Let's talk about Thomas M. Lane III

I’ve been exceptionally quiet and not answering the majority of TJ Lane questions that I’ve been asked on here and for good reason. I wrote him a letter and as I mentioned on here before, never mailed. The reason why is because I was curious as to how things were going to play out.

I spoke with a girl on here who shared her letter with me long before TJ Lane letters started popping up everywhere. In the letter, TJ came off as rather intelligent and had plenty to say. Basically, the same way as he portrayed himself on his former facebook page. Then, everyone started posting their letters on here and they were remarkably different than the letter that the girl read to me. In everyone’s letter from the supposed “TJ”, he wrote short letters, sometimes asking for ridiculous things, misspelling common words and signing his letters with “respect”, which might be something that someone would say if they had spent their life in prison, but not an 18 year old kid who hates the world and has zero respect for anyone in it.

My friend got a letter from him that I offered to buy…That is the letter that was posted on here a while back. After I actually read the contents of the letter, I knew something wasn’t right. “Lane” is stating that due to his mail issues (him not receiving his mail), to write to the cell partner instead so TJ gets the letter. While that may not seem far fetched to some of you, it set off a big red flag for me. Couple that with the fact all the envelopes are only an address, no name…I figure, this cell partner of his has to be stealing his mail. I asked Bobby about it and he basically reiterated my own thoughts on the matter—it was apparent that TJ’s mail was being taken and/or being given to. And I mean, who better to ask than someone who has been in prison for 28 years? But I didn’t really have any facts to back this up, it just seemed like common sense to me. If ANYONE ever wrote to me telling me to write their cell mate instead, I would never do it. So I still never mailed my letter, not knowing who would end up with it…and so I sort of sat back and watched and waited. I saw everyone posting all of these letters, still the same unintelligent drivel as was posted before. One even mentioned my name, which I really got a kick out of.

And then BAM! A legit TJ Lane letter popped up. The first noticeable difference was the handwriting. It doesn’t even closely resemble the fake Lane’s handwriting. The second thing I noticed was that TJ signs his name in full on the envelope. The third thing I noticed was Lane wrote long, detailed letters, showing off his extensive vocabulary. The thing that really sparked my interest though was where he stated that his cell mate takes his mail, writes to people as him and chances are, everyone’s TJ Lane letters are fake. TJ also states that he is no longer in a cell with the other guy, that he is currently in a one man cell and that he is told he will be moved to a different location in the near future. And so I kind of laughed when reading all this, surprised that not only I had figured it all out, but also surprised that other people HAVEN’T figured it out. And while I thought it would be semi funny to sit back and watch people getting letters from TJ Lane after his move, yet his letters still coming out of Lebanon, I couldn’t do that to the actual cool people on here who write to him or think they are writing to him.

Anyone who has been writing to people for any length of time should have known better than to believe to write someone’s cell partner, but for you people who just had an interest in Lane and had not written anyone before, don’t beat yourself up about it. I thought one was legit before I read the contents/saw the envelope, too. I’ve gotten a few ‘asks’ from some of you in regard to your Lane mail and I didn’t want to speak to soon, but now I’ll be more than happy to answer your questions. If you want me to take a look and tell you if it’s real or not, I’ll try to the best of my ability. I’m also sharing some images of the fake vs. real below.

FAKE: (This letter is not real and is similar as every other letter I’ve seen on tumblr. It’s actually some random burglar writing them. Bad and large handwriting, no name on the envelope, just an address ).


LEGIT: (Real envelope: name in full on the envelope, “typical” male handwriting, writes pretty small, well spoken in letters)



In conclusion, don’t be fooled into thinking that Lane will only get his mail if you *don’t* put his name on the envelope. That is the the most preposterous thing I have ever heard in my entire life. The only way he WILL in fact get his mail….is if you put his name on the envelope.