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I love your work with dipper and mabel being the new bill but I saw someone reposting your comics, do you know about this?

For reals? Nope, I didn’t know that haha, I didn’t think I was well known enough yet to have my art stolen. Jokes on them though cuz my art is crap haha

What exactly is one supposed to do in a situation like this? I suppose it’s rather difficult to track down reposters on Tumblr since they’d likely avoid using the same tags. Looks like I’ll just have to start putting huge, ugly watermarks on everything now, deviantART style.

I’m glad you’re enjoying Immortal Pines though! c:

15/05 - ADM Show @ NTU

A. Communication using Visual Language

Project title: 

Project synopsis/objective:
This project shows a dream-like state where on could develop delusions at the same time maintaining one’s sanity.

What is the message? 
“Have you ever analysed things to the degree where you can’t really remember the difference between what’s real and what you’ve created in your head?”

How Visual language is employed in the communication? What visual codes are used? How has it been effective or not effective in relaying the message?

- metaphor
The artist uses a mix of photos to create abstract art. It looks like smoke from afar, but when you get a closer look, there are actually many elements. I suppose they represent the insanity and the illusions that are in our heads.

- descriptive visual systems
The composition is excellent. The moment I stepped into the exhibition room, this project instantly caught my eyes even though it was displayed at a corner. The darkness and the mystery of the artwork caught my attention. The layout is simple but effective enough for you to imagine things when you step inside and be surrounded by the panels. This whole project is wonderful as a big picture. 

What medium are employed in message communication?
This project is a huge and tall installation. Shaped like a box, the hallucinogenic and dark work will surround the viewer. The visual prints are stuck onto the back of the acrylic sheet. One panel is hanging in the middle while the rest are stuck to the wall.

Other interesting projects:

(oil painting against ink jet photos)

(Insect eating)

(The academy of alchemy)

This project is another one of my favourites! I love the colours and the tidiness of it. (Very different from the dark illusion project I mentioned above!) I guess I am a person with no in betweens.

Reflection & Insights

1. Frankly speaking, I expected more. Last year’s ADM show was a better experience for me. The projects exhibited this time round did not really give me much inspiration. I wasn’t impressed like how I was last year.

2. Working on a major project seems kind of fun to me. You get to invest a whole lot of time and ideas and effort into it. When you finally complete it, you get to feel a sense of achievement. Submissions in school these days just flashes by. Sometimes rushing too many small projects at the same time doesn’t teach you anything. I am only stressed out by deadlines and time management. The whole point of learning the techniques isn’t really there, all you can think about is finishing it. The experimental spirit would almost be non-existence because you worry about whether you can actually execute it on time.

3. Seeing all these projects on exhibition gives me hope that there are people out there still putting in effort into producing art/designs. Because nowadays people in Singapore don’t appreciate art and they don’t see it as a career. This makes me less driven and sometimes disheartened. I want to create things where even non-artistic people will stop and stare, or even to take a second look.