Outlander Rewatch - Sassanach|1.01
                 I won’t risk you or anyone else being taken prisoner by that man.

2. Tōshirō Hitsugaya - requested by thegeekinblue

“Welding one’s blade out of duty alone is what it means to be a captain. Wielding one’s blade out of hatred is nothing more than petty violence. That is not what we would consider battle.

feminist-alien333 asked:

D, H, Z ♡

D: Hardest thing I’ve ever been through
Well, I’m actually not sure. I think it’s high school, which is now, and I’m in my senior year. I know y'all probably would think “oh my god high school is the easiest part of yr life!!1!!1!” yeah I see why you think like that, and I know that the future will be much harder. Idk, everything seems pretty hard to me. So I think life is the hardest thing I’ve ever been through? Lol.

H: Do I smoke/drink? I don’t.

Z: How are you?
*trying to insert the gif of Susanna Kaysen from Girl, Interrupted saying “I don’t know what I’m feeling” but can’t because I’m on mobile*

Thank you for asking! :)