Fic: “Phantom Limbs” by Emiliana Darling

Title: Phantom Limbs
Author: Emiliana Darling
Fandom: Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
Pairing: Steve/Peggy, Steve/Bucky, implied Steve/Peggy/Bucky
Rating: T
Length: 3,400 words
Contains: Universe Alteration, ‘ Missing Scene’, Dream Sequence, Unsettling Atmosphere, Dark Imagery, Emotional Repression, Mild Gore, Grief/Mourning, Mind Manipulation

Summary: “That’s right, pal,” comes another voice from behind him, easy and confident and lilting with an audible smile, and it feels as though the breath is punched right out of Steve’s lungs. He stiffens, wrenches himself away from the reassuring warmth of Peggy’s arms, spins around –

And apparently it isn’t enough for one love of Steve’s life to be here with him tonight, because now Bucky’s standing there too. 

[In which Bucky makes an appearance in Steve’s dream sequence in “Age of Ultron”.]


txt posts + daft punk (50) (unmasked special)

*diligently ignores the actual bit in the interview where they misspell guy’s name*


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@The Welsh One.. I live in US and I also find it baffling. I don't necessarily think its horrible or is a failure as a whole but I'm interested on hearing your thoughts about it.

I don’t think it’s horrible at all! I think that it can be very limiting though. Within American politics it’s very much an “us vs them” and there is a lot less grey area. You’re either a Democrat or a Republican. Anything in between is seen as lesser because you’re not likely to be made a representative or have your views heard. I think that is quite limiting.

However, I’m a fan of the electoral college, maybe not in the sense I’d like it used here (though I would absolutely adore some type of proportional representation because the “first past the post” system is atrocious.) but I do like it as a system. 

Mostly though, I personally find the idea of a two party system terrifying. I look at our election, and sure it’s not the best system in the world and British politics has many, many flaws… but I don’t think I’d change our multi-party system for anything, because I like the shades of grey, I don’t want my politics to be black and white.

I’m American and when I took politics in high school it even baffled me. The people vote> votes are ‘taken into consideration by our representatives’> representatives vote on what ACTUALLY happens. It seemed flawed in my opinion

Well, really that’s all political systems. Unless I’m misreading this.
–The Welsh One

Hallelujah Net Intro!!

Hey! I’m Celeste (she/her) and I’m 15, a freshman in high school. Living in California so I’m on that Pacific time zone. I play basson in my school band and apparently Larry King’s film crew is coming to our school on Friday to film us so y’know, that’s pretty cool. I really love all kind of music, whether it be playing or listening and I can’t wait to talk about stuff with everyone! 

I would really love to make some new friends so if you ever want to reach me on a site that’s not social media, here’s my accounts!

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I hate that sometimes I think I’m getting better and then one day is just so much worse and I almost fuck up and ruin things for myself. I hate feeling like I’m making progress only to get thrown back to square one.

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Hiii admins, thanks for all your rec ;) I was wondering if you can pass me some fics CEO!au/age gap? If Kyungsoo is the younger, much better >u< Please :*

Here are the ones that I could find when Kyungsoo is younger! <3

Make sure to check our age kink tag and our office tag!

Im sorry its mostly Kaisoo, can you tell who I ship the most? >.<

-Admin T


//It is 5am and far too early to deal with idiocy. I usually stay up this late to watch SPN on time with everybody else bc tumblr is an amazing place to be on while the show is on and a few hours after, but today is just annoying.
So much stupid in one place.
Yes it sucked, yes she deserved better (who on SPN doesn’t?) and yes, we’ll miss her but it wasn’t really a surprise. I’ve actually been waiting for it ever since she got her hands on the Book of the Damned.
Anywho, also leaving tumblr for tonight bc idiots send Sam blogs hate. Which is even more stupid than making Charlie’s death about her bloody gender.
Sam wanted to save his brother, Charlie wanted to save her brother and so did Cas (or his lover of you’re a destiel person). Either way, sure, Sam should’ve told Dean and protect her, BUT RPERS ARE NOT THE REAL CHARACTER. DO NOT HATE ON THEM.

Seriously people, grow brains!

Gonna go write fanfic.

there will never be words powerful enough to describe how much i love mindy kaling and watching tmp go like that it just breaks my heart she works so hard and she’s one of the most talented comedians out there :( she deserves so much better than this shit fuck you fox

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The way Samson was handled bothers me so much because so far he's been one of the better Templars, like he's morally grey in the way BW wants us to think all Templars are but they made him evil. Plus the way they treated him kind of has that "addiction makes you evil" feeling, I get that they were trying to parallel Cullen's recovery but it didn't turn out well imo.

yeah it has uncomfortable “Cullen Powers Through His Addiction Heroically” Vs. “Samson is Weak and Evil For Succumbing” vibes….im fairly sure someone has written very good meta about this

Things I've learned as a spoonie:

- most knots in hair can be taken out by deep conditioner
-Target sells these refresh wipes that smell way better than wet wipes
- Even if you love reading, find a show that makes you happy for when your super drugged
- Be nice to pharmacy techs, I once had a $500 prescription only cost $40 because the guy applied every coupon they had to it
- the heating pads from those medical store places work much better than the ones at Walmart and are usually the same price
- ask your friends to write you letters or draw on little post it’s so you can look at them when your sad (u have mine on my wall)
-Find an offline game you could play for hours for when you gets stuck at the doctor
-Invest in a place to put all your pill bottles
Feel free to add :)!

elementary OS “Freya” was released a month ago, but the developers are still making big changes to it. One of these modifications will bring a new “Open File Dialog” that should look and work much better than the previous one.

There is no doubt that elementary “Freya” is a stable version, but that doesn’t mean that the makers of this great distro shouldn’t improve the OS. Surprisingly, this is not a common practice in the Linux world, especially for distributions that don’t… (read more) via Softpedia News > Linux