woah, you've been training for that long...? It'th like you're thome kind of... chothen one... or main character! H-Hey, anyone could accidentally prick themthelveth..." He mumbled, blushing faintly as he made the snickering movement but quickly smiling again, "Oh! My name'th Hex-ler by the way, my friendth call me Hex though. Thorry I forgot to introduce mythelf, I jutht get a little excited thometimeth..."

[Oh God, hahaha! Hey, by the way, you’re blushing.]

[My name is Aiden, it’s nice to meet you, Hex.]

Thorry Guy-th.

Those of you trying to contact me on Skype… I will not be doing calls for a bit. Due to some recent, um, issues.. I have a pretty bad lisp until my tongue heals. Kinda tired of repeating myself because either no one can understand me or they just want to hear (and giggle at) my temporary speech impediment. Apologies! Just wait it out! If you -do- want to talk, please bear the whole lisping thing in mind and be patient (or just laugh. Because that seems to be the normal reaction. lol.) So. No calls for arenas. (Seriously, I can’t call out CC or anything right now without both pain and laughing at myself). So sorries. <3