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Nothing annoys me more than when peope make things towards Arabs only. Like I reblogged a textpost that said it wanted 'Arab' girls to feel comfortable with themselves. As if Arab is the only ethnic group in the ME. It isn't hard to type 'ME girls

tbh I feel the same, but when it comes to diaspora people I can’t blame them for lack of knowledge about diversity of ME. We are thought that everything in ME is the same - the same religion, the same culture, the same people, the same language. (not to say how many ME ethnic minorities view themselves as arabs, due to lack of knowledge about their history or because of additional bigotry that they will have to face)

And overcoming years of brainwashing for many of us is hard, however it doesn’t mean that we should stop fighting internalized bigotry and that arab people shouldn’t try be more inclusive of other ethnic groups. 


           My personal Kensi Blye headcanons. 

Obviously these are just my headcanons so you might disagree or have conflicting ones, that’s cool. I just have a lot of emotions about this character (i’ll pause to allow you to take in that shocking information) and wanted to write them down somewhere. (that and i dont think my mutuals can take me crying about kensi to them any more!)

Just a heads up, this is a lil bit lengthy. (this only about 1/3 of the headcanons i have. oops.)

(apologies for those on mobile!)

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i hate that people are discouraged from commenting on things they reblog like???

just from a blogging standpoint, i think it can make a blog boring. like yea thats a cool thing u reblogged, but do you have any thoughts or opinions on it???? even just saying you like it, cause i know any form of comment is appreciate by the OP

because from the pov of a blog that produces content, the general silence is really awful??

like stuff i make can get 1000+ notes and then like, only maaaybe 50 tags at most, only 20 of which are actually any commentary on the image other than queue tags and category tags. even then, its often tags like ‘cool’ or ‘that hair’ or something like that, zero discussion of the content or what was likeable

on humorous stuff you get more tags, cos you get people tagging it with stuff like “OH MY GOD”, but in that case you get a 1000 note post with maybe 100 tags, and still only 25% of em will actually be anything other than a queue or category tag

its just this empty impersonal silence, and sure its nice to get like/reblogs, that means people LIKE it, but theres a difference between getting this sense that people like what youve done and just seeing a number go up with nothing behind it

“If L’s a genius then B’s an extreme genius. If L’s a freak, then B’s an extreme freak. Now it’s time to get ready. There are things I must do before B can surpass L. Henh henh henh henh.”

This thought was the only thing that made him laugh without needing to think about it. And those that know will recognize the laugh of the shinigami.


1) wow depressing


3) how the FUCK could mello possibly know any of that. tbh i feel like he’s projecting.

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I saw this on twitter, but you know how tyler does this thing on his tour where he points to headshots of various youtubers in response to questions, on the last leg of his tour both troye and connor were on there. Apparently, at today's show, the first one of the international tour, both tro and con were taken off. I'm just kinda confused bc i thought they got over whatever beef they had in nyc. Or at least i thought only con may be removed, but not troye as well. tbh really missing tronler rn

Yeah, a couple of other people sent me links to the pictures. Although it certainly shouldn’t be discarded, I wouldn’t worry too much about this either, mostly for two reasons.

Firstly, I had a feeling he wouldn’t be including Troye or Connor in his tour in any way. From what I know from tumblr friends who attended, people were embarrassingly vocal on this tour last year, and were constantly shouting Troye’s name, particularly when anything romantic or sexual came up. I’m sure Tyler was keen to avoid this the second time around, especially considering how, as far as I can tell, Tyler has been trying to kill Troyler since autumn. The decision was fueled at least in part by an interest in keeping the conversation on track.

Second, regardless of whether Troye’s face was on the board or not, they do get along, and they are on good terms. There’s been no shade, no ill wishes, nothing (and we know Tyler certainly doesn’t shy away from that). In fact, less than a week ago, Troye congratulated Tyler for his book, and Tyler thanked him. They certainly aren’t close anymore, but that much was obvious.

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Hi! Do you think Lizzie snapping and shooting Tom.C had sth to do with that gene thing from Linus Creel? I was waiting for that issue to be addressed in canon tbh. She really looked like she wasn't fully in control, sort of like in trance. Thx!

Interesting thought, anon. I think it’s possible, yes. The doc was conveniently shot dead before he could reveal to us (the audience) what he’d found (for now only Liz, Samar, and probably Red know the test results), so I think it’s safe to assume that that storyline will be revisited at some point in the (hopefully near) future.

Something was definitely up with Liz in that scene with Connolly. She was starting to “zone out” while he was telling her how there was nothing she could do to stop the Cabal from crushing the task force. Then it looked like she was completely locked on him (like a missile on a target) and no amount of reasoning/pleading could “disengage” her. And this had nothing to do with her memory returning because that happened only after she shot Connolly. Something else must have triggered her. Anger? Fear? Both? Other? idk but the doc in episode “204″ said:

“People with the warrior gene can be triggered. I have identified what those triggers are, and when they occur, it’s not their fault.”

Maybe it was the same thing (same emotion? fear of losing someone she loves?) that triggered her both as an adult and as a little girl. Her killing Connolly like that was odd, to say the least, and I don’t think shooting her father was a “normal” reaction, either. I find it quite chilling how a 4-year old just picks up a gun, aims, and kills without missing a beat (even in an abusive environment). Most little kids cry and/or hide when their parents clash. Also, when Liz told Red she’d killed Connolly, he didn’t exactly look surprised, so… we’ll see.

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people are posting spoilers from connor's video next week again? like i thought we were over this and it was only a thing because of tronnor tbh but clearly not

yes i agree, ive already seen spoilers on my dash too :///// it’s getting really annoying seeing spoilers on his videos (even tho i watch them early on vessel too) bc i don’t think it’s fair for those who don’t watch them early, and tbh it’s just so confusing for those who don’t know where it’s from and then not being able to enjoy or fangirl with everyone when the video comes out bc half of the people already reblogged it the previous week.

idk i just wish everyone was on the same page about having a general agreement to not reblog spoilers about videos. i know it’s cute and you’re excited but can you wait one week pls??

 im sorry it’s just so disrespectful to me and if i see spoilers im going to unfollow you, simple as that. 

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I know you're not a film expert but do you think that Disney's "The Lion King" has had any positive or negative impact on big cats? Also I'd like to hear your own thoughts on the movie.

This is a fantastic question, and honestly I’m not sure.  There were no people in the movies so kids aren’t seeing lions playing with humans…and they aren’t 100% portrayed as harmless, just the usual stretches that Disney movies made for theatrics.  Coming from a personal perspective, TLK was my favorite Disney film growing up and still is tbh.  It actually pushed me to watch more nature documentaries because I wanted to learn about lions.  The only negative thing I can think of is kids thinking lions and meerkats/warthogs can be friends?  But I hardly see that as being ultimately harmful for big cats.  Just childhood fantasies that we eventually learn aren’t how things work.

Okay i saw a post of someone saying that Erza being guild master came out of nowhere & they thought Natsu or Lucy would be guild master … Like…I don’t get how Erza being the 7th Guild master came out of nowhere? Like she has a lot of good characteristics of being a good master. When things get out of hand, she can put the other members in their place and stop fights. Not to mention she has great leadership skills. She makes a perfect fit for guild master. Natsu would probably be the worst choice tbh & I love Lucy but I can’t see her as guild master. Eh this are my thoughts about it. Only thing I’m kinda bummed out is that Erza won’t be part of team Natsu in jobs anymore.

Everyone’s going to have an opinion on this but I’m glad Zach ended it when he wanted to end it, I didn’t expect him to actually go 24hrs because well, Zach is Zach. He celebrated with us, was grateful to us and then he was just exhausted and the only reason the stream was going to be 24hrs anyway was because he thought it would take that long. All we’re missing out on is him going to sleep and tbh IDRC. He didn’t just up and leave as soon as he got his likes, he was thankful and appreciative and excited about the whole thing first and then the exhaustion came in. Anyway I get why people are mad but just my opinion that no-one even cares about but I wanted to give it anyway. 

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I think you're right, sukkie doesn't like the media attention on him and tbh can we blame him?, after all, only last year he was the prey of the most absurd controversy for the most insignificant thing, all because the media twisted a siuation to make profit out of someone mishap (isn't ironic how later he did a drama about the manipulation of information by a media that serves as a judge and moral bar in the court of public opinion).

Ah, that stupid airport incident last year. Just the thought of that makes me sigh and roll my eyes at how stupid the entire thing is.

He originally already disliked the media attention and he himself said that he has some sort of an attention phobia, and the airport incident probably just made it worse and he’s probably even more scared now. 

You know how he says “I’ll not get into trouble”, it just feels like he is under a lot a lot of stress and that his tension level is always high, and it’s because of all the media attention on him that he has to be so careful and all. And sometimes I just feel like telling him ‘hey, sometimes it’s ok to get into trouble. It’s just part of life.’

But again, the nature of the entertainment industry is just…like that and even if he doesn’t like the media attention, he has got to suck it all in and live with it.

Sooo pretty self explanatory
Suuuper super important commissions for my current lively hood.
Unfortunately I only make $7,50 an hour.
And most of that Money is going to paying my bills currently. With the current hours I have at my work and the steady decline of my mental health its left me with pay checks that are barely $200 . Which isn’t enough to survive when you have over $1000 in debts owed.. now i my current home situation were the same as it was when I first came back to my parents house after hitting rock bottom again I’d be a bit different. But since the easter incident when my father  physically assaulted me and my mother and left the both of us things have been tight. Long story short things have actually come to a giant boil in my house and for my own well being I need to leave. Which is hard when you have only one source of income . and you’re battling chronic depression and  quite awful thoughts. 

Tbh I’ve broken several times. But an opportunity for me to get out of this toxic environment has opened its self up to me. and after some thought I’m starting to feel like this would be the right course of action. all i’m needing is a little bit of extra help along the way. as i’m already trying everything i can over my way to get the necessary funds together so that I can move out of my situation. I’ve tried asking for help like this before and really haven’t actually gotten any bites. on it. but honestly I’m really desperate right now. I don’t want to feel like this anymore and i want to actually be able to have a stable living environment for once in my life… and so i guess I’m not just asking for help but I’m begging or it.  I don’t know what else to do. and fortunately enough I can draw so I’m trying this out.  even if you can’t hep support me monetarily just one reblog wouldn’t hurt to get this out there so more people can see it. 

Tbh this is pretty much a last ditch effort… man I got no other ideas.  

yaelstiel replied to your photoset “my thoughts exactly”

i was actually happy that sam finally punched Dean after this whole fucked up year tbh. and last episode especially. so i cheered him on this time.

Yes, but I don’t think it wasn’t out of anger. It was entirely strategic. I don’t know or care if it was Carver’s intention, but the only thing that makes sense to me is that Sam intended to play out a “Swan Song” scenario. That was his back-up plan if he couldn’t reason with Dean and why he took the photos.

hey guess what!! im starting a webcomic!!!

Its called Help Her Home and I’d really appreciate it if you could check it out!

Im still figuring everything out about how to run the tumblr theme, so bear with me!

Help Her Home has body horror in it, even though ive only got two pages up so far.

this si just a little side thing that i havent really thought through at all, and i’ll probably make it up as i go along tbh

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hello! i've been following you for a while and i've noticed that you've been going through some stuff lately. I am really sorry that those are happening to you. my question is, do you have any dating advice for someone with a mental illness?

hi! imma put this under a read more because it might be long lol

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boushi–adams official-yang-xiao-long light-of-eyllwe little-black–bow

Whispers do any of you know anything about Cosplay photography bc I have a camera I thought was good but it only gives shutter speed on night mode and has no aperture setting and all I really want is an aperture setting tbh

Also Boushi and YANT are there any pretty parks near you bc everyone fucking lives there now, Maddy and I are the only ones here anymore f UCK you