GOOD PEOPLE OF TUMBLR, GATHER ROUND. For I have a story of triumph to tell.

It all started just before Christmas. The house was full of warmth and joy and holiday cheer. We made merry celebrating the festive times, and then a tragedy so great befell us, it makes my heart quiver to recall the moment it happened.

(Brace yourself, this will hurt)

The internet went down.

Basically, I don’t know the in’s and out’s of it, but our router imploded and ended up damaging the computer in the process.

As it was Christmas and New Year, Virgin were of course exceptionally unhelpful. When they did come to fix it, all they did was hardwire the router into the replacement computer we were using so still no wifi.

So why the extended month’s absence?

I run tumblr off my laptop and absolutely refuse to use it on the main computer (I live with my parents and write gay porn - you do the math.) But yesterday, Virgin came to our house and WE HAVE A SPANKING NEW ROUTER.

So, I’m back with extra baybond-y goodness I have written in my absence. ‘So It Goes’ will be updated ASAP, and I am so excited to share it with you. I also have a bit of a heart-break one shot, if anyone would be interested in seeing it, and maybe some kink too if you’re lucky ;)

Now, I know this is dragging, but I still have some admin to deal with. Bear with.

Hello, to all the followers I have acquired in the past two months - I hope I will be of more interest to you now.

Also, thank you so much to mistressoftheelectronshells for all my wonderful Secret Santa gifts. They are wonderful, and you are perfection and yes, so there.

And (I feel most terrible for this one) I can finally reveal I was thiseraoftreachery’s Secret Santa. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, love, and I am so sorry for keeping you hanging! But as it was unavoidable, I suppose there was nothing I could do.

So, in summary: Virgin sucks, modern technology is surprisingly unreliable, I am back with baybond galore and, most importantly, I HAVE MISSED YOU ALL TERRIBLY.

So. Who’s going to catch me up on the gossip??

And if you have read through all of that, you are a saint.