thisisthememorythisisendless said:

Sorry if you've already answered this a million times but how did you and Alex end up together?? How long have you been together now? You guys are seriously the cutest.

Aw haha thank you! It’s actually really funny, Alex and I worked together for a while without ever meeting. For a long time, he was on days and I was on nights on opposite sides of the week. 2 years ago, I sang the national anthem at his police graduation (not knowing each other) and apparently he told his FTO that he thought I was amazing. Little did he know that his FTO and I were actually friends, and it became a joke for a while that he was my work boyfriend.. mind you, Alex still had no idea who I was at the time. Fast forward a year later, my best friend and I were walking into a restaurant and I went to open the front door, and it came swinging out and nearly hit me in the face. Low and behold, it was Alex! I thought I knew him somehow, but it’s so weird to see someone out of uniform for the first time because they’re almost unrecognizable. The first words out of his mouth were “Oh my god you’re gorgeous” and I was just speechless. I smiled & said thank you, and he continued out while I walked in. Not even a minute later, while I was sitting down, he came back from outside and said I looked familiar to him. It clicked, and I asked him his last name. That’s how we discovered that we worked together! He sat down with me and we were inseparable the rest of the night…. aaand we have been together ever since :)  


So… everything has been fantastic. Great times with the woman I love. We had a mega date involving watching the fault in our stars in which we both cried like babies for nearly the entire movie, followed by a walk through the potter park zoo in which I took about 30 pictures of a tiger yawning and licking its paw and we got to hear a tiger roar a bunch and we pet some goats, we had lunch at the most sketchy looking hole in the wall place in all of Lansing called Emils, this is a place you cant let the look of it scare you away or the fact that everytime we have personally gone were the only ones there because the food is actually pretty damn good. After lunch we ended up swerving into a parking lot to play with puppies at a pet adoption set up by petsmart. Ended the daye with dinner with her parents.
We also tried crossfit which is good because it helps me finally push myself instead of coasting and not unleasing my true potential, but sucks because its really expensive.