-I can help
-Cas, we tried that
-Sam. You can’t blame what that demon did to your arm on—on me.
-I’m not… I’m not blaming anything on you. What happened, happened, And… ….You need to be worrying about yourself.

Funny enough, I dragged Matt out of bed for this shoot even though he was sick as a dog because I wanted to catch him before he left town tomorrow

If my brother was a demon I would have exactly zero qualms about dragging Matt along with me.

you’re wearing your favorite skirt.
you spent ten minutes on your eyeliner.
you are here to feel indestructible.
he undresses you with his eyes and you tug on the hemline.
he stares and you look at the floor.
he bites his lip like he’s thinking of shattering you.
you came to dance like no one’s watching.
his gaze is burning into your skin.
you are beautiful and you know it.
he is not looking away.
you are beautiful and he knows it too.
he stares at you like you are a piece of meat.
you are beautiful and it terrifies you.
he is very, very hungry.

On Dancing at Concerts and the Male Gaze 

by Auriel Haack


"So like I said, Downstairs has lobbed the Antichrist up here. I placed the kid with some American senator or something. Wanna get drunk so I can stave off my terror a little bit?"

"…Are you kidding me,Crowley? The Antichrist is on Earth, and you want to get drunk?"

"Hey, we got eleven years till the big day. We can spend at least one drinking. Plus I had to deal with Hastur and Ligur, the two biggest idiots Downstairs."

"Just this once,mind you. From the horror stories you’ve given me, they sound as bad as dealing with Metatron."

The Next Morning…

"Ugh, why do you let me do the things I do? I’m too drunk to even do my coffee right."

"This is why I always sober myself up before I can’t remember how to, Crowley. And no,I won’t sober you up. You wanted to get drunk, so you can handle it."

"That is cruel and unusual punishment, angel."

"I’m just being honest, dear."

A Good Omens fancast with Idris Elba as Aziraphale and Adrien Brody as Crowley.


Because Brody has the cheekbones and sass to play Crowley and him threatening plants would be awesome. He always has that sort of flash bastard feel, y’know?

Idris Elba because him playing Aziraphale half the time trying to make himself look smaller because yes, angels are warriors of God but he hasn’t been a warrior in forever, he just wants people to be more at ease around himself so he makes himself look smaller. Then he gets his sword back, and it’s the end of the world anyways so he stands tall and strong at his full height as he and Crowley go to kick some ass.

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anonymous asked:

Hey. I'm 17 y/o female asexual, probably demiromantic. Nobody knows this. I always get comments from my parents on not dating and not liking boys and such. They always tease me about it. I don't really want to tell them this. I wouldn't fell comfortable saying it to them and they'd probably hate me. (They were furious when I told my sister what homosexual means, they're Christian) But I hate the constant innuendoes, and they won't stop with them, (Raven 1/2)

(Raven 2/2) even after I explicitly asked and said they make me uncomfortable. They try to set me up with guys and always tell me how they can’t wait to have grandchildren. (I don’t want kids, I don’t want to have sex). It frustrates me. What can/should I do? Can you tag this Raven please?

You have a two choices. Stay the course or tell them. You don’t have to come out if it makes you uncomfortable or you fear that they might say. There is nothing wrong with that. However, I don’t suggest it when not being true to yourself becomes just as harmful. Sometimes it’s better to get “Oh you’ll grow out of it” or any other more extreme bullshit comments—like you already get—and be open about who you are. There is a power in saying no, this is who I am. So my suggestion is weigh your choices and think which would be better for you personally. 

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Did you think that you were a little bit manipulative the other day when you got SO upset that you hurt the original anon? Your followers were really disgusting in how they responded.

[[ for god’s sake please don’t try and start something ]]


whenever I hear this song, my brain automatically goes to thinking of Thomas Raith and if I to pick a theme for him this would be it. It could fit for the Raiths as  a whole now that I think about it

hey, i don’t know how much this is honestly going to come up, but if any of you post/reblog posts about that new show iZombie, can you tag them “caitlin don’t look”?

it sets off a lot of brain alarms and makes me really uncomfortable. i haven’t seen any posts yet besides a sponsored one (so it was blocked for that reason) but i would just. really appreciate it

I just don’t want anyone to talk to me… I wish people would understand. But if I told people I didn’t want to talk to them, especially to a teacher, they would think I was being really rude.

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sleep, nestle, finds

Anon do you hate me?

Sleep: What is the most comforting thing at night time for you?

As an insomniac, nights are really hard for me. I’m still trying to find something that calms me down. I guess, taking lots of Benadryl and hoping it makes me sleepy? Aside from that, cuddling with my dog and drinking peach sleepytime tea.

Nestle: Your most precious plush toy?

I really love stuffed animals so have quite a few that are precious to me. I’d say it would be one of my stuffed German Shepherds.

Finds: What kind of item would you most likely buy from an antique store?

I’m terrified of antique stores. The make me super uncomfortable so I wouldn’t willingly set foot in one.  What would I get from an antique store? A panic attack.

Why don’t you grow the hell up. I freak out about stuff. I have anxiety what don’t you understand about that. Things set me off and make me uncomfortable and I can’t explain it or help it and it makes me really fucking mad and you get mad at me every fucking time. I’m sorry there isn’t a neon sign to let you know when I’m having a panic attack. But ya know asking before you completely go off on me would be nice.

Social Anxiety is not a Quirk

People I don’t know, especially in formal settings, makes me more than uncomfortable. It puts the fear of God into me, so much so that all I can think about are ways to escape it all.
It hurts the most when I see it effect the ones I love. I need to be brave, but it’s scary as hell.

35 more minutes and I am 20 years old. The last 10 years of my life have obviously been the most dynamic years of my life thus far, of anyone’s. The last 5 especially.
The person I was 5 years ago was a person so incredibly different to the person typing this now. Even 2 years ago. But some things will always remain the same, good and bad unfortunately.
Idk man. Most of me wanted to be a teenager much longer. 20 not only makes my own adulthood more of a reality, but it makes a lot of things and people - and the absence of others - more of a reality in my life. It sets things in stone, and that makes me very uncomfortable.
I sit here and think about every single person that impacted my life in some way or another, bringing positive and negative experience to my growth. I am me because of you. I had two very old friends who I definitely have not been in contact with over the last 9 years maybe, in my dream the other night. At one point in my life they molded me, and to them I’m grateful. The experiences and people who make you in your first 20 years, set the foundation for it all.
Half an hour left.

To add on the question i just answered, the reason why i don’t like gaslighting, its not because its happened to me, its because i second guess myself a lot anyways, and I’m very very vulnerable to mental and emotional manipulation so ppl making things up and making me second guess myself (like for example i say “woah whats wrong with that picture” and someone says “what do you mean its perfectly fine”. That would completely set me off and make me really uncomfortable and overwhelmed)