I know I missed the selfie party a few days ago, but I was tagged in the selfie meme and finally have some to add!  I am also continuing my rainbow selfies (Red here) with Orange (also some reddish purple but moving on).  Anyway I think almost everyone has done the thing so far, so I won’t tag anyone, but here we are!

spring is filled with my favorite things. flowers, light rain, warm temperatures, and fresh scented candles. you know what else spring brings? a new blog of the season winner and it could be you!

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  • one winner and several runner ups
  • no polls; i will choose the winners myself
what i'm looking for
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  • tagging system, easy navigation, about pages, the usual
  • amazing posts
  • a good url
  • if you design edits, write fanfic, ect. it is a plus, but not required to win
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  • love and friendship uwu
prizes for the runner ups
  • a follow back if not following already
  • link in my updates tab from march through may
  • love and friendship uwu

and i believe that is it? go my lovelies!

people using homophobic slurs around me because they think im straight makes me v uncomfortable i dont know how to deal with it 

i’m so here for amy proposing to jake


Wings of Freedom [English Lullaby Version]

oH MY GOD i’m fucking crying ok. i love jiyuu no tsubasa

anonymous asked:

hey I don't know if this was asked but what do you think about the pope's recent comments about transgender people? everyone talks about how he's not as homophobic as the pervious pope's but no one mentions his transphobia

I mean, I’ve commented before on how Francis’ (very few, relatively conservative) comments on homosexuality shouldn’t be seen as a great leap forward for the church. He seems slightly more progressive than previous popes, but that’s like saying paint dries slightly faster than grass grows.

(Either way, you’ll be waiting a while before you see any change.)

I’m glad the Catholic Church is getting some good press—god knows we need it—but the mainstream media image of Francis as all-accepting was always going to crumble. It’s still the same church, even if you put a patina of gold leaf and rhetoric over it.

When I was in primary school we had this thing were we would write and illustrate our own books, they were usually 4-8 handwritten A5 pages, so like 100-200 words, but sometimes someone wrote some pretty long ones. I remembered last night that one that I never finished had about 30 or so pages, and was a crossover between Disney Fairies and Harry Potter, I think I was like 10 at the time, so my fanfiction days started early…

theguineapig3 replied to your post: Maybe the reason it’s so hard for me t…

THAT’S IT. I was wondering what was making it so difficult to think of names, and you nailed it. I figure that one of them must be Rezo’s child, so what would Rezo name a child? Beyond that… wow, I don’t know.

Rezo means prayer in Spanish doesn’t it? Since it’s a masculine noun and Rezo is a priest, I bet that’s where Kanzaka pulled it.

Maybe Rezo’s kid could have a Spanish name? Rezo isn’t really used as a name in Spanish, I don’t think, but… it’s something to go off of at least.

Though I’ve found it used as an actual name in Russia and former USSR countries (especially Georgia) so, possibility??? That would give some less commonly used names, at least. 

so for the past week or so at work we’ve been having a blast by trying to describe the tiramisu latte as unhelpfully as possible so when people ask what it tastes like joe will say ‘oh it’s shots of espresso, steamed milk, and our tiramisu syrup’ and autumn keeps telling people that it tastes like ‘that dessert that is also called tiramisu’ but today I had the privilege of having the following exchange

customer: what’s the tiramisu like?
me: it has marscarpone notes.
customer: …………what’s marscarpone?
me: it’s a type of cheese.
customer: ……you…………………….have a cheese latte?????
me: YES.

and guess what

they still bought one