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Yes hello internet mom? I need help. Today i finally told my one of my friends that i like her. I tried doing it before twice and I couldn't because I have really bad crippling anxiety. (I cried like three times today & I'm emotionally drained rn) Anyway, she doesn't like me back and she just wants us to be friends (which is 100% fine with me!! I'm not complaining abt friendzone bc tht shit is dumb). My point is idk what to do now bc I'm gonna see her at school tom. Have any advice?? Thnkxx

Hey internet child *give you hugs* Man, I’ve been in your exact situation before, so I know how emotionally trying it can be. 

First off, I’m really proud of you for confessing your feelings to your friend. That’s a really scary thing to do, particularly if you have anxiety. But you did it anyway and that’s something to feel good about. 

Secondly, I’m even more proud of you for being okay with just being friends. Unrequited love sucks, but I’m glad you’re mature enough to accept that she doesn’t like you. 

Now, it’ll probably be a little bit awkward for a while. It’s just gonna be that way, it’s kinda hard to avoid. But, just try and treat her like you always do. Also, use your words! If there are any issues or really really bad awkwardness, talk about it. Make sure everything is clear between the two of you. 

It might be a little painful for you to spend a lot of time with your friend. I know after I confessed to one of mine that I would feel awesome while hanging with her, but be really sad when I was alone. If that’s the case for you, which it might not be, you might just need to spend a little less time with her, until you get over your feelings. 

I wish you luck tomorrow! *gives extra hugs for support*