/ tonight at the Thorntree Project benefit (to aid the Samburu people of northern Kenya) there’s a number of works from my Africa series available at auction / this particular image was shot in Namibia while I was having a jumping contest with a group of young kids. The higher and more creative our leaps the more laughter that ensued. Some of my favorite pictures. If only every day had a jumping contest to settle things — this image and many more great treasures are available tonight at the Urban Zen space located at 711 Greenwich (near Charles street) in the West Village #thorntreeproject

Thousands of miles racked up in northern Kenya with Jane in the Land Cruiser. Endlessly repeated stories, constant Thorn Tree Project strategizing & the never ending wonder of that harsh, beautiful, spectacular landscape & it’s people.
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Thousands of miles in northern Kenya racked up with Jane in the Land Cruiser. Stories repeated endlessly but that’s ok because there is always a fresh perspective. Always with my trusty Edward G, nature’s trim added along the route.
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