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As an older view (over 40) I've seen many yrs of red carpet interviews and I find D&P's approach to be a refreshing change of pace to the standard old red carpet questions (who are you wearing? how does it feel to be nominated? etc) They usually get the celebs to loosen up a bit and have fun. It feels to me like I get a little glimpse of what the celeb's off-camera personality might be like. D&P have fun, genuinely likeable personalities, celebs seem to respond well to that (well most do anyway)


Let’s talk about the fact that Kakashi says this to Sasuke just as Sasuke leaves the village:

…So try to keep yourself under control, yeah…? Cause it’ll be my ass on the line, this time…

In other words, “Sasuke don’t get into this reformation bullshit while I’m the King of the System. Because you owe me.”

Let’s talk about the fact that Kakashi guilt trips Sasuke into staying silent and passive about this whole changing-the-system thing he’s been talking about because that might make things difficult for Kakashi. Let’s talk about how this would influence Kakashi’s entire reign as Hokage.

How can I believe that Naruto and Sasuke were able to change the ninja system together when Kakashi views Sasuke as an enemy who “barely got off the hook”?

Kakashi, who is going to be Hokage for the next decade until Naruto is “ready,” displays a completely uncaring attitude towards Sasuke’s ideals—which is nothing new, of course. Even after he knows that Sasuke has made peace with Naruto and has agreed to work together for peace, he is unforgiving and cold. He acts as though Sasuke’s leaving is warranted—but not because being in the village might make him uncomfortable, not because having Sasuke in the village would stir hostility among the villagers, but because in his eyes, Sasuke deserves to be kicked out of the village. 

That this is the least amount of punishment he was able and willing to give Sasuke.

How can I believe that Naruto and Sasuke were able to change the ninja system together when Naruto lets Sasuke go off on a “redemption” journey, when he knows that Sasuke’s goals were instinctively noble and true even if Sasuke went about them in the wrong way at times?

How can I believe that Naruto and Sasuke were able to change the ninja system together when Kakashi tells Sasuke outright that he will be having none of that bullshit?

How can I believe that Naruto and Sasuke were able to change the ninja system together when Naruto is shown attending an important meeting—without Sasuke—while Sasuke is shown somewhere far away, so obviously not involved in the politics he had been so concerned with before? Not by Naruto’s side in this meeting important enough that Naruto must neglect the needs of his own child to attend?

How can anyone expect me to believe that Naruto and Sasuke were able to change the ninja system together?

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the network is up! go to our browser page view everyone’s blogs and say hello! the only one not functioning right now is Ai’s - i think she might have changed his url. it used to be @wolfstare but that’s not turning up any blogs anymore. if anyone knows what it is now, please let me know!

also, im thinking of starting a skype group as well but 1) i don’t know how to do that and 2) not sure that everyone has skype! let me know if you do.


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A quick update

For any of you who care: Things are freaking amazing in my life right now. The chic I was talking to is totally amazing and totally understanding. She didn’t care when I told her I was trans and she said that she was so into me that I couldn’t change her view on who I was.

Like I am totally on cloud nine right now and it is one of the most amazing feelings in the world. I can even begin to describe how she makes me feel, but I hope that it makes it to the long run.

Other than that life is pretty chaotic with these cluster headaches and my family being completely insane. My dad just ended up in jail again and this time he might not be out for awhile. If you want to see my dad’s mangled car after a dui pursuit ends in crash and him getting tasered, click here: My mom is off pretending she is 21 again and having the time of her life, but not really caring at all for her daughters. My sister is having to live with a prostitute because my dad moved her into the mobile home that they share for rent purposes and my other baby sister is trying to rent the other mobile home my dad foolishly purchased so that they don’t lose the property. I live almost an hour away from them and I feel horrible that I can’t help them out more. Although, I do feel kind of glad that I’m not front and center for all the bull shit that is going on.

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Me (nov 20) and my older brother (Jan 11) rarely get along we are always fighting and arguing could our zodiac traits be mainly affecting our relationship and how could you advice to change it? Thanks

Scorpios and Capricorns tend to try to dominate each other. I think this might be the main issue. You both should try to view each other as equals rather than trying to make things into a competition. Capricorns don’t tend to open up very well and this might make you upset Scorpio because it might make you feel that he doesn’t respect you, but it’s just his way of dealing with issues. But don’t worry, just give him space and he will open up eventually.

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pisces w pisces ascendant & taurus moon?? like what's going on there. i dont understand myself

im not surprised lmaooo ppl w pisces ascendant are the most prone to adapting to everyone/every circumstance so u might find urself taking on different personalities without even meaning to, in order to fit in wherever u are, not that u dont “like yourself” but its something that comes naturally to u. which makes it tricky bcos usually the ascendant is how people perceive you, but if youre always changing the way you act/look youll prob find that diff people have v diff views of u (this doesnt happen only w pisces ascendant, personally it happens to me as well for example) but ur sun is pisces so whichever traits u let naturally show thru even tho youre adapting, are probably traits that are genuinely part of ur ego since u are in fact a pisces. taurus moons really, like really!!! appreciate stability in every aspect of their lives. since ur a pisces sun i would assume that the area in which u aim for stability the most is Love

I think perspective is huge.. The fact that you can never truly see life through anyone else’s eyes the way they see it is so complex & beautiful to me. Our differences are what make us up but the fact that there are billions of ways that you can see those differences .. Perspective to me.. I’d say .. is just about being true to how YOU & YOU ALONE view life & choose to live it. Perspective is how people may view something or think about something & you can never tell anyone their perspective is wrong .. I feel like our personal schemas are so strong sometimes as a people & generation. to the point where nobody will ever improve & bring change.

I might just be babbling .. but I love the fact that I thought I was the only one upset but I had different perspective on how things were going. A negative one .

Day 10: The Bastard Prince Spread by siobhanwaters
Deck: The Deviant Moon Tarot

The part of yourself that you hide — Queen of Pentacles
My nurturing part. It is true: I rarely find myself in the role of a caregiver, and I feel like the shoe would not fit me if I tried.

Why you hide part of yourself (subconscious issues) — V The Hierophant
Because I might have been told to, or because of I wish to throw away conventional structures and values that don’t feel correct to me.

The good things your hidden self can bring you — VII The Chariot, reversed
Stability, the lack of need to always move away to the next thing. It would be a nice change.

How to be whole again — Ten of Pentacles, reversed
Maybe I should take the picture of the perfect life, and look at it from a different point of view, or take away parts of it so I would see what is the most important, and what should be treasured.

Pondering Friendships on the Road

Pondering Friendships on the Road

I started this blog to write about things that mattered to me.  It was part therapy ( well, mostly therapy) and a way to work through feelings I was having about the big change.  I’ve found that the more honest I am the more it helps me, and hopefully the more it helps other people who might read it.  Then along the way, I got some readers and you find there is some pressure (don’t know how else…

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Don't be an idiot and stay in bed. I've been stalking your blog waiting for a reply since I have nothing better to do anyway. 3 years and you act as if you had nothing else there that was special. I tried to help but you just ignored something that was really special to someone else. Learn how to view other people's feelings. That might help since of course you've never done that before.

How to view other peoples feelings? I put her first in everything I did. The split second I messed up when I did, was the old me, I’ve changed oh so much since then, but I can’t change what I did. She was my world, I really don’t have anything special besides her, I put all my time and effort into this girl, I don’t even have many friends to go to anymore. I can’t help that I feel this way, I want to be happy, I do. It’s just hard, I physically and mentally feel exhausted

Today is a very important day for me. It’s Bej’s birthday! First of all thank you Billie for your music. I am listening your music only for few months but I saw so many kind people that are operated by your music and make good things because you gave us energy for it. All these people, even if they always wearing black are very very happy, because of your music. am 14 and bad mood for me is usual thing, but thank to your songs all the bad days are disappearing. You made me better, you made me happier. You were one of those who raised a huge wave of interest in the pop punk that is still outgoing. Thank you, that you taught me to look at life easier and kinder, showed that we should not be ashamed of our interests and showed us how to send people, that impose their views , to hell with a smile on face. You might haven’t changed my whole life, but you left a huge imprint in it. All the best and success to you, Billie. Happy birthday!!!))) Sasha from Ukraine. @billiejoearmstrong #thankyou #happy #birthday #bej #billie #joe #armstrong #yay by xx_platupus_xx

E-Safety - Changing Contact Details

E-Safety – Changing Contact Details

How many contacts do you have on your phone or e-mail account? How far do they go back? How often do you check to make sure your contacts are up to date? I have hundreds of contacts that I’ve collected over the years —some in case I might need them in the future and some so I can avoid the call if ever the person phones me again! Adults don’t tend to change their contact details so often, and if…

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Why thank you. Perhaps that'll help me keep a positive viewpoint. Now that I try to think about it, I'm not really sure how I view things.. I think it might change day by day. That's probably not good.

Well now you are just a sea turtle. Making its way to the sea. Prepared to swim far away. You will make it some day and so shall I.

Walked my way home today. Thinking. Controlling my emotions. I remember it was the lost of control that made me weak, vulnerable, and stupid. I remember what was said at a meeting once. You can’t change your partner but you can change how you view your partner. We may no longer be together but I can still choose how I see her. She might have meant well and the best way to react is to not react at all. To keep this all inside me. To not tell anybody else except Nipseey what happened today. Tama na. Don’t give people stress by telling them your drama. It’s been over for almost a year. Regardless of what you feel, you keep that to yourself. Control mr Paragas. You need to have control. This is not a movie or a fairytale wherein if you tell the girl of your dreams your real feelings , she will suddenly change her mind and love you again. This is real life. And I don’t want to play games or fall into traps. I am not Christian grey, I am not an Edward Cullen, I am not miggy Montenegro. I am just Jb. Your average joe. Who loved someone so much. I am not perfect. Everything I have takes time, and requires a lot of hard work and sacrifice. But I love for real. My only wish is you see and feel it even if I don’t do things like everybody else. Believe. Believe in me and the love I have.