Orphan Black 3x06

Sarah has feverish dreams/hallucinations featuring Kira and later, Beth. It was good to see her again, if only in Sarah’s mind

Alison and Donnie’s opening scene was golden; it fucking made my day. Relationship goals, honestly, dancing around in underwear, throwing money and glitter around. hell yes

Delphine returns, shows Cosima and Scott the similarities between Gracie’s DNA and Mark’s DNA

Turns out, Gracie’s been made infertile because of Mark. I’m glad she is kinda okay with not being able to have kids

Felix interrogating Rachel was both heartbreaking (to see him so desperate) and just wow because Felix is never usually that mean, but I totally get it, Sarah’s missing and they need her back

Paul and his guys put the base on lockdown, locking up Dr. Coady. Rudy isn’t there, having been sent out to catch Helena (but he doesn’t succeed)

I’m glad Mark is on Paul’s side

Paul and Sarah both nearly escape, but after a fight with the third Castor clone (whom I forget the name of), Paul is wounded and opts to not go with Sarah, but not before telling her, in not so many words, that it wasn’t Beth he loved; it was Sarah. He eventually is discovered, and Coady shoots him dead, and as he dies, he drops the grenade and blows up the place. He got a fitting end, I think. I’m kinda sad, but I’m not crying about it

Helena comes back for Sarah at the end and I’m happy about that

oh Delphine, don’t torture yourself by looking at pictures of Shay and Cosima

She tells Cosima she misses her. I believe they’ll get back together, but for right now, Shaysima is kinda cute

looks like they can de-encrypt the book because of Rachel’s symbols in her watercolors made in her isolation

anonymous asked:

Your 5 Times Kissed is bloody brilliant. I could read such one a day & imagine surviving the next Droughtlander. TY, really enjoyed reading that. DG's words are magic. But your ability to compile the 5 scenes are also.

This, this right here made my day. I read this at the ass crack of dawn when I was getting up to go to my exam and it put a smile on my face when I otherwise would have spent the rest of the day as a nervous wreck. I’m so glad you enjoyed what I wrote! I think nice fluffy fluff was what we all needed after the horror of Wentworth so far and what is still to come next episode. There will definitely be plenty more cutesy Jamie and Claire stuff where that came from and I hope you enjoy all that too!

But I’m honestly blown away by this. DG’s words are magic. But your ability to compile the 5 scenes are also. Like, I think that must be one of the greatest compliments anyone has ever given my writing???????? I just…there are no words for how much this means to me and how much I love you for coming and leaving this in my inbox. Thank you so so much <3

gamewinninggoal asked:

So I really loved your latest matty/patrick fic at worlds, but I would read a solid 50,000 words of your claude giroux/sidney crosby relationship. You write everyone so well!

Oh my god, thank you. I’m stuck at the car dealer right now and you’ve totally made my day. I’m actually working on scenes from a Sid/Claude long fic - just random bits and pieces - but I’m not sure they’ll have cohere into a fully-grown fic. It doesn’t have, like, a point or a conflict yet, but I’m hopeful?

Anyway, rambling, thank you for this comment. It’s making me smile!


I made it! Some scenes from my first few days. Eric served as my personal tour guide as we walked through our new hood (Østerbro) and surrounding neighborhoods like Nyhavn (pronounced Nu-Hown) and Nørrebro. The Copenhagen marathon was underway when I arrived, so we routed and re-routed constantly on our trek (supporting runners along the way). Enjoyed my first smørrebrød (literally spread bread - open faced sandwich) and Tuborg beer. Got my public transportation pass, so now I’m ready to maximize exploration of Zones 1 and 2. Pretty well adjusted to time difference after a 13 hour power nap my first night here.