i get concerned when western south asian ppl tend to gloss over patriarchal standards in our culture just to avoid racism/stereotypes against us from other westerners. 

yes, it is frustrating to deal with these people who think that their country is more ~progressive~ & how they look at us as inferior, but…? completely dismissing misogyny and putting women who suffer in the global south and in our own families in the front lines? i think it is very inconsiderate, so please let’s not. :( i think there are better ways to approach/handle this issue. 

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hey! love your blog! can you recommend me any other asian pride blogs? i feel like going on a following spree, haha. oh, but none of the "thisisnot" blogs, but like directed at asian countries as a whole? like a blog with lots of happy empowerment and stuff lol. sorry if this is a bother, you can delete this if i'm asking too much :p keep updating!

Hmm… this is a tough question but here are a few off the top of my head. A few of these are personals but they’re very pro-Asian pride

angryasiangirlsunited wocunited angrytaiwanesegirlsunited yellowxperil  aaww-nyc old-vietnam feminism5ever trangst fuckyeahchinesefashion fuckyeahsouthasia daintyfuck chinesewomenunited shutiao vivian-fu politicalsexkitten twinkleofafadingstar


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there's always an emphasis on anti-blackness, but what about the anti other poc? im not complaining just wondering if im missing something, cause like even black people can be very anti other poc (asian particularly comes to mind)

If you see it, submit it in here, a blog like this one, or a thisisnot blog that’s accepting. 


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What is wronge w/ the "thisisnot " blogs? Why do they need to delete? This is relating to afghangst tumblr posts

i didn’t see they need to delete so idk where is this coming from, but i think thisisnotjapan has p. good politics? they’re needed to since we have people out here talking about Asian Priv lmao. tho thisisnotindia called me a white bitch once so i think they should delete for sure.