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Sandpeople Present… Bad Neighbors (Mo-B & Simple). Allot of old gems on this album. But this is definitely a stand out! “Grains of Sand” #SP 

THNDRTHF - The Healer

Simple aka Thunderthief aka THNDRTHF (of Sandpeople) just let loose a new song. Not really sure how I feel about this just yet. The couple tracks he’s released this past year or so have been really different in terms of sound and style, but I’ll give it a few listens to see if it grows on me.

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And before that (Points of View) there was this (Red Shield)! Comprised of Simple, Mo-B & iame with production by EarthFire Music (Smoke M2D6 & Zebulon Dak)! 

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Jaimz Deen Video Diary//

In this session, Simple (the voice) and I are doing some mixing on the song “I’d Be A Man” from the upcoming Gemini Season project. I can be somewhat nit picky when I’m working on music - so I’m blessed to be working with other open minded, yet obsessive musicians. Mixing is one of the most important parts of completing a recording, it’s also one of the most tedious. It’s all worth it in the end. Stay tuned kids.