Amy Submitted: The Doctor Regenerates in a Stigma-Free World!

Ooh, didn’t see the ‘submit’ section until now!

Here it is! I think it was for a conference or something? It’s not a tearjerker like some of the other lovely posts on your blog, but it did make me smile! Let’s hope it really does all work out for the best in the future. Lots of love xx

Ah thanks Amy, this is real awesome! Not all posts have to make people cry, making someone smile is enough reason to post this too! ;-) Thanks again! 

Sometimes ya just need to draw someone who makes you smile, and that would be Commander Holly. She’s incredibly talented and inspiring, and she seems so warm and sweet. I didn’t even know what cosplay was until I saw her Commander Shepard, and a big reason I believed it was something I could do was because of her. To this day she reminds me, everyone else who follows her, that no matter what other people think or say- the best possible thing you can do is be you. Love the birb queen! Some day I’ll get up the courage to actually send out my letter to her~



~ SINCE 2011 ~

Happy 4th anniversary to the best kpop male group in the world! Ever since your debut, you have helped me through some really tough times. Additionally, you have also made great days even better. You are the reason why I always have a smile on my face and why I’m able to make it through the day. I will support you until the end of time. No matter what, you will always have a special place in my heart.


HI TAYLOR! this girl right here is named sam, and its her birthday!! she is such an amazing, beautiful, kind, and thoughtful person and she deserves nothing more than you to wish her a happy birthday. shes been through some rough times lately and even though she always pushes through, she really doesnt deserve it. she is always there for me and the rest of the lil’ swifts (which you should be expecting a flour shake it off video from very soon) and she never fails to make me smile on a daily basis. you were the reason that we became friends, and i cant thank you enough for bringing this unbelievably amazing girl into my life.

happy birthday sam. ohitsswift

This makes me smile and feel so happy for her for some reason. She truly deserves the world; someone so caring, loving and genuine deserves all the blessings coming her way. She carries herself with grace and dignity, she’s a woman with extreme knowledge and heart. She’s not afraid of loving passionately, she’s not afraid to follow her heart and make mistakes along the way. She always finds a way to share love and make others happy. I truly admire her as a woman and I applaud her for everything! 💕

Dear Charlie-Question

are you ever saddened by the letters that come in?

Yes, It is not easy to read all these stories, to feel people’s pain, and it’s hard when it’s only my job to post these letters, I wish I could hug every single one of you, feed you my delicious chocolate chip cookies and give you a reason to smile. Running this blog breaks my heart some days, but I remind myself of why I do it. It’s so people can let it out, so a weight can be lifted from their shoulders, it’s about providing a safe and loving environment for tortured souls and celebrating and promoting happiness too.Regardless I love this blog and I will continue to post all the letters I recieve, no matter how much they touch my soul and make me cry.

Much Love,

Dear Charlie Admin

I kinda love that the Japanese word for alchemy (錬金術) is made up of characters that mean “refining”, “gold”, and “technique” respectively.

Since one of the huge end goals of alchemy is to convert base metals to gold, the characters that compose the word just make so much sense and man if that doesn’t make me happy to no real reason.


Dear taylorswift

I don’t know if your taylurking or not but I wanted to write you a little something (because I love you)

I’ve been a swiftie for 7 years, and it’s been the best 7 years of my life. Being a swiftie is honestly amazing, I’ve been able to talk to so many swifties through tumblr and Instagram and Twitter, and there are so many amazing swifties out there!

Taylor you make me so happy, like your my sunshine. When I was in 6th grade, I was made fun of, teased for the way I looked and never felt pretty or good enough. But your song “tied together with a smile” was honestly a life saver, it made me feel so much better, I was no longer alone.

All your songs put a smile on my face, even though I’ve never had a boyfriend, for some reason I still understand every single song. They all make feel warm and fuzzy inside lol 😄. I just love you so much, your so inspirational. You give me courage, and when I get really bad anxiety, I start thinking about your music, and I say to myself “it’s okay, Taylor can do this, and so can you”

I’m known as the Taylor swift girl at school, someone in my class literally class me Taylor swift when he can’t remember my name 😂 it’s great, and makes me feel so proud. The other week, some guy I haven’t talked to since grade 8 asked if I still like Taylor swift. And when someone only remembers that one thing about me I find it so sweet and AWESOME.

I will always love you and when I’m older and have a family, I want them to grow up listening to your music. I just love you so much an with all my heart.

I hope I get to meet you during this tour, I’m going on October 3rd and Im SO EXCITED. Like I’m already preparing my costume and how I’m doing my hair and the makeup. I’m going to be so blinged out. I just can’t wait. I will be partying like it’s 1989 on October 3rd and I just can’t wait.

I hope you see this. And I hope I made you smile. ❤️😃

Love love love

So here’s my story if someone wants to read it.

I’m in love with Frozen since it came out, January 2014 (in my country). I’m in love with Olaf since January 2014. I’m in love with Wendy since August 2014 (in May 2014 she became a smrookies crush tho). 

(here’s where i get all cheesy and stuff you’ve been warned) I don’t know what it is about Wendy but she’s become a highlight in my life. In 2014 I’ve been through some shit and her smile was the only thing keeping me going. This past March I ended a 4 year relationship and it hurt like hell but Wendy was the reason I woke up every morning. She’s the reason I still wake up every morning. Just seeing her smile makes me happy, every single thing she does makes me happy; she’s probably the reason I still stand here. She’s given me the strength I need to continue with my life and get out of this shit hole that’s my mind right now. I really can’t find the words to explain it but she’s really important to me, idc if she doesn’t even know I exist, I know she exists and that’s enough for me. She gets to me in so many ways, I just love her to death.

So… today I got this tattoo, who represents my love for Wendy. Let me explain it to you. This Olaf has a blue lace (her color of course) around his arm, and the lace surrounds my arm; and it links us, forever. The same way I feel about Wendy. Guys, I’m linked forever.

I don’t expect anyone to understand, but I feel so proud of this tattoo, and it makes me so SO happy. I hope it also gives me a new start, I hope I can be reborn in a way, idk, wish me luck.

whatswahpah asked:

Hi lovey, how are you?! In light of James Harden almost winning (omg, I want to kick Ariza please I'm so mad they're still around), will you please destress me with some of your favorite shorter/ish smutty fics? Porn without plot makes me happy LOL.

Woo!! Warriors won I’m so happy! :D

glimpse of the silhouettes 7k

i can’t get over you, you put your mark on me 4k

love to make him moan 8k

smile in slow motion 24k

the one with the phone 11k

there’s no place i’d rather be 2k

we can take the long way home 27k

Anything by ballsdeepinjesus here are a few of my faves

keep watching me go down up and down 3k

oh baby baby, the reason i breathe is you 9k

so wicked in the way he moves 3k

this type of love isn’t rational, it’s physical 4k

there’s a picture in this house somewhere that my dad has always kept aside, framed, of me around the age of six, standing in the back garden all young and smiling, saluting the camera for some reason. it makes him cry when he looks at it. it makes him really happy. he still smiles at me today when he sees me just like he smiles at that picture, but i’m a lot older now. 

i don’t know what i’m trying to say about this exactly. i think a lot of different things about it, in a lot of different directions, and it makes me quite emotional. i don’t know if it makes me sad or something. i don’t know anything.

i missed my train today and for some reason i started to complain to the man behind me and bless him he actually consoled me even though i was a random stranger who was running around the platform

I don’t really know what I’m typing this out but I like to note the nice people I meet because it makes me happy

So, as of this morning… I have a girlfriend. I also am a girlfriend by extension. (I am very excited.) She’s so kind and witty and adorable and brilliant and she always makes me smile. And for some reason she likes me too and I don’t get it but I am so so happy that she does and I am very emotional because she held my hand in front of everybody and has already let me fall asleep on her twice and wow, she’s a fantastic cuddler and last night we looked at the (2) stars at 3 AM and I felt so alive and basically I am drowning in a flood of emotions.
*okay thank you for listening goodbye*