What kind of mom Giselle would be (if Bleach is any indication)

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If Giselle’s behavior in Bleach is the same as her behavior would be as a mom, then what kind of mom would Giselle be? If it was, you know, less horrifying?

1. She would always be willing to help.

Even when her kids didn’t want help. Actually, especially then.

Giselle: Making a diorama, huh? I will help you.

Kid: Mo-om! I don’t want your help!

Giselle: Here. Instead of that cardboard cutout, how about an actual dead squirrel?

Giselle: I did the taxidermy myself!

Kid: MO-OM!

Giselle: I think it looks good right there.

2. She would buy them clothes.

And then insist (insist!) that they wear them. You know, like Hitsugaya didn’t exactly have a choice about whether to wear that Quincy uniform.

Giselle: I bought you an outfit for picture day!

Kid: Um…you want me to wear a uniform?

Giselle: You want to slay, don’t you?

3. She would use a lot of inappropriate sexual innuendo. 

Not with her kids. But with their teachers sure. And that would be super embarrassing for her kids.

Kid: This is my mom. Mom, this is my math teacher.

Giselle: So you do hard equations, huh?

Giselle: That makes me so…


4. She would be supportive of her kids’ gender identities.

Giselle has dealt with being misgendered. She wouldn’t do that to her kids.

Kid: Mom…..I think I’m a boy.

Giselle: Okay!

Kid: That’s….it?

Giselle: Of course not!

Giselle: Let me know if anyone tries to tell you otherwise. I will kill them!

5. She wouldn’t understand how presents work.

In canon, Giselle figures that if she, say, gives Bambietta her blood, then Bambietta should be willing to give it back to her. Which means that mom Giselle just wouldn’t understand how presents work.

Kid: Uh, mom? Is that my iPod?

Giselle: Yup!

Kid: Can I…have it back?

Giselle: What?? I gave it to you! You should be happy to give it back!

Kid: I keep telling you that isn’t how presents work.

6. She would be bad at comforting.

Not that she wouldn’t try. But Giselle just wouldn’t have a good sense of what is comforting…and what is more horrifying.

Giselle: Don’t worry.

Giselle: We can keep the dead goldfish for as long as you want.

Giselle: You might even like it better dead!

Giselle: Look! It floats now!

Kid: [crying harder]

Giselle: I’m serious! Dead is better!

7. She would want to take care of injuries at home.

Giselle wouldn’t be very into hospitals. She’d figure that any injuries could just be taken care of at home.


Giselle: And I’m sure I can tape it right back on!


8. She would use reverse psychology constantly.

In canon, Giselle likes to goad people into attacking her, so that they will touch her blood and become hers. Parent Giselle would also use reverse psychology, albeit in a less horrifying way.

Giselle: Oh yes. I think you absolutely should eat that cake.

Giselle: Delicious, delicious, not deadly cake.

Kid: …maybe I don’t want dessert after all.

Giselle: You’re so healthy!

9. She would never get mad.

Or at least, she’d never seem to. No matter what her kids did or said, Giselle would continue to have that cheerful look on her face.

Kid: And after I ran over your flower bed with my bike, I suddenly remember that I had forgotten to turn off the bath and long story short that is why the basement is full of water.

Kid: I know you were keeping all of your taxidermy equipment in the basement. I’m sorry. I think it’s ruined.

Giselle: And then?

Kid: …okay seriously your happy expression is starting to weird me out.

10. She would have trouble letting go. 

Canon Giselle doesn’t like letting go - if her friend dies, she turns that friend into a zombie (even if she has to murder her first). Mom Giselle would also have trouble letting go.

Giselle: I’m so happy you got into college!

Giselle: I know you’d be sad without your mom, so I have the dorm next to yours!

Kid: Mom…

Giselle: It’ll be great!

Media's Growing Sexualization of Women


“A provocative new study tends to confirm that the portrayal of women in the popular media over the last several decades has become increasingly sexualized, even “pornified.”

University at Buffalo researchers said previous research has found sexualized images of women to have far-reaching negative consequences for both men and women.

The study will be published in the September issue of the journalSexuality & Culture.

The new study uses the covers of Rolling Stone magazine from 1967 to 2009 to measure changes in the sexualization of men and women in popular media over time.

“We chose Rolling Stone,” said sociology professor Erin Hatton, “because it is a well-established, pop-culture media outlet. It is not explicitly about sex or relationships; foremost it is about music. But it also covers politics, film, television and current events, and so offers a useful window into how women and men are portrayed generally in popular culture.”

After analyzing more than 1,000 images of men and women on Rolling Stone covers over the course of 43 years, the authors came to several conclusions.

First, representations of both women and men have indeed become more sexualized over time; and, second, women continue to be more frequently sexualized than men.

Their most striking finding, however, was the change in how intensely sexualized images of women — but not men — have become.

In the study, the authors developed a “scale of sexualization” to measure the intensity of sexualized representations of men and women.

An image was given “points” for being sexualized if, for example, the subject’s lips were parted or his/her tongue was showing, the subject was only partially clad or naked, or the text describing the subject used explicitly sexual language.

Three categories of images were identified: a) those that were, for the most part, not sexualized (i.e., scoring 0-4 points on the scale), b) those that were sexualized (5-10 points), and c) those that were so intensely sexualized that the authors labeled them “hypersexualized” (11-23 points).

Researchers then compared the covers of the magazine by decade.

In the 1960s they found that 11 percent of men and 44 percent of women on the covers of Rolling Stone were sexualized.

In the 2000s, 17 percent of men were sexualized (an increase of 55 percent from the 1960s), and 83 percent of women were sexualized (an increase of 89 percent).

Among those images that were sexualized, 2 percent of men and 61 percent of women were hypersexualized.

“In the 2000s,” Hatton says, “there were 10 times more hypersexualized images of women than men, and 11 times more non-sexualized images of men than of women.”

“What we conclude from this is that popular media outlets such as Rolling Stone are not depicting women as sexy musicians or actors; they are depicting women musicians and actors as ready and available for sex. This is problematic because it indicates a decisive narrowing of media representations of women.

“We don’t necessarily think it’s problematic for women to be portrayed as ‘sexy.’ But we do think it is problematic when nearly all images of women depict them not simply as ‘sexy women’ but as passive objects for someone else’s sexual pleasure.”

The review and analysis is important because an abundant research has shown similar images to have a range of negative consequences:

“Sexualized portrayals of women have been found to legitimize or exacerbate violence against women and girls, as well as sexual harassment and anti-women attitudes among men and boys,” Hatton said.

“Such images also have been shown to increase rates of body dissatisfaction and/or eating disorders among men, women and girls; and they have even been shown to decrease sexual satisfaction among both men and women.”

“For these reasons,” Hatton said, “we find the frequency of sexualized images of women in popular media, combined with the extreme intensity of their sexualization, to be cause for concern.”

Source: University at Buffalo

Mad Max – A feminist action movie

Okay, Mad Max, like Pacific Rim, was one of those movies I hadn’t honestly planned to watch at all… until tumblr couldn’t stop talking about it making Men’s Right’s Activist angry. 

So then I had to see it (good job dude bros!). And man, I can see why those guys got angry! Read the spoiler filled thoughts about why Dude bros are angry about this movie and why it is awesome and feminist and you should watch it.

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theoutlawjosiewhales asked:

Sorry if you've answered this before, but will your TP au be a full on webcomic? Or little snippets like the 1920s one? And I can't wait to see how the whole "Link's the one who needs saving" thing will play out :3

That’s trickyyy to answer but, it’s debut teaser is going to be in a comic format, suitable to tumblr since its where i post most of my stuff for zelda! I’m not sure yet if I’ll do all the posts in that format, most likely I’ll do a little of everything. My main focus at the moment is actually commissions and my own personal webcomic, Solstice-11′s much, much needed revamping. Its why I mostly update on sundays with fanart/zelda related things! 

Game of Thrones 5x05 Spoilers

Anyone else a little horrified by the whole situation with Daenarys on the show?

You imprison a guy who, as far as we know has done nothing wrong (and has only ever tried to use diplomacy with you), threaten to murder him, leave him to wait for his own execution in solitary confinement, and then force him to marry you.  That’s not really badass, that’s kind of horrifying.

Like, the last time we had a character try to force someone to marry them after killing their dad and threatening to execute them for treason, it wasn’t called badass and powerful, it was called JOFFREY AND SANSA FUN TIME VARIETY HOUR

poorbeautifuldean asked:

just to throw coals on the crazy dark thoughts fire... remembering what jensen said about dean can die but his body can't - like an empty vessel - what if the stynes plan to use that vessel and harness the mark by switching dean's (dead) brain for one of theirs? (I am laughing at myself in a horrified kind of way about this btw) :|

Good morning hun!

God, what a way to start into the day. ;) With that you really throw coals on the crazy dark thoughts fire. I can’t say that I have any less cray or horrible dark thoughts though. I have been wondering for example, that if Dean died, that he would be stitched back together again. And stitching meant quite literal here…

Really, this whole arc about the Frankensteins and body modification is something that really unsettles me and creeps me out like little else has on SPN. To me the Doc Benton episode has always been the most creepy of all. Not because he had stitched himself together and had harvested bodies to survive for a long time, but because he could not die and most of all, because he has been put in a box and been buried alive. That visual still haunts me and it haunts me even more when I think about how we have so many shots this season of something being closed and us getting the shot from the inside like we are getting locked away.

We had it wiith two literal boxes in the past couple episodes. There was Sam who close the box where the book was hidden in and it was shot from the inside out and we had Dean close the Werther tresor and it being shot similarly. And on top of that we had the shot of the armor, the knight, the darkness peering into Dean from the inside out.

I know it’s freaking crazy but all of it together just paints a really unsettling picture in which I think it’s possible that some sort of Split!Dean scenario could come to pass in which Dean dies and only his immortal vessel remains, which is kept alive by the mark. Wile his soul ascends to heaven and goes with death, because the spell from the book undid the damnation from Dean’s soul, but did not remove it from Dean’s body. So we’d be left with Dean’s empty vessel controlled by the mark - his dark side completely separated from his light side - like with Clive Dylan and the Wizard of Oz and Dark!Charlie and Good!Charlie.

This version of Dean - in difference to Demon!Dean, who still had morals and deep down also a heart (by the way the fact how we come back to the heart ever again, it’s been key since S8 and it’s such a strong motif I hopefully will be able tow rite some more about over hiatus because it’s fascinating really how it applies to the other sort of romantik-era motif and topics found in the past seasons) - lacks all that. He’s a puppet on a string, removed from anything, like Sam without his soul. And you know what Dean did when he tried to get Sam’s soul back, right?

He locked him up. In Bobby’s panic room. Now guess what Sam might feel forced to do when this all comes to pass, while he tries to get Dean’s soul/heart back to make Dean whole again? The title “My brother’s keeper” can be understood quite literal then. The one, who is keeping my brother under lockdown… And of course that potentially could also be the bad guys…

So yeah, here, have some more coals for that dark fire… ;)

i just sort of realied thirty seconds ago that people can actually like… be in love with someone…. and like be in a committed relationship with them without wanting to die… and like not be terrified and panicked if someone hints that they want to be in a relationship with them… and they actively seek out a romantic relationship with a person and not just sex and/or meaningful friendship…. what.

taylorswift Speaking of graduating, i actually just graduated high school. I mean it’s not that big of a deal but it is something. The scariest thing is that starting next month i will live alone, far away from home for the first time in my life. It’s kind of horrifying, but also exciting. I mean you did it, right? And you’re happy now! So it must not be that scary after all. Just thought i’d share it with you, since you’re a huge part of my life and all :)

endless-mindless-repetition asked:

I discovered my Jewish ancestry recently from an adopted great grandparent who died shortly after having children. It's kind of a strange thing. The awful racist uncle was horrified, my aunt was all "so that's what's up with my hair" and I'm getting pretty interested in the history of my family and what it means to be Jewish

Good luck reconnecting with your heritage. Let us know how it works out!

like holy shit have you seen how violent people get about Thalmor? This scares the shit out of me because all it takes is the writing to designate that they are a no-guilt kill and BAM people pull out this stuff that when applied to real life “others” (women, racial groups, political groups) is fucking horrifying

and I have never seen that kind of violent speech applied to real nazis.


like, when a fictional group that IS LITERALLY NAZIS, HYDRA from the Marvel universe entered media awareness in a big way? “Hail Hydra!” BECAME A FUNNY MEME.

But I HAVE seen that kind of hyper-violent speech applied to jewish people, black people women, gay people, trans people, etc.

how fucked up is that?

thyshogo asked:

[Text: Mr. Shibuta] is this right number mrs. shimotsuki??? just checking. i said you're a brat, self-explanatory. jk. i hope you've done your homework though. because there's plenty of room for improvement.

For a long moment, Mika only stared at the message, utterly taken aback. Unblinking, she hesitated, her expression a pale combination of perplexed and somewhat horrified.

{Mika Shimotsuki} Is this some kind of joke? A teacher employed by this academy would never speak to a student in such an unprofessional manner. If you’re a student or some other staff member who’s gotten a hold of Mister Shibata’s phone, trust that I will have you reported. This is harassment, and what I have to assume is theft as well. You could effect the reputations of both students and teachers with this kind of foul prank! You won’t get away with this.

I WAS BROKEN - Chapter 2

If you missed the first chapter:

There were bodies on the floor and blood splattered everywhere. I felt kind of dizzy at this horrifying view, but I managed to focus my attention on the bodies to check if they were really dead. Yes, they were. No halo or light. I kept walking slowly in the room trying to control my shaky hands until I realized that the Cradle was not there. They had stolen the Cradle. The truck that I saw earlier. Now everything made sense. I was unblocking my phone ready to call the police when a low voice took my attention.

“Ayla…”. It was Helen, calling me from a corner of the room. She was laying on the wall with blood in her hands. I sprinted towards her and I knelt by her side.

“Helen…You are going to be fine…I…Just let me.” I was so shaky and anxious I couldn’t even talk. Before she could answer I took her hand and placed mine on her wound, pressing it as carefully as I could. She nodded at me and I closed my eyes concentrating on the wound. I felt my energy through my body, going to my hand and flowing into the wound, reconstructing the tissue. A shaky glow could be seen through my hand. I was so focused that I didn’t realized that someone had rushed inside the room and was staring at us. It took me not longer than 20 seconds to heal her and I immediately checked if she was alright.

“Mr. Rogers…” I looked in the same direction she did to find a man standing upon as. He knelt near Helen to check on the wound I just healed with a confused look. “They stole the Cradle. Ultron did. You have to get it back and give it to Stark.” I obviously knew who he was. He and his team were all over the news lately. The one and only Captain America.  

“We will.” He dedicated one more look to Helen and he walked out of the room with his shield in his back. While he stepped out I could hear he whispered “There’s another enhanced.”

I helped Helen to get up and with the word Captain America has used to describe me: enhanced. Then I drove my attention back to Helen.

“What happened? Who is that Ultron?” I was so confused about everything but Helen graciously ignore me while she looked for something on the tables. She found her phone and called without answering me. I expected she was calling the police or the hospital so just I just stayed still looking at my shaky bloody hands still not believing what was happening.

“Agent Hill” I heard Helen talking on the phone. “Ultron has the Cradle. Yes, Rogers came but it was too late. Ok, we will wait in the heliport.” She hung up the phone and took my hand.

“Come on, I will explain everything, but we have to get out of here.”

“But what about them…” I said pointing the dead bodies as we rushed out of the room.

“They will take care of them, don’t worry” I could see her sad expression when she gave his fellow scientists a last glance.

“I know you are confused and scared, so I will try to summarize. Ultron is an artificial intelligence experiment from Mr Stark which did not really come out as expected.”

“Wait, Iron Man is in this too?” I could not assimilate that the Avengers were involved in this issues, they seemed almost unreal for me.

“Yes, he has been helping me with the Cradle too. What worries us is that Ultron has a rather annoying intention of destroying the human race by creating a new being with the Cradle.”

“Wait wait wait.” I run a couple of steps ahead to look at Helen’s eyes while we got out of the main hallway directing to the stairs. “But the Cradle cannot create tissue from nothing. It’s impossible.”

“He managed to do it. With vibranium.” She didn’t even tried to explain it further as I wouldn’t understand a single thing. We kept going upstairs until we got to the roof where the heliport was placed. I put my hair in a high ponytail as it was freaking windy as I looked around.

“Who were you talking with on the phone? I assume it wasn’t the police.”

“No. It was them.” She said while pointing a black spot in the sky. It seemed like a plane on the distance but as it came closer I could see it was more like a modern jet kind of thing. We stepped back when it landed on the heliport. It was not very big but still impressive. The back opened letting down a little ramp. Helen looked at me and went inside. I followed her having the feeling that we were not going to be back at Seoul any time soon.


I hope you are enjoying it so far. I just finished writing chapter 4 and omg, it’s longer and Pietro finally appears e_e

my parents have never really subscribed to traditional desi beauty standards and from a fairly young age, ive had complete autonomy over my looks

but now my hairs longer than its ever been and i was telling them that im thinking about cutting it and i just got the most horrified looks from them and its kind of funny