In Tenth City

Don’t give up just because you’re losing

All the options are here for your choosing

You never really knew how to answer me

You just kept stating these things that we could never be

You don’t understand, you never will

Stop acting like you do, stop forcing your instill

My foundation fell apart the second you left

Leaving my heart torn, crushed, a fucking mess

You left with such ease, such grace, such simplicity

You said the fire was gone, but not the electricity

Does that mean there’s still hope for you and I?

Does that mean there’s no reason to cry?

Because I feel so pathetic for falling in love

With the boy that I’m getting so very sick of

You couldn’t possibly know the power you held over me

You couldn’t possible know the things I was willing to guaranty

Because I was a puppet on your knotted string

But obviously I didn’t mean a damn thing

I hate the way you make me feel

My feelings are so intense they seem completely unreal

And I’m so done with this, I want to forget

I wish the memories would disappear like a burning cigarette

But it’s not that simple, it’s not as easy as you made it seem

I’ve got so much more to deal with, so much more crying, so many more screams

I guess this is just one big fuck you

So thanks for the memories and the hurt enough for two

I’ve traveled into Tenth City and can’t ever go back thanks to you.