Anyway I borrowed Alien from the library because I had never seen it and kept rechecking it out because I just couldn’t bring myself to watch it, but I finally watched it Friday night, and when I returned it Saturday, I apparently returned an empty case and now my library account has been suspended.

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Honey Lemon was supposed to be Latino and that hardly was touched upon =A= # I’d rather see more focused on the other characters because, like you said, everything went exactly as expected.

I had no idea, and I would have kept on having no idea, if my friend who I watched it with hadn’t told me she was. Uh, yay representation…???

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hey, since you're seeing mad max tomorrow, just wanted to let you know that you are in for a wild ride m friend. i just got back from it and it /changed my life/. its amazing and i really hope you enjoy it!!!! :) have fun!

AHHH THANK U THIS MAKES ME EXCITED i’ve heard a lot about it n it’s all over my dash… luckily i have no idea what’s goin on so no spoilers yet lmao

So…am I the only one on the entire earth who didn’t like Wall-E that much?

I dunno, I thought it was okay, but it definitely had its flaws. There were so many long stretches in the movie where nothing happened, the romantic subplot was so sugary I felt the urge to choke, and the environmental message could not have been less subtle.

And no, it’s not that I’m a robot incapable of comprehending the feeling of joy, as hard as that is to believe sometimes. As I’ve said before, I absolutely loved Wreck-it Ralph. I just think it was much better written in every aspect than Wall-E.

Mad Max feels.

[no spoilers. unless you consider building up your expectations a spoiler. which I think sometimes can be]

idk if this is like… unpopular opinion. or if it’s guna sound that I’m taking the importance of all the female characters for granted in Mad Max. I am definitely NOT taking them for granted!! I am aware of how awesome and important having these characters is, and in an action film no less! BUT…

I think people are getting too lost in that aspect of the movie. Whether they think it’s a positive thing (WHICH IT OBVIOUSLY IS) or negative (which is a dumbfuckingstupid opinion).

Like….. the cinematography of that film was GORGEOUS. There are images that I just want to print up and frame. the use of like… change of speed in the movie was so essential to how the movie feels. The FEEL of the movie is insane fantastic. Just watching the movie gave me an adrenaline rush. I am not usually into action movies, but this was so engaging from the very beginning. The acting was obviously phenomenal, I mean Charlize Theron is GOLD. And Tom Hardy is GOLD. And it was great. The story was perfect. I mean I only saw it once, but there was no part in the story where I was like…. “what?” which is usually the case with these kinds of blockbusters. And idk the movie is just great all around. And there’s a ton of stupid shit, but because they totally fit the context and feel of the movie - it’s perfect. and then when you add how many female characters there are, how different from each other they are, how important they are in a completely unassuming way (meaning in no part of the movie it feels like it’s purposefully trying to make it a “girl power” thing, it’s just characters that live in this world and need to survive like all the other characters, you know? just “honest” like Charlize Theron says in an interview) - it’s just like WOW OMFG THIS IS GREAT.