A Time-line of Gillovny
  • 1995->The Middle Ages:Gillovny is budding and everyone looks little and dirty.
  • 1997->The Dark Ages:Gillovny is dead just like everything else in the damn show.
  • 2008->Renaissance:Gillovny is alive. Schools of Gillovny develop.
  • 2009-2014-> Reformation:Gillovny breaks away from casual X-files fans but distinguishes themselves from "snogger." Gillovny is shamed, and rejected from the holy X-files fandom.
  • 2015->Age of Enlightenment:Gillovny is real. Everyone, including major networks, realize that they are Gillovny trash.

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Potentially stupid question, but, I asked another blog about when "They Don't Know About Us" came out and how the fans reacted - bc I wasn't in the fandom at that point in time - and they said that ppl went nuts (which I expect as much), but then they said that the golden trio of Larry songs is Stronger, Happily, and Something Great. Do you agree? I get Stronger. And I think I get Happily (although I think I might be missing something there, like a hidden clue or whatev), but Something Great???

HOLD UP SOMETHING GREAT IS SO IMPORTANT!!!!! Harry literally cowrote it the first day he hung out with Taylor, aka just as Haylor was beginning, and it’s just a perfect and heartbreaking picture of the times in their relationship where they are apart for reasons beyond their control – where all they want is to be together but there are things standing in their way. All Harry wants is Louis!!! And Louis wants Harry so much it’s hurting!!! But sometimes they’ve gotta do other shit instead and that sucks!!! Something Great is so important!!!!!


musical alphabetD - Drowsy Chaperone

I know it is not a perfect show, the spit-take scene is lame and the monkey motif is labored, but it does what a musical is supposed to do! It takes you to another world and it gives you a little tune to carry in your head for when you’re feeling blue, you know? As we stumble along on life’s funny journey. As we stumble along into the blue.

You can tell me that Exo is horrible. That they’re not attractive. That their songs are shit. 

But don’t you DARE try to tell me that they don’t deserve the recognition they’re getting. Those boys went into training when they were KIDS and they haven’t had a break since. They worked through scandals and injuries, through losing two members and possibly a third and they haven’t even had time to step back and rest. Every piece of them is thrown into their work and they deserve every award they get because of it. 

You can tell me that you dislike them, but don’t try to tell me that they haven’t worked for what they have. Because they did and still are. 

/end rant