tbh fuck canon rn esp. when they keep adding increasingly hideous/offensive white british dudes, so i’m basically living in denial and pretending these things happen:

-it’s great how post-aou tony is a) consumed by guilt, b) pseudo-mourning jarvis and bruce, c) alone in his tower without his team, d) getting increasingly fucked up by his own thoughts and actions

-it’s wonderful that steve is happy finally and found bucky but ideological differences bw him and tony cause civil war which only involves a max. of like 12 people. the way the world sees the avengers is being explored, esp. the anti-american sentiment considering the avengers work outside government constraints and think they can do whatever (as proven by tony and bruce in aou). shame that steve dies in tony’s and/or bucky’s arms but it will be interesting to watch the mcu’s reactions to a death with actual gravitas.

-bruce is with betty, that’s pretty great.

-pre sure Dr. Strange is Asian

-wow, they cast a latino as Peter Parker! 

-steve’s cap3 love interest is monica rambeau! 

-i love how thor, rhodey, and sam will get the most screen time and character development in the next few movies

After a long hesitation about buying new watercolor paint (because 1. it’s not cheap [despite I can use it for more than 5 years] and 2. I’m hesitant about what brand I should get) finally I decided to buy this one:

Pentel Arts 24 colors. It’s nice because I’ve get used to 12 colors one, so getting 24 colors like… wow. It even has red (not only vermilion), grey and skin color. Yeah that’s great. But tbh, it’s kinda hard to use this one because the colors are more solid than I thought, much more solid than my previous watercolor paint (Marie’s). I need time to get used to this one.

The first attempt using new watercolor paint:

(not in the mood to scan things so I’ll just take a quick photo) it’s kinda hard to blend, but I’ll see what I can do with this new watercolor paint.

Also… uhh I’m not sure I can do today’s rare pair week thing (Ren/Sei/Sly) but let’s see later about that. Hope I can have time to do it I like three of them sobs

Its amazing for me to think that 5 years ago, I was watching my mom slowly die from cancer, having to cope with losing her way too early and dealing with the beginning of my dads downward spiral

And that 2 years ago I was dealing with having lost dad just over a month prior, with no income whatsoever, struggling to make it and pawning everything we had valuable to just try and keep the lights on

All the dark times I’ve had in my life, every bad thing that had me scared, thinking “does it REALLY get better?”

Its amazing for me to think about that

And then think about the fact that I’m in CHARGE of part of the section I work in after only being there a year. That I actually IMPRESSED the president of ingles produce to the point where HE made sure I was getting a raise.

I made it way further than I ever thought I would

Tbh it feels great

Idk I didn’t fall asleep last night so maybe I’m being extra emotional BC of sleep deprivation or something but

It does. Get. Better.

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11 / 13 / 20 / 62?

11:You can only drink ONE liquid for the rest of your life - what is it?

omg ideekkkkkkk!??!?!?! probably big red tbh, which is this soda that tastes like candy and i hear is only a texas thing and i weep for the rest of the world tbh

13:What time do you go to bed?

like… 3am maybe lol. im a huge nightowl and its terrible bc the rest of the world isnt and it makes me tired all the time.

20:What was your last thought before you went to bed last night?

i have no idea. i was probably thinking abt the paper i was talking abt earlier bc i rly liked it and was proud of it but like… lol that backfired

62:Who do you text the most?

hmmm probably my friend alicia, we’ve been friends since we were 14 which is literally half my life like wtf

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Thoughts on Aleshas who smiles at death?

oh! I didnt see this last night sorry 

I didn’t keep up with tarkir after khans so I didnt read anything other than her initial article but I thought it was neat? 

the only thing that Im bummed about was that that’s all we’ll see of her really. it felt like a very safe choice for wizards. that and her card barely showing any of her face :\

 Im waiting for a trans woman planeswalker tbh (that doesn’t end up getting fridged) 

also I like the card a lot as a commander :>

the signs in a group chat/email
  • aries:is always interrupting important discussions randomly to talk about some ridiculous incident that occurred during their day, also spams everyone incessantly
  • taurus:shows up only to read everyone's messages and doesn't even bother replying to them, might start typing out a response but then gets lazy/distracted halfway
  • gemini:overuses emoticons all the time and sends witty comments in response to every single thing. also somehow thanks to them everyone else ends up with a giant collection of pictures of people/things they don't even care about
  • cancer:freaks out and rants about whatever's currently bothering them way too much, makes lame jokes, also starts fierce and intense debates on the most random and unimportant topics
  • leo:makes hilarious puns almost all the time and goes on a long rant about whatever's happening in their life
  • virgo:comes up with the lamest jokes ever honestly. also has a super serious side which involves them sending lengthy and detailed paragraphs on various intellectual topics
  • libra:shows up to say something like "why is everyone fighting pointlessly like guys pls....chill" or sometimes talk about something interesting that happened during their day
  • scorpio:keeps asking how everyone else is doing every 5 minutes + sends pictures and other life updates when no one else is online just to make sure the message thread is active
  • sagittarius:gets annoyed by the group chat after a while and ignores all messages, finally shows up 1 month and 1000000 messages later only to say "wtf why do yall talk so much honestly you're crazy....also btw today i--" and send a hundred more messages
  • capricorn:keeps asking questions like "have you watched/listened to/seen/made/done the following things?? because you should" also probably the best at sending the most sassy and sarcastic replies
  • aquarius:hardly ever shows up honestly but when they do it's either a super short message meant to tease one specific person OR some gigantic 10-page long essay on the complexity of life
  • pisces:is the poor kid permanently getting cyberbullied by everyone else :/

“being nice won’t take you anywhere”

yes it will.

i am not denying that people will still hurt you, will use you, will treat you like shit. but even if  only 1 out 100 people will treat me back nicely, it is worth for me to be a nice person.

because the bad things won’t matter when you see how people will actually get fond of you, will like you, will get used to you and will start to treasure you.

if you want to be surrounded by nice people, people who are good for you and your mental health, you have to be nice.

always treat others like you want to be treated. this way you will be happier.

i am just saying.

Ever since Sei first learned about Aoba, he’s taken to anonymously sending bouquets of flowers and other small presents out to the Seragaki house every April 22nd. Aoba and Tae were always confused where these things came from, but the delivery man would only say they’re from an unknown sender. 

And so Aoba would gaze in wonder at the cards wishing “all of him” a happy birthday. He kept the flowers alive in vases and kept the drying petals in a jar at Tae’s suggestion, not wanting to waste anything. In his Sly years, Aoba feels like tossing the flowers out, but at the last second deciding to keep him, huddling up in his room, feeling alone but also reassured that he had this one constant in his life, of one person who seemed to always remember him without fail. Desire feels this the most. And as Aoba got older, he anticipated the ring of the doorbell on his birthday, smiling at the flowers and card he got every year.

After the fall of Oval Tower and meeting Sei, Aoba and Ren’s first birthday after the incident approaches. And for the first time, nothing arrives at the door. And that’s when Aoba pieces together that the one who’d been sending him flowers every year was Sei. When he realizes it, Ren seems to as well, and Aoba can feel Desire inside him feeling lost and devastated at the revelation.

And Aoba finally realizes why every year, the birthday wishes were for “all of him”.  

He takes out the jar of years’-worth of saved flower petals, long dried and shriveled but having a pleasant smell when he opens it. Aoba doesn’t think anyone’s ever said it to him, and so cradling the jar, he murmurs, 

Happy birthday to you too, Sei. From all of us.

tbh the only thing that motivates me to get out of bed in the morning to go to class is the thought that I can come back after class and go back to bed

A&A finale

This, when the episode first airs on the release day, will be the death of me. It only seems like a few months ago was the first promo of the nee series, and tbh, I thought it was going to be lame. Then I found myself meeting new people along the way of my obsession over the show and, losing close friends. This show led me to find new things and learn the hardest pictures of life about growing up. To think the journey started because of a show I thought was lame is soon ending is hard, but I know it’ll be a grand finale.

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Do u ever think abt how would feel when she first acknowledges her feelings for Max? She obviously grew up in a deeply religious family and most likely one that reek with homophobia. How do u feel she overcomes those thoughts?

Ok so I’m basing this on the idea that Max makes decisions that favor Kate e.g taking Kate’s call in the diner or stepping up to defend Kate from David. 

I can see Kate having gay panic at first tbh. Whether or not she chooses to even ID as gay in the future, she would probably freak out in the moment bc suddenly she’s finding herself in a situation that she never expected to find herself in, one that she’s only heard negative things about. Everything was going so badly for her, and then she found a light in all the dark, and it seemed like things might turn around. But that light turned out to shine far more brilliantly than she ever expected, and feelings came easily. Things got worse.

That really scared her. So many people at Blackwell had made fun of her for what she believed in, but along came Max, someone who didn’t judge her no matter what she believed in. She felt safe with Max, safe enough to open up to her. But now these feelings had, in her mind, ruined that security bc they directly conflicted with everything she’d been taught. The one place she thought she could feel safe could no longer be a haven for her, and she was alone again. 

I could see Kate withdrawing again once she realized she had feelings for Max. Since her religious beliefs happen to promote heterosexual relationships, she became fearful of what her family and church would think of her. She had already seen condemnation from close family members, and she couldn’t bear to experience that again. She tried to distance herself from Max as a form of denial. Kate believed that if she stayed away for long enough, the feelings would disappear, and everything would return to normal. 

Max kinda zoomed in on this when she tried to talk to Kate bc she got very short responses, and they lacked the warmth that Kate’s voice usually had. This worried Max bc she assumed that Kate was struggling with depression again. Like she had done many times before, Max tried to reach out to Kate in an attempt to help her, but she was met with a surprising amount of resistance. But tbh, I think Max would eventually figure it out.

But anyway, I think Kate would end up overcoming this herself. Max didn’t feel like it was her place to tell Kate how to feel, so she kinda just watched from the sidelines all worried and such. The more Kate distanced herself from Max, the worse she felt. Her depression worsened to the point where she almost became a recluse again. Eventually she just realized that people wouldn’t always like her for who she was, but there would always be people who would. It kinda just clicked, and Kate realized that Max was a big part of her life that made her happy.

I think Kate would approach Max after she accepted this. She would pour out her feelings bc she knew Max would listen. She was scared, but Max understood. Max got why Kate was so freaked, and she stressed that Kate didn’t need to decide anything in the moment. Max believed that Kate’s comfort took precedence, and the last thing she wanted was to make Kate feel as though she was being pushed into something. That understanding was the final piece of the puzzle, and in that moment, Kate willingly took her first step into the unknown.

Tbh my biggest headcanon is that after eggsy and harry sleep together for the first time, harry freaks out right after and goes to sneak out, and eggsy just quietly murmurs “if you leave right now we’re gonna find out if youre lucky enough to survive two shots to the head” and so harry just quietly climbs back into bed as eggsy whispers “yeah thats what i thought”

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There's this girl I recently confessed to, and she stated that she liked me back as well. I'm honestly just waiting for her to make the next move, because I feel as if it's only fair; but she hasn't done so yet. In the meantime we act as girlfriend & girlfriend, but I need that security that she isn't just playin'. I don't know if she's too timid to make things "official" or, what. Do you have any suggestions on how I should approach the situation? Thanks!

Perhaps she is really a shy girl, you know? She could not bring herself to take the second step, I think you should  do this. You should approach this situation in a way that does not let her embarrassed or more timid. 

But man oh man, would Yes Man get so JEALOUS of the Stealth Suit. I can’t imagine that he wouldn’t like, especially after the Courier’s been gone so long at Big MT, only for them to return with this thing that says stuff like “you’re my best friend forever.” and “will you love me if I help you hide?”

And the WORST is how the Courier actually,,,, wore this thing. Yes Man would be 100% in favor of putting the Stealth Suit away in a closet somewhere and conveniently losing the key because the Courier already has a best friend

&. tradittus

     TO BE TRUTHFUL, Moka was a little disappointed.  She’d
     chosen this school to be with Tsukune, but he’d come down
     with the flu and was stuck back at the academy’s dormitory.
     So, here she was, touring a male dominant school with only
     a SUCCUBUS to help her feel more  comfortable. You can
     imagine how comforting that would be. It didn’t help that she
     was already a bit fidgety around humans to begin with, and it
     got even worse when her and Kurumu were separated, being
     split up into  different ‘perfect’ groups. Her disappointment 
     was clearly evident on her face. 

     “U-Um, excuse me,” She raised her hand, finally lifting her eyes
     off the ground. “Are there any vending machines on campus? 
     Ones with tomato juice?” She couldn’t help but feel a little
     HUNGRY around so many pulsing veins. 

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ok, am i the only one who finds it weird that rumple needed to make emma KILL people and turn on her family and stuff when all regina needed was a few minutes to realize that lily's blood would do?

Sigh. Lbr the whole “darkness” thing was to build up the suspense and that did feel like a big anticlimax. I think we can all (or most of us at least) agree that this season hasn’t been written to the standard we’ve seen before.

But yeah tbh i OVERestimated Rumple’s deviousness because i thought he had another plan up his sleeve for the Emma/Lily/darkness thing. Apparently not.

quakerhobbit replied to your post:I’m back from my journey to Canada to see Age of…

I am SO WITH YOU on both the Bruce/Natasha thing and Clint’s family. Like, those were EXACTLY my feelings about it. Actually I agree with pretty much everything you said.

I’M SO GLAD I WASN’T THE ONLY ONE WHO FELT THIS WAY. It was just so contrived I don’t understand the thought process that went into that storyline. Like, “Well, yes, we’re putting them together. But it’s okay because this ship you’ve been shipping for movies because that’s how we set it up and have been encouraging since the first Avengers? One of them is totally surprise married now and has been for years so it’s wrong. So there.”

Good character backstories shouldn’t come at the expense of not being true to the characters themselves.