It’s been a year to the day that my grandmother died.
My take no shit, badass, knows how to accept a child grandmother. If not for her I probably would’ve been kicked out of my house for being gay.
I wear her ring with pride, and the only thing that will replace it on my finger is my wedding band.
Rest granma, you’ve done enough, you’ve earned it

Only two days left before the New Year


Don't mind me I'm rambling

I realized the other day that while the last two years have gone by so fast so much healing has happened. Two years ago today I had just spent the first night in my new apartment after four months of hell and two weeks of being homeless. Mentally, I was in the worst state I’d been in. Even though it was my birthday and I was finally getting away from my ex I wasn’t in the mood for celebrating. I was preoccupied with all the bad things in my life.
I didn’t really realize all the change that took place. It feels like far too many things happened for it to have only been two years. I’ve started to get better, and I feel like I’m finally waking up and starting to really live again. I’m enjoying life, I’m enjoying a lot of things I had lost interest in. I’ve cut out all the toxic people in my life, and have fully realized how amazing the ones who stayed are.


Headcannon; Appearance 

Rowena MacLeod was born with dark auburn hair and bright eyes. She had a rosy complexion as a child but it paired well with her cream colored skin and high cheekbones. As the years have gone on, as her power corrupts her more and more, Rowena has become sharper. 

Her cheeks are no longer full and her bright eyes have grown dark. Through the ages red hair became the color most associated with Scot-Irish decedents so she concocted a spell that would bring out the auburn in her locks. 

If you looks closely you can see the woman that she used to be but should you blink too fast- the image is gone.

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28. Person A has gone off the deep end. Person B must bring them back to their senses white rose pls

Weiss mind runs a mile a second, trying to figure out how to calm and stop her leader. Ruby has absolutely lost it. The younger girl is letting out her rage form not find anymore clues in the search for her missing sister and other teammate by killing Grimm left and right. The dark monsters are so shocked by the sight of a fifteen year old cutting their kin down so fast, they too are scared.

Gritting her teeth Weiss make up her mind. Quickly she uses her semblance to make a glyphs send her speeding forward at Ruby. She grabs her partner by the hood of her cloak before using her semblance once again to escape. Once at a safe distance Weiss glared at Ruby.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?!? Are you trying to get yourself killed?!?” Weiss shouts.

“I am trying to find answers to where Yang and Blake are that’s what!” Ruby snaps back.

“No you were not! You lost it when you couldn’tfind any answers! How are we going to find them if you are going stupid crap like that!”

“I’d like to see you do something! You were just standing there doing nothing an-”


A red mark forms on Ruby’s right cheek. Stunned she turns her gaze back at Weiss. The older girl wraps her arms around Ruby before looking back at her.

“You need to take a breath. We will find your sister and Blake. But going off in a blind rage and risking your life will not help. If you are worried how they are, it is your sister and Blake after all. Wherever they are the two can handle themselves and be safe till we come. We’ll find them okay?”

Ruby says nothing. She is still recovering from the slap to the face. Weiss speaks again.

“Just because we did not kind something now does not mean we won’t later. Okay? We will find them. Got it?”

Ruby places her hand on the red mark on her cheek. “Yeah…Yeah Weiss. Thanks for being me back to my senses. I just…I don’t want to lose them.”

“We won’t. Team RWBY will be back together in no time.” Weiss places a small kiss on Ruby’s forehead. “But first we need to gather up our thoughts and look over what we do have.”

1. this semester has gone by way too fast and it’s only indicative of what’s to come next year. things are coming fast and strong and i’m worried i’m somehow going to miss something. 

2. last night i donated a sweater i’ve had for six years to run in the rain in my underwear and the metaphor of being cleansed from past relationships, past lives definitely wasn’t lost on me.

3. it’s been three days of nonstop meetings and with every one, i feel more and more empowered that this is our year to leave a legacy. 


I have my final exam of my first year of University tomorrow. This year has gone way too fast but its been so good and such an experience, i wish i could do the year again but alas its coming to an end. But at least i get to go home and see my niece!! 

uni is finished tomorrow!!! one last exam and 2nd year is over!!!! 2 months off then off to Norway for year abroad!!!! This year has gone too fast!!!

In my feelings

Today is my brothers birthday. He is now 17 years old. Sometimes I just forget that while I’m getting older so is he. When I was 17 I graduated high school and got married. Then a few day later I turned 18 and a few months after that I moved to Germany. He’s going to be a junior this fall. Man…where has time gone. When I moved away he was still in middle school. And every year I ask him how old is he I just get shocked lol. My brother has always been very important to me. Growing up we had a few hard times. I remember my dad beings a great dad when I was a kid but when I got older and Billy was still young he doesn’t have such good memories of our dad. I was in middle school when he was staring first grade. Our dad got more into drugs and made billy alot of promises that he didn’t keep. Which makes me really sad when I think about it. How drugs can really make a change in someone. now I see my brother just hates our dad. When all he use to want was to spend time with him. Man…I remember us sitting in my room talking. He came to me when he had his first heart break. He always came to me when he needed advice or just someone to talk to. But now a days we just haven’t been able to find time to talk as often :-/ the main reason I visit home as often as I can is so I can spend time with him. After our big sister moved out and we moved in with my mom’s boy friend all we had was each other. That’s when we got to be really close. When we hang out its just like old times. Nothing but laughs and jokes and rapping about random shit. I really miss those days. I was really hoping he would visit us during the summer but who knows with all the crap we got going on. :-/ well I’m going to sit here and cry myself to sleep while I go through memory lane. This life has been a roller-coaster with lots of ups and downs. the most important thing I would want my brother to know it’s that I am always here no matter what. I am here to help. Here to listen. Here to spend time with. Here to be his number one supporter. I will have his back any time any day. Happy birthday little B. Even though you are not little anymore you are still little to me.

End of Freshman Year

You’re girl is a sophmore now! Omigosh, the year has gone by too fast. The Spring semester is offically over and here I am. I’m feeling so diferent than the end of last semester. I’m waayyy happier with my work and how I study. Like I am much more motivated to work harder and I’m going into Chem 102 with a lot more confidence. You know like I’m getting a 4.0 this semster. STRAIGHT A’s I’ve never gotten straight A’s in my life. Like God has shown me such favor. 

Like it’s one thing to retake class but another to do well in other classes as well. So I did end up getting an A in Biology! I got an 85 on my final so like my grade was an 88% the curve for an A was an 86% so you know!!!!!!!! I tried really hard and I pray that God gives me the strenght to continue this climb upward!

I’m so proud of myself but I know there are much larger hills ahead of me. And I still don’t know if I want to be a doctor Like I know the dream is definitly attainable for me, I’ve proven to myself that I have the potential…but will I be able to interact with patients? Like talking to me people can be such a chore for me like idk if I have the personality for this…but I’m willing to try…I hope that when I am able to drive I can start shadowing and volunteering with patients and different populations to make sure I like it. I hope it ends up being what I want. May be me saying this proves that I really want this. Hmmmmmm……..

But now I need to figure out what to do for the summer…I’m taking a class of course but I’m applying as a research intern/assistant and interning at nearby medical centers part time. I really really really hope I get the position. I think I really did enjoy helping my dad out with his pharmacy. Some of his customers were really funny but talked about how little attention their doctors paid to them and I remember thinking wow I do not want to be that kind of person. And the doctors wouldn’t explain their meds to them properly and stuff. I wouldn’t mind doing it again.


End of week 13 - Fifth Third Riverbank run 25K & 25K Sunday run (back to back)

I ran the Riverbank Run 25K this Saturday (May 9). It was a good race, and I was happy with my effort level. It was warmer than last year, and very humid so not really optimal for fast running. I was about 4 minutes off my pace from last year, but still kept it in “reasonably comfortable” tempo effort mode.  I was torn on which shoes to go with, and opted for a pair of Skechers Go Run v4 which has been a very successful fast run shoe for me. 

After the race, I was wondering if I should have gone with the GoRunRide, which has a little more padding. The reason I thought this was that about 3-4 miles before the finish, I started getting some strange pain on the outside of my ankle. It also was a little sore towards the achilles too. I’ve never had this before, and it wasn’t excruciating so I just ran through it.  

I felt fine at the finish (although exhausted!) and enjoyed a nice post run beer with my friend Rob who also ran the 25K. My original training plan had me doing a 24 mile long run today, so I opted to do the 25K race and then do another 25K long run on Sunday the day after.  

The Sunday long run was a slow grinder, and my ankle was sore right from the start.  I was wondering if I should bag it and just go home, but I figured that at some point during my 50 mile race, that something is going to go wrong and I will be in some sort of pain; so this would be good mental toughening practice.  The ankle pain kind of went up and down at times. Sometimes quite bad, other times barely noticeable. It was a really tough grinder of a run, as my legs were pretty tired from the effort the day before. But I felt good about getting it done and having my first really solid back-to-back long runs this training cycle.  

The following week, I was questioning whether doing the followup 25K was smart, as I was plagued by the ankle pain for the remainder of the week. It seemed to get better as the week went on, but it is still lingering a little bit 10 days later as I write this.  I ended up taking off 1 day of running and cutting another run short the week after, due to the ankle stuff. Hopefully it heals up and I start feeling back to normal soon.

An open letter to Taylor


I love writing letters. I love how in a letter you are able to write down your thoughts, feelings, emotions and everything else in between. In letters the words become permanent and I think that this part is what makes letters absolutely beautiful. I guess that’s the way I look at your songs. The lyrics you write are letters of you expressing your emotion and being able to well… say things you may not say otherwise. For me (and I know for others too), each and every one of your songs have hit me exactly where I was during seasons of my life. So where do I begin?

At the Secret Session in Nashville I told you how much your music has meant to me since 2006 (I was 11 then… its CRAZY how fast the years have gone by). That year is when your singles Tim McGraw and Our Song came out. I remember telling my mom that I H-A-D to have your album after I heard Tim McGraw on the radio in Georgia. Right then and there is when I started to look up to you. I knew I liked you then, but I had no idea that 8 years of your music would change me.

Your music has had me laughing and singing through so many parts of my life and I have had so many memories that are tied to your songs.

I remember in high school falling for a boy headfirst fearless. Looking back at it now, I believe it was a Tuesday when I caught his eye and I was hoping that it was a new beginning of a fairytale. It came to a point where I honestly didn’t want to dance if I wasn’t dancing with him even though I knew he was trouble. Later on I realized that the face of an angel only came out when he needed it to. Maybe I was naïve, and got lost in his eyes. But I made sure he knew that I was gone forever when he said goodbye.

I wasn’t his princess and that wasn’t my fairytale.

One day – with someone else I know that playful conversation will start and I will counter all his quick remarks. The lingering question will keep me up, 2 a.m., who does he love? And will be enchanted to meet him. And then, maybe, everything will change as I get to know him better now. You will be mine and I will be yours and all I will feel in my stomach is butterflies, the beautiful kind.

But for now…

I realized some bigger dreams of mine and someday I would be living in a big ol’ city (even if people were only ever going be mean about me leaving).

So now during my sophomore year of college…

I have been searching for a sound I hadn’t heard before and it said: “Welcome to Melbourne”. This is a new soundtrack in my life and I could dance to this beat forevermore. Right now I’m just dancing on my own and making the moves up as I go…. And for me, that is OKAY. I am just so happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time. It’s miserable and DEFINITELY magical. But I know it IS going to be alright (OH and luckily I still got that red lip classic thing so that’s good I guess).


Finding myself during the past year has been everything and the greatest adventure.

Taylor, your music has been something I go to when I am happy, sad, and confused (plus a billion other emotions). It has helped me celebrate so many incredible memories and continue dance along. Also it has taught me to put the past behind me and I know that so many others can say the same thing. You have such an amazing, courageous heart to share your true feelings with the world. And for 8 years of listening to your music, you have done this with so much grace and positivity and I have learned so much from you. People might find it silly when I say that you have changed my life, but you have taught me a lot recently that…

We have to dance our way through heartbreak. 

We have to dance our way past the haters.

We have to dance even when we don’t know how.

This is the most important thing I have ever learned.

I am already a super serious kind of person, but recently you have helped me take myself less seriously and shake off the things that honestly don’t really, because…

the players gonna play, play, play, play, play

And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate

Baby, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake

I shake it off, I shake it off

Heart-breakers gonna break, break, break, break, break

And the fakers gonna fake, fake, fake, fake, fake

Baby, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake

I shake it off, I shake it off

You stayed so incredibly grounded and true to yourself, even when people told you to be different. You have embraced your flaws, laughed at them, and shown the world that loving yourself and loving people is the best way to live.

So thank you for being someone I look up to. And being the older sister I have never had and for teaching me so much about myself because I have fallen in love with life. I hope to see you soon on tour or maybe on tumblr while I’m on my adventure in Melbourne. Until then…

Long live the walls we crashed through.

I am having the time of my life fighting dragons with you.

Love, your friend,


(p.s. here is my official blog in Australia:

June 2nd, 2015

Wow. I cannot believe that it is already June 2nd. It has literally been half a year since the start of 2015. It feels like yesterday! Everyone around me has grown so much in the past six months, it’s almost unreal. I feel like this year has gone by too fast. I got my braces off in January, I graduated last week, and I start a new chapter of my education in August. Today is also the day of Taylor Swift’s 1989 concert in Louisville, Kentucky. I’ve been waiting for about 7 months for this day! It’s going to be a wonderful concert, and I can’t wait to see what tricks Taylor has up her sleeve this time:) She raises the bar higher every time I see her. The first time I saw her was for her Fearless Tour in (I think) 2010. Then, I was lucky enough to get fourth row tickets for Speak Now in 2011. After Speak Now, I saw Red in June of 2013. I was seriously the luckiest person alive because we were in the pit. THE PIT. It’s been two years and I still can’t fully believe it. I was literally two feet away from her. It was the best day of my life. Hands down. Finally, after two years, I have the privilege of seeing her first full pop concert, 1989, today. Although I hope and pray for Loft 89, I know that there are girls (and boys) that could use it a lot more than I could. They could be battling depression, anxiety, or whatever the case may be, and they are way more deserving than I. I wish everyone the best of luck, and I hope to one day meet my idol who has stuck with me from the very beginning. taylorswift you are my inspiration, my love, and my best friend, and for that I am eternally grateful. Thank you for always sticking to who you are, and you never back down despite the haters. That is what everyone should look for in a role model. I am so grateful that I found out about your music oh-so-many years ago, for if I hadn’t, I know I would not be the same.