Trading Spaces: Jeremy’s Story (part 3)

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Third Time’s A Charm - Chapter 11

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the point isn’t stanning white men, it’s belitting the games of poc

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I was always afraid of the dark too, but when I was 19 I visited a therapist (for a completely different reason, but we tended to my fears as well) and while she didn't tell me the secret she helped me realise the secret to beating my fears. She always told me that I needed to visualise my fears into a form (hers was a grupy old garden gnome), which I should then comically get rid of, for example hit with a baseball bat or kick in a cartoon style. But I'm a gentle soul and...

that’s a really good idea actually. i might try that except mine should be an annoying dudebro. “hey bro there’s a monster right behind you” “thanks jeremy no one fucking asked.”

((Oh Jeremy Renner, you are one of my top 5 favorite men in the world. ))

((Callie: … ew, he’s like my brother.)) 

((Yeah, well thats because you and Clint are a little alike – I’m allowed to have a crush on Renner)) 

((Callie: .. touche. )) 

((.. though i wouldnt be opposed to an AU type of idea where sparks fly.)) 

of course he would make that one the only one you cant watch after the fact. jeremy i thought we had an understanding

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Did you see Jeremy's tweet saying "next one will be an oreo #nasty" because Leah is allegedly seeing her black trainer? He's sick

Yes. He’s tweeted other quite racist things before but that one was utterly insane.

Welcome to Within Temptation, KRISTEN! You have been accepted for the role of JEREMY GILBERT. We are so very excited to have you join our role play! Please make your account within the next 24 hours, and ensure you follow our checklist.

Admin note — I cannot even express the excitement we feel in finally getting Jeremy here at WT, so excuse us if we flood you with happiness. Your application was such a delight to read this morning, especially because from what I can see you are a wonderful writer. It’s always a bonus to feel the passion one feels for a character in their application, and I most definitely sensed that throughout. I love that you understand that Jeremy is perhaps one of the most complex characters, and that you see so much potential for future development in this verse. Your para sample was just spot on, I could literally hear his voice in the end. I cannot wait to read more of you bringing Jeremy to life on the dash. I hope you enjoy doing so, and welcome to the group, lovely! 

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I agree with you, but only one one person on tumblr stated Jeremy should be replaced. It's more Woo than anyone else. I really don't think it's because of his race. They're just really into good players (why they like max, I don't get. I think they're really bias towards their faves, because if they weren't, max would be on the same train as Woo). But they need to get over it. Woo's a great person and he'll contribute something, though it may not be strategy.

i saw 3 people against jeremy but yeah like im into really good players too? im not one of those people who solely roots for woc for no reason either (even though theres NOTHING wrong with doing that). like i didnt stan jocasta (no offense to her or her stans) i stan people like neda and natalie who are GREAT game players. but i really feel like some of the kids over at the survivor tag are HUGELY biased towards white men and belittle the games of poc/ women. like there are deadass people who think keith should have won over natalie….

so when the survivor tag is like “GAME PLAY!!1 STRATEGY!!! STRATEGY!!!” and then root for people like max or kelly or shane who arent strategic players its just VERY transparent to me. even if its not transparent to them. 

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(Oh, that. You asked for ideas of who to ship your phone guy, Henry, with. So why not ship him with one of the other guards you've made?)

//Okie, thanks.//

Jeremy and Edward have a platonic relationship. Edward is scared of Fritz on some level. Edward is highly annoyed by Tony and Mike.

He’s demisexual.

Dreams Alive!

So kittyinferno, I had a dream that I was in this cafeteria (like the ones you see in American school movies and that) and Jeremy was handing out the food. So I asked him to scoop me this corn dish (and lots of it) and he said ‘you know I carted this’ and I was like 'you made this?’ And he answered 'no, I just moved the lots of corn cans earlier…’ Anyways I ended up getting every food he was serving and when I tasted it, it was sweet like a dessert… :/