Presenting the S.S. Septiplier!

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yeah I wish I had more time to finish it. I might do a fanart inspired by what the original concept was tho, so that might be a cool project to do :)


Warning: Strong cursing

You and Stiles were in an intense make out session, things were just about to escalate even further when the door rang. You groaned. “Forget it, let’s just act like we’re not home.” He said in between kisses. You two quickly resumed your session, his hands went up your shirt caressing your waist for a little bit before running further. Stiles had just unhooked your bra when there were two more rings–two more impatient rings. 

You pulled yourself off of Stiles and groaned. “I’m gonna kill whoever is on the other side of that door.” you said slipping your bra back on. Stiles got up too and followed you downstairs–he stopped you just before you got to the door. 

“Hey, look, let’s maybe not kill anyone right now. That would mean we have to clean up the crime scene and I just wanna get back to kissing you as quickly as possible.” He said making you roll your eyes. “Fine.” You said before pushing him aside to get to the door. 

You looked through the peep hole. “Who is it?” You called out, there were two men dressed in suits, apparently they had just started walking away because they were both facing away from the house. 

They turned around and you gasped when you saw their faces. “FBI! We just need to ask you a few questions.” The taller one said as they flashed their badges. “No one’s home!” You called out. You backed away from the door and pulled Stiles with you. 

“What was that?” He asked as you dragged him up the stairs with you. You heard a crash and you assumed they’d busted the door down. “What the hell was that?” Stiles asked again turning to face the sound. You pulled him into your room and locked the door behind you. 

“Look at me, what’s happening, why is the FBI after you?” Stiles said gripping you by the shoulders. “They’re not the FBI, Scott’s dad is FBI, these guys are hunters.” You said gasping for breath. 

“Hunters?! Like the Argents?” He asked still holding you. “Worse, these guys are scary good, they’re efficient, they get the job done. I don’t care why they’re here, but since they’re here we have to get out as quick as possible.” You said yanking him towards the window.

“You haven’t killed anyone.” Stiles tried getting through to you as you judged the distance from here to the ground. “They can’t kill you until you’ve killed someone. Isn’t that like the hunters code?” Stiles asked.

“Stiles listen to me.” You grabbed hold of his shoulders and pressed him up against the wall. “They will kill me if they find out what I am. We’re not dealing with the Argents, we’re dealing with the Winchesters, these guys are shoot first ask questions later. And once they’re done with me they’ll find the rest of the pack, they’ll do this until the threat is eliminated. Trust me, it’s best if we run.” You yanked open the window and you move aside to allow Stiles to go first. 

There was a crash behind you and you felt the barrel of a gun press against your back. “Silver bullets bitch.” One of the boys said. “(y/n)!” Stiles said looking at you worriedly. He still hadn’t climbed out. “Is that supposed to be a pun?” You asked smirking.

“Alright smart-ass, turn around.” The same one ordered. You spun around and came face to face with Sam and Dean Winchester–Dean who still had his gun aimed at you. “Hello boys.” You said the smirk still plastered on your face. 

“Have you come to kill me?” You asked flashing your eyes at them. Dean lowered the gun and did the one thing you didn’t see coming: He hugged you. 

“What the hell?” Stiles asked from the window. You shrugged Dean off and went to stand by Stiles. “Stiles meet The Winchesters, my dear darling brothers.” You spat the sentence out, malice filled every fiber of your being. 

“What’s wrong with you? We haven’t seen each other in awhile and you try running away through a window?” Dean said angrily. “What’s wrong with me?!” You screamed. “What’s wrong with me? You ditched me here! You left me alone! You fucking abandoned me! You left me on my own you stupid fucking asshole! I felt unloved! I felt alone! I was alone! I had no one Dean. And you!” You turned to face Sam. “You let him! You went off to college, I get that, but even you never came back for me! I fucking hated adjusting to everything here, I was the freak who knew how to throw knives, the one who knew how to kill the monsters under the bed! None of you ever came back for me!” You shouted the only thing that stopped you was Stiles’ hand gripping yours. 

“We did that to protect you.” Dean explained. “We were trying to keep you from seeing all the horrors out there.” Sam said. “Yeah well fuck that! I was twelve, I already knew all about the monster in the closet, I knew how to kill the bogeyman.” You complained. 

Stiles pulled you back towards him. “I’m here if you need me.” He whispered in your ear. You took a moment and made eye contact with him. “I love you.” You whispered back. 

“How long have you been like this?” Sam asked referring to your wolf thing. “Around two years. I’ve got in under control though, it’s not like I’m going on a village rampage every night.” You said sarcastically. You felt more of the anger dissipate now that you’d gotten everything out of your system. “Why, would you put me down if I was?” you asked raising an eyebrow.

You felt Stiles tense up beside you. “Are you killing the murders and drug dealers?” Dean asked. “They might be among my victims.” You said making both boys smile at your dark humor. 

You let out a sign of relief and wrapped your arms around both of the giant boys in front of you. They returned the gesture and placed kisses on your head.

“So is this your boyfriend?” Dean asked suddenly straightening up trying to make himself bigger–a.k.a. more intimidating. “Shut the fuck up Winchester.” You growled out. Dean chuckled. “Whatever you say, Winchester.” He smirked at you and you don’t know why, but you felt like everything was alright, like maybe this time they was gonna stay. 

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Then what’s stopping you? If you really want to know.

Preferences TFW- I love you

Castiel: He has been thinking about it for a while. Not really being able to pinpoint his feelings for you in a way he can comprehend. Him saying it would be on accident. He would be watching as you do something small for him like fix his tie or hand a towel. “I love you.” Would be his words. He had seen it before in movies you made him watch. The surprise on your face would make him think he did something wrong. “Oh no. I’m so sor-” This would be the perfect time to kiss him.

Dean: His I love you would be in a fight. He would have had feelings for you for awhile since he has problems with loving people he would push them aside. He would try to avoid you to the point of leaving. You guys would get into a fight about you getting hurt on a hunt or something. “God damn it. I can’t fucking leave you alone for two seconds can I.” You would call him an ass and go to walk away but he would kiss you a rough kiss trying to let the anger go before he hurt you. After he pulled away he would say them with love in his eyes then he would let you think about it for the night.

Sam: Sam would say it all the time. Of course you had to say it first. He would say it while you guys did everything. After you killed something on a hunt. While he was jealous. After you woke up. Or did dishes. He wouldn’t be able to say it enough because it might be the last time he said it. He would make you feel happy because it would hurt him to see his you sad.


You sat in a motel room, quickly typing away on your keyboard.  Sam was sitting with his feet on the table, his brow furrowed as he researched on his laptop.  Dean, of course, was sipping away at a beer while he glazed over a book.  You and the boys had been itching for a hunt but nothing had come up recently.  

“Ah ha!”  Sam shouted victoriously. “Recently in Afton, Oklahoma there have been strange electrical storms and several murders in the area.  All within the last month.” He finished, slamming his laptop shut.

“So we’re heading out now?” Dean asked, lifting the bottle to his mouth for another swig.

“The sooner we get there the sooner those black-eyed bitches are dead.” You spoke, already packing your bag to leave.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Twenty minutes later, the Impala’s engine roared to life and you and the boys were off.  You watched the corn fields roll by as your glance eventually shifted towards the youngest Winchester.  Sam had his lips pouted in concentration as he cleaned and polished his gun.

He‘s so damn cute.  You thought, wishing that your lips in fact were up against his luscious, pink ones. You shook your head and shifted your gaze onto the corn fields outside of the car. We’re hunting buddies, that’s all. I bet Sam doesn’t even like me, right? It’s just a crush, I’ll get over it.

After a few more minutes of silence, you began to become sleepy.  Clutching your leather jacket as a pillow, you curled up into a ball and fell asleep on the Impala’s leather seats.

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You push the door open with your back and slam it shut with the heel of your foot, the pile of bags in your hands almost making you lose your balance with the movement. “Hey, Sam.”

Sam’s eyes avert from the laptop in front of him and quickly glance at you. One of his hands lifts off the keyboard in a brief wave and slightly edges the laptop away from your view as it falls back down, but you don’t make mention of it. “Hey, how was the food run?”

A strand of hair falls in front of your eyes and you blow a huff of air to move it from your face before placing the bags of various junk foods on the small coffee table next to you. “Well, a lot more difficult than it had to be.” You scoff. “I had a death match of tug-o-war with some little old lady just to get the last one of these.” Your hand reaches into a bag to pull out a box of pecan pie. “It wasn’t my most shining moment, but I did save a couple bucks since it was on clearance.”

A smile tugs at Sam’s lips as you shrug. “I’m sure Dean will appreciate it.” He chuckles.

“He better.” You flop down onto the bed beside you, the springy mattress giving you a couple seconds of air time before landing again with a soft thump. His gaze slides back to his laptop’s screen, the glow softly illuminating his features in the dimly lit motel room. You lift onto your elbows and stare at him curiously as his eyes animatedly sweep the screen, the tips of his fingers quickly tapping the keys. “Um…Sam?”

“Hm?” He acknowledges you with the raise his brows, but keeps his stare fixated on the monitor

“Is it okay if I snatch your laptop real quick? I think I might have found a lead on that-”


You arch a brow at him accusingly as he begins to shuffle awkwardly in his seat. “You didn’t even let me finish. I just want to-”

“Sorry, I just meant I’m kinda busy with it right now.” He says in a rush of words, only making you feel more skeptical. “You know, research.”

“A-are you trying to hide something from me, Sam?” Your eyes narrow at his sudden tense in posture.

“No, no, no, no. I just- I’m dealing-”

You hold up a hand to stop him and a smirk finds its way onto your face. “Whoa, take it easy cowboy, don’t get your lasso in a bunch. I’m just pushing your buttons.” You tease, laying back down with your hands folded behind your head.

Sam’s jaw eases in tension as he angles his body in a more comfortable position. “Right.” He chuckles sheepishly as he rubs the back of his neck with a hand.

“Besides, Dean already saw the dating profile you made when he logged on to your computer last time so…” A loud disgruntled snort sounds from his side of the room and a smirk instantly reappears on your face. “Remember to close out your windows next time, WinchesterBro83.”

It’s been 3 super special months and as the school year ends and summer lies ahead, I hope the next 3 months go as quickly as the last have! This picture was requested by me so we could have a disgusting lovey picture and it definitely delivered. I still can’t believe I get to spend my time with this perfect cutie and call him mine.


The reason I have sex on the first date is because sex is fun, it’s an enjoyable activity for me.

I am safe about it, I don’t fuck around. I don’t want stds. I use protection and if my date doesn’t want to have sex, we don’t. End of story. I’m not a whore, there has been a rumor going around that I sleep with everyone and that I have an std. I am clean. Always have been.
I am also very selective on who I sleep with, I have slept with a grand total of one person last year and two people this year.

Even if I was having sex, and I had an std, why would it matter? (As long as I disclosed my std beforehand and used protection)

Having sex doesn’t make you a whore.

I like safe sex. End of story. Why does it matter if I do or don’t.

Supernatural BSM #39 They go with you to buy your first bra

Request: They go with you to buy your first bra

Age 13: The past year, you had received some hand-me-down bras from the occasional woman you and your brothers ran into on your hunts. They’d look at your ripped clothes in sympathy, as if it mattered whether there was a hole in the knee or not.

It didn’t matter to you. It’s not like Sam or Dean had better fashion sense. All you cared about was whether it kept you warm. And it always did. But the women didn’t agree, and more often than not, you found yourself with a plastic bag of clothes. Either their own or their daughter’s. Sometimes even a son’s. You grabbed the essentials, like bras and the occasional pair of pants, and then gave the rest to charity. If you kept all of the clothes you were given, the bunker would be overflowing with fabric.

You sniggered at the mental image as you toyed idly with a string on the bottom of your shirt. The seatbelt of the Impala was rubbing uncomfortably against your neck, leaving the skin angry and red, but Dean wouldn’t even start the car if you weren’t wearing a seat belt.

“What are you laughing at?” Sam asked from the passenger seat, reaching backwards blindly to pinch your leg. You laughed and pulled it out of his reach, kicking at his hand until he retreated. “Nothing.”

“You shouldn’t be laughing at us. You should be grateful,” Dean said sourly from the front as he steered the Impala into the shopping center parking lot.

“Oh I’m very grateful.” For this opportunity to see you looking awkward while buying a bra. You didn’t say that last bit aloud, simply smiled at Dean in the review mirror.

He grumbled something incomprehensible under his breath as he killed the engine.

“In, pick one quick, and then out, understood?” Sam scoffed at his brother.

“Get a grip, Dean. I thought you of all people wouldn’t mind a shop full of lingerie,” Sam teased as he got out of the car. Both you and Dean followed suit and you started the trek to the entrance.

“It’s no fun if there’s no woman in it,” Dean said in a flat tone, as if it was obvious.

“He’s just worried he’ll want to try some on,” you stage-whispered to Sam, who cackled loudly.

“That’s not true!” Dean cried.

Both you and Sam stopped at the defensiveness in his voice. “We didn’t think so before, but we sure as hell do now,” Sam told him and Dean groaned.

“There!” you said excitedly and pulled on your brothers to steer them into the lingerie shop.

“Can I help you?” a sales clerk asked. Her smile was small, but genuine when she caught your eye.

“Uh, yes, I need a bra,” you told her.

“Have you tried buying a bra before?” she asked.

“No. I don’t know my size or anything,” you admitted sheepishly, rubbing the back of your neck awkwardly. She laughed warmly.

“That’s quite alright. We’ll just get you measured. Is that alright?” You thought for a second she was asking your brothers, but she was still looking at you, and when you nodded hesitantly, her smile grew. “Don’t worry, I’m good at this.” She winked, and you found yourself thanking her internally. She was genuine and had a warmth to her that couldn’t help but make you relax. You guessed she may have been a mother.

“You gentlemen can go wait on the couch. I’ll find some stuff for her,” she said to Sam and Dean, and gestured at a red velvet couch in the middle of the room.

Dean coughed and cleared his throat, as if he wanted to say something, but then he turned on his heel and ran to the couch.

“I apologize, he’s a bit of a wuss,” Sam said before following Dean. Before the woman –Sally, her nametag said – lead you away, you saw Sam smack Dean upside the head.

Sally measured you quickly but certainly. When she was done, she smiled. “Alright. I’m assuming you’re looking for something plain?” You nodded. “I’ll go pick a few, you can try them on and then see which ones you like the best.”

You called a ‘thank you!’ after her as she disappeared. When she came back, she had four bras in her hand and a worried Dean behind her.

“Mr. Winchester, I already told you, we have a lot of males coming in and out of the store. Some buy for their girlfriends, and some buy for themselves. We even have some who buy for their boyfriends. It’s actually quite common,” Sally said indulgently, as if she was speaking to a child.

Dean flushed when he noticed you staring at him with a crooked eyebrow.

“Thanks,” he said hurriedly, before disappearing.

“He’s an odd one,” you told Sally apologetically.

“I deal with men like that all the time in this business. More often than not, it means they’re questioning their sexuality. Your brother is a classic example of a man denying he might be bisexual,” Sally told you.

After purchasing a few bras, you left the store. It wasn’t until you were sat in the Impala once again you broke. You started laughing so hard your sides hurt, and you had to grip your ribs to make sure you wouldn’t fracture one as you wheezed. A few tears were squeezed out of the squinted corner of your eye, and it took you several minutes to calm down.

“What’s going on?” Sam asked finally, a small smile on his face.

“She said Dean was a classical example of a man who was denying he was bisexual.”

Dean froze and his cheeks heated up. Sam chuckled, but was trying to keep his laughter at bay. “It’s not funny!” Dean snapped, but the corner of his lips quirked up slightly. You unbuckled your seatbelt despite Dean’s protests, and hugged his chest around the seat.

“You know we love you no matter what.”

“Easy there, that doesn’t mean I am bi.”

“We’re just saying we wouldn’t mind if you were,” Sam said with a shrug.

“Let me think about it.”