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Her makeup doesn’t seem too different from the makeup I already do–less eyeshadow, more prominent brows, darker lip color–so I think I can even put it together using products I already have! :D 

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Wes and Liz bond and hang out where all they talk about is how much they ship Soul and Maka.

I don’t know if this was a prompt or not, but somehow my brain came up with this. I hope you like it!? Also, my first time actually writing Liz and Wes together, I think! It was actually really fun, too!!

Set in my Butler AU.

Liz’s legs were draped over Wes’ as they both mindlessly watched the romcom that was playing on his tv. She heard the faint laughter that came from Soul’s closed bedroom door that sounded vaguely like her best friend’s. Of course, she knew they were dating – Maka was fucking her butler which still made her laugh – but it still felt weird to know exactly how well they got along. But the thought still warmed her heart.

If someone like Maka was able to find love, there was no doubt in her mind that she was able to do so as well.

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haha sorry for knocking at your door at like 6 in the morning on a Saturday but i’ve got a job interview in less than an hour but you happen to be right next door and my shower is broken so could i please use yours i smell like death” au Shizaya

//Um. This is kinda what you asked for? I took it and ran with it. Also, it’s probably hella late, but I sprained my wrist and had finals at school and. Yeah. Rough couple of weeks. Haha, but this is really actually fun, so… enjoy??

Izaya opened the door, and there was Shizuo, standing on his doorstep. If Izaya hadn’t hated him before, the hatred would have started right then and there. It was 5:53 on a Saturday morning, and Izaya rarely slept in but when he did it was on Saturday mornings. And Shizuo had ruined that.

What?” He growled, whining slightly but it was, again, 5:53 on a Saturday Morning and he had planned on sleeping in.

Shizuo looked uncomfortable, like he’d not only sucked on a lemon but maybe a couple slugs too. “If I had anyone else to go to, you could be damn sure I’d be there. You’re my last option, you piece of shit, now move.”

Izaya backed up only because he was topless in pajamas and for once, he didn’t have a knife on him. Honestly, he’d expected Namie, not Shizuo. As Shizuo invaded his personal space, Izaya found his nose wrinkling. “Speaking of shit…” He muttered, “You stink really bad, Shizu-chan.”

“Yeah. I know.” Shizuo grumbled, shoving Izaya with a palm to the chest. Izaya stumbled back. “That’s why I need to use your shower.”

“What’s wrong with yours?” Izaya was not about to let Shizuo – who was probably covered in sweat and maybe even blood or something – into his beautiful, perfect, expensive as his soul shower.

“It’s broken!” Shizuo growled, “I have a job interview in an hour at the building across the street, so lemme use your shower.”

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Due to pylons hair style, I could totally see her getting mistaken for an inkling by inklings themselves.

Ahhh I’ve actually been trying to draw Pylon as an inkling for like months but literally every time I try it looks horrible orz
But yeah I could try drawing her interacting with inklings instead haha, that could be fun too. Hadn’t actually really considered that yet

My Ghost Sense is Tingling

Experimenting with new styles is fun ! This time, I tried drawing Danny. I actually REALLY like how this came out. I even played around with my acrylic brush to get the colours messed around. Then used the contrast and brightness slider too on the skin layer.

Took me 2 days to finish this cuz with classes and my ragequits haaaa….

In the end, its all worth it.

Also, the sky blue compliments his eyes =w= also i maaay have given him an extra mullet but whatever

Danny Fenton © Butch Hartman
Art © Me

i don’t know why but vacuuming is actually really fun

i think it might be the extension part of it where you can vacuum harder to reach places, that’s why

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dayz is actually the shit if you play with others it can be really fun w like a group of friends

Oh man, yeah it is. I used to play with one of my friends but he kinda disappeared from the face of the earth. Not really. He just doesn’t have a PC anymore. I had a lot of fun playing it. Just a lot of people find it boring and it’s hard to get people to play. I guess people don’t have the patience for it.

Signs in band class
  • Aries:hella female drummer
  • Taurus:well behaved reed player
  • Gemini:the sax who gets yelled at by the teacher a lot
  • Cancer:clarinetist who plays footsies with the person sitting next to them
  • Leo:plays either a super high or low instrument
  • Virgo:clarinet who doesn't care
  • Libra:v sweet and good at woodwinds
  • Scorpio:when something goes wrong everyone looks at them
  • Sagittarius:first chair. Always gets solos
  • Capricorn:took choir
  • Aquarius:baritone who makes weird noises sometimes
  • Pisces:cute lil flute

I learned how to make things move in photoshop! It’s not much but it’s got me excited. :D

Also wanted to say hello and thank you to all you new followers! I hope I can draw as much as I can this summer before school takes over my life again! <3


Markiplier Reaction Gif Series: THIS

Someone asked me a while ago to make “this” set and a different one. Ever since then I’ve been combing through recent videos, looking for any time Mark points upward. I’ve finally collected enough to justify a set.

Please enjoy. 

All these gifs (plus two pictures) were made by me, and all are free to use, no credit required. Plese reblog them and spread them around so everyone can have a set of THIS gifs from Markiplier. 

All are 299 px or smaller  so they won’t stretch or distort when used in text posts. 

Please, take and use for all your emphasizing needs!! 

Track #markiplierreactionset for updates to this series, and know that all of my gifs are public domain (take and use without credit) unless otherwise stated. 

(That last one doesn’t have giant obnoxious borders, I just put buffers in there to give you a better estimate of its proper size. Click through all gifs to see actual size, some are cropped weirdly by Tumblr)