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Tamar Levine and Andrea Mills are the brains behind a very cool blog called "This is a Photo Blog" - Simple name easy to remember and to be posting images on that forum you need to be invited. Andrea sent me a kind invitation to join this blog.

The idea is to keep the creative juices flowing, every month an assignment is handed out and the selected photographers on the roster make images in any way they interpret the assignment. Last Month was “Sports”. I went to shoot some surfers down at Far Rockaway. This was my post for TIAPB, check it out and check out the cool roster of photographers as well! Also including a large version of one of my favorite images from the shoot.
I shot a lot of surfers and i mean a lot… so I will be sharing more images as the day roll here! Stay Tuned!


**Photographed for**

When I was little my uncle’s girlfriend owned a farm in Upstate New York. My favorite animals were pigs, and every time we drove up to the farm I would pet and play with this one particular pig. Well one day I searched and searched and this particular pig was nowhere to be found. Later on, we were sitting at the dinner table, and I asked my uncle’s girlfriend where my favorite pig went. She looked down at my plate and said, “You’re eating him”.

Special thanks to Topsy Design for collaborating with me on this photo shoot! And thank you to Sam for assisting, Erica for doing the makeup and being a fabulous model, Adam for being another fabulous model, and Morgan for being a fabulous little model.

Please click to enlarge:

And here is an outtake from the shoot (please click to see)!