“My wife is Jewish. One time, we were having a great time at a restaurant with my in-laws and my little nephew. As we were paying, the maître d’ came over and told us an anti-Semitic joke. I wanted to confront him—not beat him up or anything, but just to tell him, ‘Do you realize that we are Jewish and what you said was really bad and you should think about what you say before you say it?’ My wife argued with me, and I let her talk me out of it. That was 15 years ago, and I’ve always regretted not speaking up, especially in front of my nephew. It says in Jewish writing: ‘If you see an injustice, and you don’t speak against it, it’s the same as if you’ve done that thing yourself.’”

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So just slide over here, leave your fears in the fray

Let us hold to each other until the end of our days (x)

I was listening to Rob Thomas last night and this lyric perfectly described this scene and i am so happy right now i finally fixed dirk’s hand and i got the colors to cooperate yeahhhh 

merry christmas to you all and happy holidays! ^w^

the first time I drove a car I thought if people were eggs I’d be cracked all over. and sometimes it is like that and you really feel as though you’re spilling everywhere, making one gigantic eggy mess

hold it together.

at seventeen each day is a stepping stone but the stones break when you least expect it. at seventeen you start to feel like everything is moving too fast for you.

there are no brakes.

you’ll have weeks when everyday is a bad hair day and you end up skipping breakfast. you’ll put your shoes on the wrong feet and trip out the door wondering how you came to live this way but

it isn’t permanent.

normal is never okay. dream so big you scare yourself because anything is possible and go break the clouds on your way up

—  advice, 650am
Lol!Subs Found in Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 2014 (First Cour)

So after I’d finished up UBW’s first cour, I noticed that there were a couple of…sub blunders found in some of the  episodes I’ve watched. This normally wouldn’t have been problematic had those lines actually not have been either relevant, or you know, not have made some characters sound dumb in the eyes of the non-Japanese speaking fandom. Fortunately these were the only ones I’ve found in the anime:

Episode 00

I think it’s a little too late to correct this since it’s now been immortalized as a meme alongside Deen!Shirou’s “People die if they are killed” line, but I might as well type in what Rin really said. She should’ve been given a free pass since she was being sarcastic here, but eh well.

The actual line is “You really are an Archer, Archer!" Add in the sarcasm and voila! Her line makes sense.

Episode 01

Now Shirou haters, don’t use this mistranslated line as an excuse to bash Shirou for his supposed stupidity. What Shirou actually said here when he was referring to Archer was “akai otoko”, not “shiro otoko” (“man in red”, “man in white”). Here’s the actual line:

That man in blue and that man in red…

Episode 03

When Rin fought Illya in the forest, Illya had brought with her her own brand of Einzbirds (kinda like the one her mom made in Fate Zero but smaller and more powerful). Those familiars were independently generating enough mana to give Rin lots of trouble in their fight. I think the previous line gave it away, but in the above two screencaps, she was referring to the Einzbirds, not Illya. So, uh, no. As funny as it sounded, Rin was calling the bird familiars mini-mages, not Illya.

The actual line/s: “An autonomous type that pursues automatically. And they’re generating mana at their size…they’re like some kind of mini-mage!

Episode 10

Okay, this one’s admittedly a minor one…oh wait, no it isn’t.

In the dream sequence, Rin can be heard chanting the iconic Unlimited Blade Works chant. While the subbers did a good job of putting it word for word, they used the wrong aria. What you see above is the English aria, which like I said, was the impressively accurate English version of the chant. What Rin was chanting was the literal, Japanese aria. You know, the aria that made more sense and gave a much deeper meaning to Archer’s struggles if translated properly? Anime-only viewers would only get the gist of the English aria, since it is the most iconic chant in all of Fate Stay Night in outside the Fate fandom. Here’s the translated aria intended for this scene:

My body is made of swords. 
My blood is iron, and my heart is glass. 
I have survived countless battles. 
Not once have I retreated, 
Not once have I been understood. 
I was always alone, intoxicated with victory on the hill of swords. 

And thus, my life has no meaning. 
Truly, this body was made of swords.

So there you have it folks! The actual lines stated by each of the characters that non-Japanese speakers mistook thanks to fail!subs. Hoping the BD subs would fix these errors though…

Day 11: Fav Villain

Freakshow hands down. I have so many little headcanons and backstories for him. Like Lydia being his dead fiancé. Oh, my OTP is showing.

I remember why I never draw Lydia… Don’t make fun of my inability to draw tattoos or punk hairstyles. 

anonymous asked:

OMG! Derek's so mean! Why did he do that to Stile's Mister Wuss Wuss?! Was he sorry he made Stiles cry??

Oh, you can BET that Derek felt super-bad after he ripped up Mister Wuss Wuss! He obviously didn’t realize that it used to be one of Stiles’ toys - he just thought that it was a cheap toy bought from PetSmart or something. Stiles wasn’t that upset about it, just really shocked that Derek seemed so against stuffed fluffy things.

Derek stitched Mister Wuss Wuss back together again when Stiles was out, and presented it back to him when he came back.

He also gave Stiles a hug (which was COMPLETELY UNEXPECTED and managed to render Stiles speechless for a good TEN MINUTES).