Illunimated Pet Collar

Keep your beloved pet safe during night walks by fitting them with the illuminated pet collar. The collar is made using a patented illumination system that shines bright to make the collar visible from far distances. It’s also great for pets who liked to be walked without a leash.


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mellarksloaves asked:

If you don't mind, "We meet every day on our lunch break by the hot-dog stand and one time I forget my wallet so you buy me a hot-dog (it was not a date ) AU", please! <3

Katniss is pretty sure she’s gained 10 pounds since Peeta Mellark’s food truck started showing up outside her office two months ago.

Every day at 12:30 p.m., she’s outside in the parking lot, first in line to get her lunch from him. Smoked turkey on sourdough, pastrami on rye, roasted chicken on French baguette, veggie on ciabatta—she’s tried every sandwich on his menu. It’s the bread that makes each sandwich, really, which he says he bakes at his storefront cafe and bakery downtown.

It’s amazing food, and she likes to support local businesses. That’s why she eats here everyday—it has nothing to do with how attractive Peeta is, or how sweet and funny he is.

They talk every time she’s there, and if it’s not busy, he’ll lean out the window and converse with her until her break is up.

It’s the highlight of her day.

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Interactive Ferrofluid Sculpture

Explore the captivating field of magnetism with the interactive ferrofluid sculpture. This sleek sculpture is the ultimate desktop accessory – the clear borosilicate glass allows you to both play and admire as the ferrite reacts to the external magnet.


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Captain Picard Facepalm Cookies

Get rewarded for your complete disapproval in embarrassing behavior with the Captain Picard facepalm cookies. Now when you sit down to watch any reality TV show, you’ll always have a snack to celebrate your utter disappointment with these delicious cookies.


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