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... who's your avatar of?

Apparently, the character of Kinzie Kensington from the Saints Row series is the gaming character counterpart of me, according to Cara.  Plus Cara and I sometimes match avatars cuz I think it’s funny.  ;)

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I'm a little ashamed to admit how long it actually took, but a long while ago your blog title was totally lyrics to a Motion City Soundtrack song. And that made me a happy David haha. I was listening to Give Up Give In and was like "Ohyourgod! Andrea" X3

My fav song from Go by far!! :D
Glad I can be associated with it.

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I know what you mean. Itll be the same even when youre 30. Just ignore em, its what I do, as I too, have met quite a few assholes in my first couple weeks in university. As that other dude said, youre cool. :P

 Oh yeah, I’ve been told.  You’re going to meet all kinds of people in your life.  Some awesome, some not so great.  I guess it’s just really frustrating, especially since we’re a group.  I literally drive one person to and from clinical every other week because the other girls have formed group within the group.  It’s so juvenile… but I’m going to forget about it in the morning.  Just gotta sleep it off.  And thanks, man.  You too.  <3

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But of course Dahling. Anytime :3. But its understandable, people tend to be petty. Just looking for something to complain about ya know? So dont let it get you down. Youve done nothing wrong my friend.

Thank you, again.  Seriously, you guys are awesome.