like the banner entails, this is ethxcal's (that me -___-) follow forever!!!
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wow…. wow…. 1001 followers… before new years oh my… are you ready for the cheesy stupid part of follow forevers??? good bc here we go.

i made this blog during the mid of january. i was in this chat room during november, and celestia was taken, so i was like “well ok i like kyouko shes a sick meme so why not”. my friends held their tongues and were like “lol ya ur doing great… u dont suck or anything…” even though i . really did. in my defense, i was 12 years old, and still RANDOM XD. and so i decided “everyone loves me (god why am i so perfect), i should make an rp blog.” AND EVEN THOUGH I SUCKED, people started following me. and i’m so happy no one told me how much i sucked, because i probably wouldn’t be here, i wouldn’t of met everyone, and i’m so so happy i got over my anxiety and joined that chat room. i’m so so happy i’m here, a year after attempting a kirigiri muse, making this very long and difficult to make follow forever. um, i’m obviously not an award winning writer (you, as my followers, can tell). and i do get off track quite a bit, i’ll admit! but im so so happy you’ve all put up with me, and i’m so so happy you got to be on here.

now! we’re going to do things a little differently! i’m going to list all the blogs that i’ve ever felt grateful to (that are following me, at least, because it is a follow forever). this includes inactive blogs and personals: i’m aware that my post may not get to them, but idk, it just seems… wrong to exclude them??? because i owe them acknowledgement all the same.

    bold; these are/were my close friends!!! i’m so happy that       they’re here for me. they inspire me, kept me on this blog even after i was rather close to stopping and going on hiatus (multiple times). i love you so so much. thank you for being there! 
italics: my inspirations, again. we may not be close, but you’re my role models, and i aspire to be like you when it comes to writing! i’d love to roleplay with you, but i’m. kinda shy. haha. but thank you for being lovely and perfect!!! 

N/A: i may not follow you if you’re here! my apologies, tumblr has been glitching, so i’m definitely not following everyone i thought i was. still, i highly appreciate you taking interest in me. love ya all the same! 
***; i really want to comment on you under the cut, but im just. so very very tired. and busy. just pretend.
more than likely, if your name is in bold, it’ll be in italics too.

alright, let’s get going!

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"There is no old Adam Young, there is no new Adam Young, merely different colours and different brushstrokes over the same canvas. Creativity is all about pushing boundaries and pressing onward…"