Watching RotG with my mom and her boyfriend
  • Very begging
  • Mom:*zooms in, causing it to cut out people later on*
  • Me:*glares*
  • When Jack first rises and goes to Burgess
  • Mom:*Smacks her boyfriend* Don't go to sleep.
  • Mom's boyfriend:I wasn't asleep
  • *continues for five minutes*
  • When all the Guardian's are gathered in the North Pole
  • Mom:Is that the Sun?
  • Me:That is Sandy
  • Mom:....
  • Me.... The Sandman!
  • Later when Pitch is in Cupcake's room
  • Mom:Who is that?
  • Me:Who?
  • Mom:That man.
  • Me:That is Pitch Black.
  • Later
  • Mom:Wait I though that was Pitch?
  • Me:That is Pitch.
  • Mom:Then who is the boogeyman?
  • Me:They are the same person!
  • After a while my mom's boyfriend was falling asleep, so I jabbed him in the neck.
  • I then left to avoid the sadness of the scene where Jack returns from Pitch's lair and Bunny is not believed in.
  • Me:*After that scene I come back with orange juice*
  • Mom:Where did you go.
  • Me:I left to avoid the sad scene.
  • Mom:What sad scene?
  • Me:*looks in disbelief*
  • Mom:*turns to her boyfriend* What sad scene?
  • Mom's boyfriend:When there was no more Easter.
  • He didn't even like the movie and was almost falling asleep, and he understood what I was talking about!
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