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My friend recently came out as bi and asked me to go with him to Pride (i'm straight) because he doesn't trust anyone else and someone I'm friends with literally just yelled at me and said 'you shouldn't go to pride if you're straight, you don't belong there' - I'm going to support my friend who asked me personally because he's nervous about going on his own?? Is that really that bad???

No, go to Pride with your friend! I have taken straight friends dozens of times to Manchester Pride and everyone is welcome and has a good time. In real life the LGBT community is overwhelmingly supportive of allies who help, support and listen.

So go, have a great time with your friend, and ignore what people on Tumblr say.
–The Welsh One

So I could really use some advice:

Henry had a horse show this weekend with his leaser and came back so sore that he won’t let you come near his back. Henry is a drama queen but he’s never had a sore back before and he was actually terrified of me touching it and obviously I can’t work him like that. Her saddle isn’t fitting him and they can’t use their half pad for these shows. But they did really well and qualified for State. State is the same weekend as my next horse trial (the one after the HT next weekend) so I’ll have to sit it out.
I’d feel really bad about telling her she can’t go but it does worry me that this could happen again and I really can’t afford to have my horse be injured right now (or ever, really).
They did say that they’ll buy a half pad that is able to be showed in and pull him from their horse trial this weekend, but I’d rather them have a saddle that actually fits him so injury won’t happen again. I’m gonna offer for them to start riding in my saddle since it does actually fit him.
I have no idea what to do because I would be so heartbroken if it were me and I wasn’t allowed to go to State after working so hard, but I’m torn.
I want the best for Henry and it scares me, especially since I don’t go to these shows to see what happens.
What do you think I should do?

25 weeks ONE OK ROCK challenge, Week 1: what was the first OOR song you heard?

The Beginning

I was watching Rurouni Kenshin with my family and and at the very end of the movie, just when the closing credits came on screen and kept streaming up… they played that song, the beginning, and I was like “hey, this isn’t too bad, not bad at all… actually this could be fantastic” and I freaked out because I really really liked that song (that rarely happens so it was quite extraordinary). Yeah and that’s actually it. After that I checked them out on YouTube and I didn’t stop listening for hours I guess…

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What was your first impression of GOT7 like when you first watched one of their things or first heard a song by them.

AHHH I remember it exactly! ;)

When I first watched GGG it had just came out and I wasn’t really into kpop except for BAP so I didn’t know anything and so I watched it without taking it in and just left the song on while I was on another tab. THEN I watched it again (I think someone on tumblr posted some got7 and i was like oooh who that) and as soon as I saw Jackson’s face in the first frame I was like ‘YAAAAAAS bad boy style look at that face’ and then as it went on I was like fuuck that guy is hot (jackson) and when he did the legendary hip-thrust-wave I died like woooah that was so fucking hot how can a dance move make me feel this way?? Anyways at first I was like ‘wtf is this song? theyre so cocky to sing this’ then after a while i was like whateverrrrr and started watching real got7 and cried

and here i am

Growing Trust (closed w/ rwby-linora)


“… And over here we have the females,” the person smiled pointing them out, “We just got a few new ones which you may be interested in.”

Rei looks into each cage, examining each one. “This one is cute~” she grins, looking in, “Hey there~”

“This one… We got her only a couple days ago and she seems really… antisocial… She came from a master who abused her and has very bad trust issues…”

Rei looked back at her, “Would you like to come home with me?”


When jonghyun 1st started crying key couldn’t believe his eyes, he looked at him like seriously?? Why are you crying now?!? Because it was a very emotional but sweet atmosphere. But then jjong started talking about how difficult it really was preparing for this concert and they’ve had slumps as well and other things… and then we lost key. he started crying and then when it was onews turn to talk suddenly his voice broke, no one was expecting that, then he gave his speech, everyone cried again, it was Taemin’s turn and we all thought we were safe.. boy were we wrong. He choked up really bad. He was smiling and his voice wasn’t shake but no matter how many times he tried he just couldn’t get the words out =/ onew came and hugged him jjong held his waist from the side, he wanted to talk about how even if we like other ppl etc etc but he never got to finish because everyone started going never! he got emotional again and just finished it without saying much and passed on the mic.

cr: MelodyMeritamon

Behind RPDR there are many producers making decisions and most of these are not based on who is the most talented or has the C.U.N.T. It’s all about press whether its good or bad. 

Willam has talked about this so many times in interviews. She isn’t scared at all of being open about what goes on behind the scenes, these are some of the things she claims to have happened on the show:

“Well, apparently from what I’ve heard, they had to manufacture a lot of drama for season three. They had a talent producer who was really significant in instigating it – she was the one who told the story people about the whole boogers and heathers thing. That was something the girls came up with hanging out in the hotel, and the talent producer relayed it, and the girls were like, “You want us to talk about that on set?””

“After Sharon walked in and I clocked that it was not a fair process 100% (she got to film her entrance TWICE and when i asked to do mine again since she was allowed to, I was denied)”

Willam about All Stars: “There were several queens that were waiting and had been contacted about being on the show, about 5-6 I think. When they decided Willam “didn’t have a storyline”. They considered others like Morgan, Mariah, Mimi and Delta. Also, I’ve talked to several of the All Star girls and many of them knew most of the queens that would be on the show, but several others were asked and not given a ticket to the final cut. So there were 4-5 others still being considered days before the show. They also knew it was a short season and twice as many girls. Several of them thought ½ we would be axed on episode 1.”

Pandora Boxx talking about Mimi’s Untucked breakdown: “Actually she walked off the set for an hour and had the ex producers yelling at her to get back on the set. This was before they even announced the bottom two. Just saying. You also never see the whole story.”

Willam when asked if she was used as a scapegoat: “Sharon got to do her entrance twice and I could tell she was being pulled for or at least that it was NOT a fair competition. My reunion “performance” was an orchestrated gig that took 2 hours of meetings behind closed doors and had a script. They told me they wanted an emotional moment even. Ask Mariah, ask any of the girls that got bills under their doors the mornings they ended up lip synching (Mimi, Jiggly, Carmen, Delta and more). Producers are liars. It’s part of their jobs. If they tell you otherwise, they’re on the clock- and LYING. Especially the unprofessional ones that like to take to social media because they’re too chickenshit to do it in person when approached (i.e. Michelle Mills a.k.a. Meesh/Mush).”

Willam about the winners being picked before the show starts: Mainly because I knew I wasn’t going to win. I had no stakes. Beautiful, successful people doing well for themselves don’t make for good TV unless they’re bitches PLUS we knew that Sharon was being pulled for. Just like how Mariah wrote “Congratulations Raja” on the mirror when she sashayed away (which was then erased but visible in the wide shot).

These are only a few of the things that were said about RPDR, and it’s been going on for sometime now. It’s interesting to see how they got out of hand this season with all the editing and that’s being brought up a lot now. 

Malec Fanfiction: Sleeping Arrangements

Alec kicks Magnus out of bed after an argument.

It’s always the stupid arguments that end up doing the most damage. The ones that are the hardest to apologise for and hardest to forgive. Usually because they’re caused by something careless – not thinking before saying something best left unsaid, or a bad habit that you never really considered a bad habit until your lover pointed it out, by which point it’s too ingrained to stop. For example, stealing. He’d never considered it stealing, not really. It was just convenient. Fancy some coffee? One click of the fingers and there it is, just the way you like it. Tired of your living room decor? No problem, one click and you’ve got a whole new makeover. Okay, so he’d never really spared much thought for where the things he summoned actually came from, it had never bothered him. But of course a Shadowhunter, the upholders of the Law, would have a problem with that. That was why it was one o’clock in the morning and Magnus was lying on the sofa in the living room, while Alec was in bed in the bedroom.
He definitely thought Alec had overreacted. He’d only offered to buy him some new clothes – even promised it’d just be a new black sweater, something he knew Alec would actually wear – and Alec had flown off the handle.
‘You’re not going to buy me anything!’ he had yelled. ‘You’ll steal it, like you steal everything else!’
He’d tried to tell Alec that that simply wasn’t true, but when he thought about it, it actually was. He’d bought the coffee machine for Alec, but it was the only thing he could remember paying for in a long time.
‘It’s not like you don’t make enough money,’ Alec had continued. ‘The amount you charge your clients. I have always defended you, you know. They actually asked me in the last Clave meeting. Put me on the spot and asked me if “my warlock” ever summoned demons for purposes other than Clave investigations. I said no. It’s lucky they didn’t consider it important enough to warrant use of the Mortal Sword. I lied for you because you have to make a living don’t you. But what was even the point when you never spend the money you make from illegal clientele anyway?’
‘They were checking up on me?’ Magnus had asked, torn somewhere between incredulity, amusement and annoyance. ‘You’d think they’d at least ask someone with less inclination to lie.’
‘I’m a Shadowhunter,’ Alec replied. ‘I’m supposed to put the Law first.’
Magnus had had no response to that, and it had been his undoing. He had been relegated to sleeping on the sofa and Alec had slammed the bedroom door in his face.
The sofa was fairly large, but Magnus still had to rest his feet on one arm of it in order to lie straight. The blanket he was wrapped in was only a thin one, usually used for snuggling up in when watching TV in the winter. Chairman Meow was curled up on his chest, giving him a little extra warmth, but it meant he could no longer move around to get comfortable.
‘Alec?’ he called. Testing. It had been three hours since Alec had thrown him out of bed. He wanted to know if Alec was still awake too. There was no reply for almost half a minute and Magnus thought Alec had fallen asleep after all. He was surprised by how hurt he was by the idea that Alec could go to sleep angry with him.
‘What?’ Alec’s reply was short, curt, but unmistakably wide awake.
Magnus smiled. ‘I’m cold!’
‘Why don’t you steal yourself a blanket?’
Should have seen that one coming, Magnus thought. ‘You tell me off for stealing and now you’re recommending it?’ he called back. ‘I have to admit, I’m getting mixed signals over here, Alexander.’
Alec didn’t reply to this.
‘It’s okay. I understand,’ Magnus said. ‘I’ll just lie here and freeze to death. I don’t mind.’ He threw one hand dramatically over his forehead and dangled the other over the edge of the sofa; classic damsel in distress posture.
‘Don’t be such a drama queen!’
For a moment Magnus thought Alec had actually seen him, but of course not, he was behind a closed door. His fabulous acting was going to waste.
Several minutes passed in silence.
Alec didn’t reply.
‘By the Angel, what?’
‘Just checking you were still awake.’
Alec didn’t reply. Magnus grinned as he imagined the scowl on Alec’s face.
He lay in silence for a while. His elevated feet were beginning to go numb and he had no choice but to shift the Chairman from his chest so he could get comfortable again. The Chairman gave him a scornful look before pouncing from the sofa and streaking off to sulk under the dinner table. Magnus rolled onto his side and curled into a ball, wrapping the thin blanket around him as tightly as possible.
He wondered how serious Alec’s anger was. Serious enough to kick him out of bed, which had never happened before. This meant he must have been angry for a while and had not told Magnus until he couldn’t keep it bottled up anymore. But instead of focusing on ways in which he could make it up to Alec, all Magnus could think about was Alec’s confession of having lied to the Clave for him. Alec had always been the strongest upholder of the Law out of the Lightwood children. The most sensible, the most honest, the most reliable. It must have been a real shock to his parents to discover in exactly the same moment that not only was their son gay, he was dating a Downworlder. Lovely, sensible, reliable Alexander Gideon Lightwood, dating someone he knew the Clave would not approve of. And he had showed them how little he cared what they thought by kissing Magnus in front of them all. They must have had to re-evaluate everything they knew about him in that instant. Can he still be trusted? they must have wondered. Evidently not; he had lied to them to protect Magnus. But where did he draw the line?
At stealing, apparently.
He heard the shift of bedsprings from in the bedroom and cocked his head to the side, listening. But he didn’t hear footsteps or opening doors and Alec didn’t speak. Magnus let out a breath he didn’t realise he had been holding.

Another hour passed, then two, and Magnus tossed and turned on the sofa, still wide awake.
He supposed the reason he’d never given much thought to how his theft affected the people he’d stolen from was because he didn’t have to see them – didn’t even have to see the place he was stealing from – so he had never had to think about it. Now he wondered if maybe his carelessness had something to do with his age. The thought chilled him.
You’ve had that concern before, he told himself. You were worried you’d never love anyone ever again. Had even stopped looking for love. And then Alec came along and changed everything. Apparently Alec was still changing things, and from this perspective Magnus was starting to think maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing. It was like a wakeup call. A wakeup call in more ways than one, reopening Magnus’ eyes to the world around him. The world he had stopped seeing as he aged. His determination to not petrify had only made things worse, because it meant that when it had started to happen he had ignored it.
‘Alec?’ he said. He spoke softly, not wanting to wake Alec up if he had really fallen asleep this time. He wasn’t even sure Alec would hear him through the wall even if he was awake. But Magnus continued anyway. ‘I’m sorry. You’re right, I don’t think about the effects my actions have on other people. It’s not because I don’t care, it’s because I forgot how to care. And I didn’t even realise I had forgotten. But you showed me the truth, like you always do. You’ve shown me I’m still capable of love, you’ve shown me I’m still capable of caring about other people, and you’ve shown me there are still people in the world worth caring about.’ He fell silent for a moment. There was no sound from the bedroom. ‘This is why, Alexander. This is why you aren’t trivial. You’re more important to the world than you think and you’re more important to me than I will ever be able to show you, but that won’t stop me from trying to show you anyway. Because you deserve to know. I hate seeing you go through life thinking you don’t matter to anyone and I won’t let you think that ever again. You make me a better person and from now on I’m going to spend every second of our life together showing you that you already are one of the kindest, bravest and strongest people I have ever known and probably will ever know.’
More silence followed. Magnus sighed and closed his eyes against the burning feeling in them that threatened oncoming tears. He was not going to cry over this.
And then he heard footsteps from the other room and the door opened. A bright light illuminated the dark room as Alec lit his way through the clutter with witchlight. He dragged the heavy double quilt from the bed along behind him.
Magnus sat up and watched as Alec pulled the thin blanket off him, placed the quilt over him instead, then put the witchlight stone down on the floor, plunging them back into darkness. The edge of the sofa dipped as Alec sat down beside him. Then Alec’s warm hand on his cold shoulder forced him to lie back down. Alec’s lips lightly brushed Magnus’ and then Alec lay down beside him, head on Magnus’ chest, pulling the quilt tight around them both.
Magnus put one arm around Alec’s shoulders and rested his other hand on Alec’s waist, pulling Alec as close to him as he could. Neither of them said a word, and ten minutes later they were both fast asleep.

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Can you do more awkward westallen moments? They're really cute!

When Captain Singh asks him to attend the wedding, Barry expects a nice little invitation in the mail, a fun evening with colleagues and friends, where he can eat and drink and avoid dancing at all costs.

What he absolutely doesn’t expect is to be in the wedding, as one of the groomsman. But when Captain Singh tells him that one of his guys came down with a bad sickness, Barry couldn’t not say no to filling in for him.

Imagine his surprise, then, when he finds out Iris is also part of the wedding (really, how was he supposed to know that David and Joe were that close when the Captain spends more than half their together time yelling at him?). She looks absolutely beautiful that day - no different than any other, and yet, it’s entirely different. 

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Need Couch/Room (Virginia)

Hello! My name is Tegan and I am an 18 year old transmale. I am currently trying to raise money with my Gofundme to get out of my grandfather’s house. Recently he sprung a date on me that I have to leave. I have no job experience, my education is cut off at eleventh grade and I don’t have a high school diploma or GED. 

 I currently live in Virginia and in a really bad area out in the middle of no where. I don’t have transport or really anything so I was wondering if anyone could possibly help me.
Right now I am facing being pushed out onto the street with no where to go and my grandfather is only giving me one chance to get out before he evicts me by force, so any help would be appreciated. I have lived on the street before and it wasn’t too nice, I ended up not eating for two weeks until my grandparents came to get me. 


Honestly, I wouldn’t have major issue with a girl Mutsuki as long as there was a very good story behind it. A trans Mutsuki is incredible and amazing, and should always be.

But what bothers me the most about the current theories of a girl Mutsuki only pretending to be a dude is that it relies on a stereotype I hate with every fiber of my being. The whole “she’s only pretending because she’s scared of/hates men” thing. When I came out and dealt with the fact I vastly prefer women, I had a lot of people who figured I just had a bad experience or was a bitch. But my identity wasn’t real, just something I was PRETENDING to be because of Issues Concerning Men.

It’s a really ugly stereotype used to invalidate the identities of both lesbians and transmen in particular. And I’d hate for Mutsuki’s narrative to be just another one of those “fake-LGBT” narratives that relies on a stereotype that gets used against us all the time.

Utena-ish Prince Mutsuki coming to save her Bride (insert Quinx of your preference here)? I could cope with that.

A girl adopting the identity of the male Tooru Mutsuki to escape something like V or other major threat? Okay, show me what you got.

But please, not another narrative that punches me in the face with the bullshit that made me question and doubt myself all the time.

And please, not another fake LGBT character to leave people sour and disappointed. Not again.

Days until...

62 until Ant-Man
356 until Captain America: Civil War
538 until Doctor Strange
720 until Guardians of the Galaxy 2
804 until Spider-Man
902 until Thor: Ragnorak
1085 until Avengers: Infinity War - Part 1
1148 until Black Panther
1267 until Captain Marvel
1449 until Avengers: Infinity War - Part 2
1519 until Inhumans


Aha this one seems more modern inspired lol~ I really like the sweater thing I found, it’s very nice and baggy! i just wish I had a better camera to fully get this though, I think it looked better in person :U  (shoes are from ebay, everything else is thrifted) 

  • Dad:I'm really excited for Taylor Swift ' s new album coming out!
  • Me:1989 already came out in October...
  • Dad:No! I mean her newer one! Bad Blood!
  • Me:
  • Fandom:
  • Dad:Am I a swiftie yet?

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uh i might be really late but if you're still doing these ^^ "I came home to a Nerf gun on the front porch and a note that says ‘Here is your weapon. I have one too. Good luck. xo’ AU"

Sorry this took so long otl, but I finally did it ^^ I’ll tag you just incase jinkidubu I feel bad for not writing it sooner -_- But here it is ^^

Key stepped on to the porch of his new house. After living in the city for so long, it was strange to be out in suburbia, but after deciding it was time to start a family, he and his husband moved from the busy downtown to the green lawns and white picket fences of small town life. There was a note on the door when he finally reached it. ‘your weapon is sitting on the box by the door. I have one too. Good luck. xo.’

Key grinned at the scribbled handwriting before he opened the front door. There sat a nerf gun, already fully loaded on a box that was probably filled with kitchen wares. He grabbed the weapon and cocked it back, ready to shoot at any moment and slid around the corner into the dining room. The house was empty and littered with unopened boxes. A perfect setting for a war. He placed his bag on the table and pulled out a pencil and a pack of gum. The house was quiet. A little too quiet for how noisy his husband usually was. He knew the other man was sitting in wait somewhere in the house, but given that there were three levels, he had a little too many options.

He decided to search the main floor first, sliding from room to room. Each filled with boxes and new items that had come with the house. He tiptoed into the kitchen, pointing his gun around the corner. He tossed the pencil into the middle of the room but was met with silence. He must be upstairs, Key thought, no wait, he must be in the bedroom. Why didn’t I think of that before?

Key went quietly upstairs, cursing under his breath as the old stairs creaked under his weight. He attempted to silently make his way to the master bedroom, but he seemed to step on every loose floorboard as he made his way. The door to the master bedroom was opened slightly, and Key decided to go for a surprise attack.

Kicking down the door yelling, Key pointed his gun at the bed; the only thing the couple decided that needed to be set up on their first night, and used to “break in” the house. Sitting on top of the bed was a fairly large box labeled, “bedroom supplies.” Key raised an eyebrow, he didn’t remember that box, or labeling it for that matter.

A scruffy blond burst from the box, “AAAHHHH HAHAHAHA!” He pulled out his nerf gun and shot at Kibum’s chest. “I GOT YOU!!”

Key shook the shock from his head and looked at Jonghyun, his husband. How long had he been in that box? He looked sweaty, and his hair was messy, indicating that it had been a little too long. He brought up his own nerf gun and shot Jonghyun on the forehead, the dart sticking to it. Key grinned, “I got you back!” He sprinted off, and Jonghyun attempted to make it out of the box.

Key heard a loud bang in the bedroom and the floor shook. He ran back to the room from his hiding place, with a concerned look on his face. “Oh my god,” The box and Jonghyun were on the floor. The cardboard had ripped, and his husband must have lost his balance, falling off of the bed. “Are you okay?!”

Jonghyun looked on the brink of tears, and Key squatted down to help him up. Jonghyun shifted his weight so he was sitting up, and pulled the box off of him, sniffing. “Kibum, come closer.”

Key slid so he was right next to Jonghyun, leaning down to meet Jonghyun’s face. Jonghyun put on a sly grin, as he pulled his weapon up and shot Key in the cheek before he stood up and ran towards the stairs. Key stood in shock as Jonghyun ran cackling. It took him a moment before he had the wherewithal to stand and follow him.

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What's funny though is that... These people need to understand that all games have a startin point. You can't expect somebody to have a game that looks like it came out of the future on their first try

Especially one made by 3 people. I just looked up some of the gameplay footage and it’s really not even that bad. The animation looked pretty smooth, the models moved well (though I’m not fussed on the design) the major thing I didn’t like were the textures used on the ground mostly. 

But it’s an iOS game made by a 3 person (I think) studio on their first try. But they actually wanted to compare it to Mass Effect. Which is hilarious.