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For that fandom ask meme thing: JJBA!

You know me too well my friend.

Favourite male character: KAKYOIN, MY NOODLE SON
Favourite female character: Lisa Lisa the queen of my heart
Least Favourite Character: Alessi or like the oingo boingo brothers god damn
Favourite ship: JOTAKAK…… (Also Jotaro/Kakyoin/Polnareff because polyamoury is cute) Caejose and Diojona being close seconds.
Favourite friendship: The main five + Iggy from Stardust Crusaders tbh…
Favourite quote: “Your underwear is showing” prior to Polnareff making the hand signs
Worst character death: CAESAR AND KAKYOIN
And finally the “this made me happy” thing: Joseph’s horrible sniveling tears over Caesar and Wamuu’s totally not sentimental allowance of the bubble containing Caesar’s headband and the antidote ring to go to Joseph… I cried a lot tho

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good, you should stay on tumblr tbh, even if you’re mf, everyone’d miss your gifs. :) i’ll probably continue making them cause it’s my hobby, but i’m concerned if anyone will even reblog it, this fandom is obviously tearing apart

you made me smile for probably the first time today ♥  but i’m scared having a mf blog would be to much and i’d end up drifting away from tumblr. one show has been enough for me… but yeah same! obviously i know at least i would continue reblogging your stuff.

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(interrupts conversation again and being weird) you’re both so cute complimenting each other like that idk omg i love it!!!! bc ur both the best gif makers in the fandom and all!!!! i’ll miss ur edits so stay both of you

smiling again ♥  and obviously i’d miss your beautiful gifs as well, so i’m counting on you staying. but you’re possibly turning it into a mf too right??

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I love you're stories! I seriously envy your writing skills tbh, it's just so fluent and makes since from beginning to end and it's heartwarming from one word to another or a tear jerkier from only one little detail. It just makes me very happy! Thank you for sharing your rare gift!

i saw this message this morning and it made me smile throughout the whole day thank u so so much oh my god <3333 

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tbh i saw people rping with you on my dash then i read the back story and???? VERY INTERESTING AND I GO T FEELS M'KAY. from what i saw you put a lot of time && effort into making your muse && he's just very interesting && well written 8)))

what drew you to my oc?   

         ASDLFKJDSALFA. THANK YOU SO MUCH BABE <333. yes good get all the feels FEEL THE TEARS. i also really dig your oc a lot. he seems hella interesting && i’m really excited to see how you flesh him out && I HOPE WE CAN INTERACT MORE IF THAT IS OKAY PAL. 

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Where did you get you 'With tears in my eyes...' tee from?:3

I made it 😌
I embroider on all my plain shirts, keeps me calm tbh

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For the fanfic ask: 13, 26 and 44?^^

13. Has a fic ever made you cry? 


26. Any kinks that you don’t want to try in real life (but are still hot in a fanfic)?

there are only three things that like immediately stand out and that’s 1. facials (please contain your cum to the sheets or my mouth not my eye thank you) , 2. butt stuff in general tbh. i mean obviously i read a lot of gay fics but i’m a straight woman and i just. no. no butt stuff for me nope no thank you. and 3. heavier bdsm stuff i guess? like being tied up completely, inflicting pain/having pain inflicted on me, and being in complete control or completely submissive the whole time isn’t my thing. wow that was a long answer oops

44. How fluffy is too fluffy?


3 years with exo

sooo this gonna be my reflection about these dorks which I REALLY LOVE. they changed a lit in my life, they made me cry, smile, laugh, cry *tears* and they do it now and I hope the still do. It doesn’t matter for me how long I’m in the fandom, probably from Wolf era? tbh at first when they debuted I watched HISTORY n MAMA MVs and I thought they were cool and outstanding but 12 was too much for me haha tbh. I’m really thankful to them for their dorkiness and optimism. I really don’t know what to write rn cause u know too much feels hahaha. Telling my feelings is not my style. I just want to give them a big HUG and thank them for their beings, relations and all these hardships which they had. A REALLY REALLY BIG HUG TO ALL EXO-L WHO ARE CRYING WITH ME.
Thank you EXO, thank you for being a really important part of my life. I hope your dreams come true someday, I wish u the best because YOU BOYS ARE THE BEST ILU I LOVE YOU THANK YOU AND I’M SORRY I WANT MY OT12 TO COMEBACK GOD HELP THEM I SWEAR
Yours EXO-L 😢❤