Some more pictures of Big Ben from a distance, a quick selfie, and some shots of the London Eye (the big Ferris wheel). I was really tempted to take a ride on the London Eye but when I went to look at the ticket prices I was disappointed to see that one ride cost 21.50 pounds. At that point I just went “screw it” since I wasn’t going to drop that kind of money to wait in line for an hour or longer to take a ride on the world’s most expensive Ferris wheel; though it would have been a cool place to get more pictures of Big Ben. So I bought an oyster ice cream treat instead. That’s pretty rad.

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//would've been even cooler if they'd had him fall facing jo but upside down, like they would've been in the womb. kinda missed a cool shot opportunity there.

oh my god. oKAY SATAN. OK AY.
Tvd missed a lot of prime opportunities though lbr.
like for example actually keeping their characters in character

It’s still 2015

and Im still 14

You know what that means.

So I watched all of the EVA movies for the first time cuz why not. Let’s just have some mental stress on top of a cold why not. 

The first movie was pretty on point from what I remember from the anime. Same plot line, better animation. Basic stuff. Oh and it ended with a shot of naked Kaworu, very appreciated.

The second movie started out right, but went of course a bit. They introduce  a  character named Mari who was a pilot from Eurpoe but clearly had her own agenda. She was pretty cool but needed more development. Overall she wasn’t a huge problem. One of the many problems I had was Asuka actually and her complete lack of screen time and character development. If I hadn’t seen the original anime she would have been just this weird bitchy character with underdeveloped mental issues. 

Where it got really bad though was Toji. In order to make up for Asuka’s lack of development, the writers changed a KEY plot point. As Unit-3 comes into Japan, Asuka is named it’s pilot instead of the fourth child, Toji. In the original this episode was “memorable” for me (well mainly because it gave me a panic attack) but the suspense to finding out that Toji was the one in there when they never specifically say it but you just know but Shinji doesn’t know. Shinji does have the same basic reaction with Asuka in there and the dummy plug almost killing her, but it just wasn’t the same for me.

Also Rei. She seems WAY too human compared to the original. She actively tries to get Shinji and his father closer but Rei and shinji become extraordinarily close.Close enough to cause the third impact because Shinji cares about her. This was Gendo’s plan of course as he’s trying to cause the third impact and Rei is important to that cause.

This movie just seemed kind of unbalanced to me. Pacing was off at times and I feel that too much was changed. I won’t talk about the ending cuz spoilers. Just know that at this one point we get a shot of Kaworu with no shirt, sitting on the moon all smug like.

All I will say about the third movie is:

Gay piano scenes 

beautiful, beautiful, gay piano scenes.