『It’s Okay to be Shy』is my original comic series. It’s a story about a man and a girl who have an "opposite" personality of their gender. It’s based on true stories included mine. The reason I made this comic is I don’t like, "girls/guys should do/be like this" kind of social stereotype; I want to break the concept of the standard of gender stereotype to “girls/guys also can do this”. It’s from my personal opinion and some of my friends’ opinion, so please don’t take it so seriously. Enjoy! 

* Btw English isn’t not my native language, please understand my mistake. I will do my best to not make a mistake.  

* I upload this comic series whenever I finish the translating. If you don’t mind, you can read this comics in Korean first. 【X】


I want to fucking be loved. No fuck that. I want to be craved. I want you to call me at 3am just to tell me that you fucking miss me. I want to feel your kisses alongside my neck while my breathing rapidly fucking increases. But most of all, I want you. I want you, to want me. Trust me baby, we could make this soo good.
—  im fucking lonely

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Killua & Gon go to the movies. Killua spends the entire time trying to figure out when to hold Gon's hand, slowly inching closer & then away. Killua put so much attention into wondering how & when to make a move, that when Gon asks him about the movie afterwards, Killua has nothing to say. Gon only laughs, grabbing Killua's hand, and says "It's okay, you were more entertaining to watch than the movie anyways."

I started drawing this but then I had to stop and walk around the house because Killua’s serene face kills me every time i’m so done with these two soooooo done

So this past couple of weeks I was working on a poster for Planet Diver by Fabraz \o/ It was lots of fun (hard work but fun nonetheless).

Thank you for the chance to work together!

edit: a better-cropped transparent version // thank you for the nice comments ahh ;;

Remember this thing?

I’m building another one.  Click the link above and vote for your favorite FNAF animatronics— the results will help me decide which character to feature in a set of video tutorials detailing how to build something like the above.

You may note that not all characters are included in the poll—those that have no eyes (Faceless Bonnie, Golden Freddy, the Marionette) aren’t good candidates for a tutorial because they don’t need mechanisms.  I’m not gonna build Balloon Boy because he creeps me out and I don’t want him in my house, and Foxy is old news.

Yeah yeah go cry in your cove.

Anywho, you can pick more than one, so go ahead and select any and all of the characters you’d like to see.  You have about a month to vote as of March 1st.  Thanks for reading!

OKAy so i have been seeing a LOT of worry about Lexa dying at the end of this season because Alycia is working on a new show and tumblr user doomsdayy said that ALSO there were spoilers about sky people and grounders being enemies again after the war so a lot of people think that that necessitates lexa’s death bc there must be a new commander to let this happen

BUT OKAY i have been thinking about this A LOT and idk how to tell u this kids, but after having watched every single cast interview of the ladies (AND JASON ROTHENBERG) on the 100 in the last 24 hours, i gots some good news 4 u about both the conditions of productions and the universe of the show itself

  • if u mention ‘bellarke’ around Jason Rothenberg, the producer/creator, he rolls his eyes, sighs and walks off. eliza taylor, although very diplomatic about it, is also not a fan. lindsy morgan isn’t a fan. none of the female cast r fans (i have no idea what the bois think of it)
  • clexa wasn’t fanservice; it was always going to happen (there is an ask by one of the writers floating around saying this; if u find it can u help me source it?? im sry friends) (edit: the theimpossibilitiesimagined linked it 2 me it is here)
  • jason rothenberg is a smart guy who gets things like the importance of labelling bisexuality and treating female characters w respect (IE. NOT MAKING THEIR ARC ABOUT A LOVE STORY IN A SCI-FI DYSTOPIA)
  • the 100 just killed a major character already; killing lexa would not be “”surprising”” or “”different”” in the way killing Finn was. also, THE 100 ALREADY DID THAT. they killed anya. what would be the POINT of doing the exact same thing again, other than shoddy story telling
  • this show is about consequences - in all the summer interviews w lindsy morgan she was careful to stress that although she was a series regular, there would be repercussions for her character bc THAT’S THE TYPE OF SHOW THE 100 IS


  • as the awesome tumblr user mutatio pointed out: so far the 100 has been trying to portray a psudo-post-rascist society, but the mountain men no longer make that portrayal possible — they have redefined the concept of “the Other” (not to do w race AS MUCH, but more to do w Access to the Outside), but maintained it none the less — the grounders, in the eyes of the mountain men, are lesser humans
  • thus although the grounders and the sky people are ultimately working together right now, they have COMPLETELY DIFFERENT EXPERIENCES, HISTORIES AND ENGAGEMENTS W THE MOUNTAIN MEN (yes, several members of the 47 were killed, but it was not  a systematic carefully organised slaughter of ur people)
  • (idk if this was on purpose, but there is a strong comparison to the holocaust in what the mountain men did to the grounders in my opinion) 
  • you know what would be more interesting and more heartbreaking??? lexa actively breaking from clarke’s influence; lexa telling clarke that her own justice system is equipped for dealing with this injustice by slaughtering them
  • this would cause a BIG BREACH in their vision for the future:
  • abby has a quote in season 1 saying that not only is it important to survive, but its also important to deserve to survive. this is a principle that the mountain men violated. they don’t deserve to live.
  • on the other hand, the sky people r not gonna let them be EXCECUTED bc that would morally implicate the sky people
  • however however the sky people didn’t endure 50 (?) years of terror, abuse, and systematic murder and mutliation by the mountain men
  • thus, abby would be inclined to rehabilitate the mountain men instead of murdering them
  • on the other hand, each mountain man was aware of the grounders, but pointedly decided to ignore it. as a result, the grounders would demand BLOOD FOR BLOOD
  • i sure as hell don’t and im so excited to watch them tear each other apart

Drawin’ up messy doodles and messin’ with colorrsssxxzxx~~
And though as much as I dislike GT, I am somewhat growing more fond of ssj4 -o-;;
Sort of…