The girls schedule

4th July: MTV ‘In The Zone’ (airs)
G-A-Y Bar (performing)
5th July: Surprise! surprise! (Airs)
10th July: Black Magic released in the UK
KissFMUK’s sessions event (performing)
14th July: U.S Radio impact date
17th July: Island Beats- Thorpe Park (performing)
18th July: RadioCity Summer live (performing)
19th July: Key103 Summer Live (performing)
22nd July: MTV Crashes Plymouth (performing)
25th July: SOMMARKRYSSET in Sweden (performing)

13th August: 99.7NOW! SummerSplash (performing)
16th August: Teen Choice Awards (performing)
18th August: TODAY Show (performing)


anonymous asked:

I was reading comments on an article about Ian Thorpe a year after he came out - the overwhelming sentiment was cynicism that Thorpie had stayed in the closet throughout his successful sporting career, taken advantage of all the endorsement opportunities & then finally came out for profit after he had little risk of losing sponsor $ or popularity. Louis' fan base is younger & less cynical but I do think this push-pull thing can totally backfire in terms of acceptance later, depending on timing.

It is true that celebrities have to be careful to time their coming out so it isn’t TOO blatantly for promo. I know Sam Smith got some pushback on the same issue, because he came out very shortly before his album was released.

Personally, I think that is all nonsense. Nobody is required to come out, they don’t owe it to us, and if they feel that they have to stay closeted in order to further their career, that is a perfectly valid decision. And on the flip side, of someone comes out and that actually boosts their career - isn’t that awesome? Isn’t that a huge step forward? That being open LGBTQIA+ can actually help a person’s career rather than hindering or ending it?? I think the fact that coming out even can be used as PR is a sign of how much things have changed for the better (long way to go, though).