late august prairie storms / alberta / i.m. ruzz

spent two days traversing most of southern alberta with dougie for the annual birthday weekend photo trip, we went as far south as pincher creek and as far north as bow lake. we cruised the rolling prairie, we hugged the sides of mountains and passed through the livingstone gap. it was action packed and I took nearly as many photos as I did all august. 

that much concentration. searching for the right frames. the right light. it drains you hour after hour and leaves you a pile of quivering thumbs, just click click clicking. 

we saw so much beauty though. i can’t wait to share it with you. 


lochend drive / alberta / i.m. ruzz

if you ever get the chance to get out by lochend lake (which is kinda boring), find lochend drive. It’s a windy road that has small sloughs and mini lakes on both sides from one end to the other. then you pop right back out to the open prairie.