It’s difficult to believe in yourself because the idea of self is an artificial construction. You are, in fact, part of the glorious oneness of the universe. Everything beautiful in the world is within you. No-one really feels self-confident deep down because it’s an artificial idea. Really, people aren’t that worried about what you’re doing or what you’re saying, so you can drift around the world relatively anonymously. You must not feel persecuted and examined. Liberate yourself from that idea that people are watching you.
—  Russell Brand
You need reasons for why i don't like our current system?

how about something most of us overlook everyday.

the fact that we have to pay for basic human necessities. right there.

 that’s fucked up. I don’t care about the damn economy or any other bullshit reason you will try to give me to justify the over 4 million Human beings that die every year from starvation when the food is RIGHT HERE! like, how doesn’t everyone see just HOW fucked up it is to put a price on something that we need to LIVE. Tell me I’m wrong because I don’t have another unshakable structured institution to replace our current system. The thing is, I don’t need the solution to know when I see something unjust. like whyyy x( what type of monster does this, or justifies this. I am so disgusted with so many things right now I cant

mind puke

I feel like, you know when you feel a strange connection with someone for absolutely no reason/ are drawn to them and can’t explain why. I think that In a parallel universe there was some sort of connection there whether it was simply a friendship, a rivalry, or a lover. They meant something and now that I think about it its so insane. I just watched the butterfly effect (if it wasn’t already obvious) and it was too scarily relevant. Thinking about my past, there were so many decisions I have made, a few things I never did anything about when I maybe should have, the relationships I made and the ones I’ve severed. It’s all brought me here. I created my reality. Every day I’ve done things that have forever altered my life and fully realizing that, like deeply realizing that on a level that changes your perspective on life is so so so mind blowing.

This sounds cheesy, but chase your dreams

Seriously. Most of us have grown to believe what we want is “out of reach” or unrealistic, so we don’t even try. And we settle for what’s deemed safe. and leave this earth unhappy.  

But You create your reality.

Make your dream realistic. I’m tired of being told to be practical and to settle. and I’m sure a lot of you are too. We have one definite life, So do what your passionate about, because we need more people who are passionate about what they do, and do it amazingly. And i guarantee things will begin to change for the better. I was talking to my friend about this yesterday, We are powerful. Individually and as a whole. Each generation has a chance to create their future through their actions and the future for their children. I believe we’re going down a pretty scary path but if we regain that happiness we had as children, from doing what we love always, we’ll do better. The more alive we will be.  It’s easy to be cynical and to highlight all the negative and foreshadow the end of our civilization, but we are so much more than our mistakes. We are also capable of extraordinary love and happiness and kindness, the potential we have is limitless and I think it begins internally in each of us, we have to be happy and play our role, but not one deemed “financially safe” one we love and will wholeheartedly contribute to. We all can accomplish whatever we set our minds to, we just need to put every ounce of our being into it and try. and to ignore the incessant chatter of those who tell us no. 

No hope 4 boys

I remember one of my friends from high school was telling me how smoking hot he thought one of my best friends were and then said “the only huge turnoff is her whole feminist thing.”

liek this if u cry everytim.  


I’m closer to conquering anger. But there are those few things in life that keep me from arriving to that state, constantly testing me, issues that breed such an emotional response from within that I may never have full control over. Homophobia. Dealt with Homophobia today, huge test, failed miserably. Usually at that point i’d be upset that I had let the anger win and get the best of me, but in this instance I didn’t.

Because the level of ignorance baffles me. We are all one. A soul is a soul. Nothing is black and white, even if we claim we’re “certain” of our sexuality.and love prevails all stereotypes, races, and genders.

Love is such a beautiful, innocent, and pure phenomenon .

I just can’t wrap my mind around a being who knows love, and who’s been blessed, in the presence of love, stares love in the face Everyday and is still able disregard another beings emotion to that extent, to say “it’s a choice” or that “they want attention”

Open your mind to life man, because you don’t know what love’s about. 

If you knew of love, in all forms, you wouldn’t hate.

i wanna have a drum circle

the night of the meteor shower. up in a hill, drums roaring. bare feet skipping. great kind energy. where you can jive with no judgement and share some raw love.  now if only i had the people to come..

one day i want to be barefoot with flowers in my hair and the next i want to twerk and wear fake nails. i am a complex multi dimensional being, no labels can and should be put on me! or you!! We all have so many different aspects of ourselves, no need to put it all in a category. Lets live label free. < 3 ~~~~

There’s nothing I want more in this world than to rid myself of attachment, I’ve found myself emotionally and mentally attached to a lot toxic things and relationships. I want to truly, no longer “need” anything externally to keep me happy. The concept I get, but actually accomplishing that is a huge shift. Pain comes from attachment. I need to rid myself of this silly habit now! yet I cant force it, sighhh waiting patiently. 


Debts scare me shitless

i was calculating my possible debt and it makes me second guess going to school. Debt is like, giving power to someone who can take everything away from you. but then how do i survive in this society without that degree… fuckkkk the vicious cycle. Keep me busy working, paying off my debts so i don’t have time to realize, uhm I don’t know, maybe that our entire system is bullshit ! and i shouldn’t have to become an indentured servant to have “stability” in my future. I’m so disappointed, None of this can be justified. None of it.  

mind puke

When did we loose sight of what’s needed for survival? We know instinctively that the destruction of our home means the destruction of humanity, all earthlings..Yet the earth is dying, and as we creep closer to the point of no return. It makes me wonder if i want to bring life into this predicament. I know i need to be doing more, but even then for true change to occur a change in consciousness on a large scale has to take place. I hate feeling as though my actions are so minuscule and don’t create any changes, i feel like this thought has inhibited a lot of people, the hopelessness that not enoughhh people are doing anything to start a revolution. But that mentality in itself is lethal, that mentality allows the trigger to be pulled. Hope is essential if us earthlings ever pursue the take down of the greed driven system and reclaiming, saving our planet.

And from there, building a more loving, compatible, respectful system. One that coexists with our planet. No solution will be perfect, but i guarantee we can do better than our current system.

work work work away the years of your life. work work work never see your wife. work work work sweat and tears. work work work lost my years.

we’re not gonna work in your crummy jobs.

we’re not gonna fight in your stinkin’ wars.

we’re not gonna vote in your phony elections.

take a good look we’re your reflection.


He was too scar’d to reahlize,

You are the voice that’s been calling me back home. ☯

So Glow. Child. Glow.

I’m heading back home. 


side note:

 I constantly feel 2 driving forces within. One is more reminiscent of my past, very cynical. The other force is more like my present self, a constant euphoric feeling of love, towards everything. feeling high just looking at a tree, the sunset, feeling tingly all over soaking in all the beauty in the world. a force of consciousness and change, the desire to be better and do better. A love so powerful that when i channel into it, its unbelievable. How can these 2 opposites exist in one shell? It only reinforces the yin yAng ideology .

Opposites are each other.

Opposites are more alike than anything else comparable.

Love is hate in a different state„ As above so below.//