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Also, friendly reminder if you’re a person posting, “omg I got into Harvard, Yale, Mit, and Stanford what do I do my life is so hard help” you’re a prick.

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1. Why did you choose your url? 
I wanted to go with drunken-seoul first - seoul as in soul but idk why I changed the order and since them I’m just stuck with it 

2. What is your middle name? 
I don’t have one, my name is either Angela or Phuong-Thi 

3. If you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, what would it be? 
An unicorn omg *-*

4. Favourite colour? 

5. Favourite song? 
This is hard OTL….Tomorrow by BTS, this song means so much to me

6. What are your top three fandoms? 
VIP, ARMY and either BBC or BABY this is hard ok??

7. Why do you enjoy tumblr? 
First of all it’s kind of addicting? haha and the pics and edits on here are damn beautiful, most ppl are beautiful and many people have amazing views on here - I just love it

8. Tag all 9 of your tumblr crushes (they have to do all 8 questions too): 
jehoney, zicosbae, marysbinguplanet, hoodmelody, crucialstars, vtoxicated, boobjiwon, bobby-d1ck, seoul-rudeboys

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Honestly I'm looking forward and dreading the day when 7kpp comes out, since I'm probably going to romance my favorite first, get a bunch of feels and end up feeling guilty when romancing the others :( Will the characters still be able to find happiness despite not being the main focus of the MC's story?

Haha I’m looking forward and dreading it too! Looking forward because as much as I grumble, I do love my game and will be excited to finish. Dreading it because OMG SO MUCH WORK FIRST. Hahaha.

I do the same thing where I have a hard time choosing anyone else once I’ve romanced someone I liked. I don’t want to cheat on them! But it should be easier (hopefully) in  my game, because there’s lots of things you can do to make your MC different. So a Jiyel MC won’t feel the same as a Princess MC and so it won’t feel like cheating? Haha

Anyway, to answer your question, yes, of course people will have ways to be happy if they are just your friends, not your lover. (That being said, probably not *as* happy as your MC could make them. But if you resolve the problems facing them/their nation, there’s no reason they won’t be happy!)


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