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YEAH. Erifef is seriously one of my most unhealthy relationships in Homestuck I think, just because of how draining Eridan was to Feferi. She was under no obligation to sacrifice her mental health for him, but people like demonizing her for that. UmU

yes yes yeeeees exactly it’s honestly kind of horrifying that people don’t get this. Your own mental health is always more important than any relationship! It’s not selfish to distance yourself from people who make you unhappy, no matter what kind of connection you have to them!! 

I tracked down someone who owned Rue from at least 2011 to 2012 and sent her a message via FB.

Let’s hope she responds to me!  I also found two videos using Rue’s jockey club name… They are both kind of horrifying in the sense that she has her faced tied down to her chest while jogging around a round pen in one, and then a rider with … interesting… methods flats around on the wrong diagonal and in the world’s most horrific chair seat at the canter.

If they weren’t so equally terrible I would post them here, but I’m not into drama nor putting another business on blast so… just use your imagination.  But I now know why Rue is like DO NOT TOUCH-Y MY FACE-Y, because holy vienna reins batman.

The absolute worst thing you can do with a hot and sensitive horse is put a lot of force/pressure on it’s face.  They never ever like that.  They just don’t.  So if your horse is quick and forward thinking- ride it forward (don’t spend your time trying to ride it backward by yanking and pulling and going too slow- engagement is created through impulsion, you cannot have impulsion if you are crawling along) and use circles, transitions, and other under-saddle work to help it relax and raise it’s back and lower it’s head and neck to work into the bridle.  A horse is not born knowing the correct way to carry himself and you.  This is something you must find together over time, and it is not something you pull a horse out of the stall and request for him to do.  Like people they require stretching and warming up before asking a horse to engage his back and push from the hind. A horse who is able to go into the bridle is also not created overnight, and if it is, you can almost guarantee it’s a false frame or a pretty “headset”.  

You cannot fix a hot horse by slapping gadgets on it’s face.  Gadgets definitely have their use, I’m not banning the use of them, but I do not think certain horses ever benefit from them and I would put Rue in that category.  A horse like her requires a give that only soft hands can provide.  

You can however blow their friggin mind tying their face to their chest, and then have a horse who wants nothing to do with pressure on it’s face.  Thankfully Rue seems to respond to soft hands, transitions, and circles to supple and soften her anxiety.  I think after a few months in our program, she will be a different horse!

Sorry for the long ramble- sometimes I stay awake at night trying to think of all the ways I can better my horses!


samson would totally be that guy in high school people crushed on until they realized he was an abnormal fucking creep-nerd. 

Media's Growing Sexualization of Women


“A provocative new study tends to confirm that the portrayal of women in the popular media over the last several decades has become increasingly sexualized, even “pornified.”

University at Buffalo researchers said previous research has found sexualized images of women to have far-reaching negative consequences for both men and women.

The study will be published in the September issue of the journalSexuality & Culture.

The new study uses the covers of Rolling Stone magazine from 1967 to 2009 to measure changes in the sexualization of men and women in popular media over time.

“We chose Rolling Stone,” said sociology professor Erin Hatton, “because it is a well-established, pop-culture media outlet. It is not explicitly about sex or relationships; foremost it is about music. But it also covers politics, film, television and current events, and so offers a useful window into how women and men are portrayed generally in popular culture.”

After analyzing more than 1,000 images of men and women on Rolling Stone covers over the course of 43 years, the authors came to several conclusions.

First, representations of both women and men have indeed become more sexualized over time; and, second, women continue to be more frequently sexualized than men.

Their most striking finding, however, was the change in how intensely sexualized images of women — but not men — have become.

In the study, the authors developed a “scale of sexualization” to measure the intensity of sexualized representations of men and women.

An image was given “points” for being sexualized if, for example, the subject’s lips were parted or his/her tongue was showing, the subject was only partially clad or naked, or the text describing the subject used explicitly sexual language.

Three categories of images were identified: a) those that were, for the most part, not sexualized (i.e., scoring 0-4 points on the scale), b) those that were sexualized (5-10 points), and c) those that were so intensely sexualized that the authors labeled them “hypersexualized” (11-23 points).

Researchers then compared the covers of the magazine by decade.

In the 1960s they found that 11 percent of men and 44 percent of women on the covers of Rolling Stone were sexualized.

In the 2000s, 17 percent of men were sexualized (an increase of 55 percent from the 1960s), and 83 percent of women were sexualized (an increase of 89 percent).

Among those images that were sexualized, 2 percent of men and 61 percent of women were hypersexualized.

“In the 2000s,” Hatton says, “there were 10 times more hypersexualized images of women than men, and 11 times more non-sexualized images of men than of women.”

“What we conclude from this is that popular media outlets such as Rolling Stone are not depicting women as sexy musicians or actors; they are depicting women musicians and actors as ready and available for sex. This is problematic because it indicates a decisive narrowing of media representations of women.

“We don’t necessarily think it’s problematic for women to be portrayed as ‘sexy.’ But we do think it is problematic when nearly all images of women depict them not simply as ‘sexy women’ but as passive objects for someone else’s sexual pleasure.”

The review and analysis is important because an abundant research has shown similar images to have a range of negative consequences:

“Sexualized portrayals of women have been found to legitimize or exacerbate violence against women and girls, as well as sexual harassment and anti-women attitudes among men and boys,” Hatton said.

“Such images also have been shown to increase rates of body dissatisfaction and/or eating disorders among men, women and girls; and they have even been shown to decrease sexual satisfaction among both men and women.”

“For these reasons,” Hatton said, “we find the frequency of sexualized images of women in popular media, combined with the extreme intensity of their sexualization, to be cause for concern.”

Source: University at Buffalo


Hannibal Meme 3/3 Ships (otps, brotps, etc)

  • Will Graham & Beverly Katz

"Are you okay? I know it’s a stupid question, considering none of us can possibly okay doing what we do but, are you okay?"


Friendly reminder that the Minbari nearly exterminated an entire species because that species accidentally killed one Minbari.

…and that they not only refused, but outright ignored repeated messages of total surrender and pleas for mercy.

…and that they only stopped short of complete and total genocide at the last second because they discovered they might in some way be harming their own spiritual well-being (according to their religion) by doing so.

The Minbari are not lovely enlightened space elves. The Minbari are fucking terrifying.


SOMETHING MY SOUL NEEDS || A fanmix for second chances in the shadow of a life lived.

"If there’s any true logic to the universe… we’ll end up on that bridge again someday." (x)

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decided to post some of my old work under the cut. so many people have been incredibly complimentary of me lately which makes me so so happy, but I guess I also wanted to show you guys that improvement doesn’t happen all at once and it’s an ongoing, often embarrassing, process.

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