One day she will turn to you and say “do you still love me?” and a million things will flash through your mind.

you loved her when you met her because it was the right time. but now things have gone lifeless and when you look in her eyes you don’t see the galaxy you see a star and stars are beautiful but they can’t sustain life and she can’t give you what you need anymore. you need to tell her, don’t keep waiting.

it wasn’t her fault and she’s still like sweet lemonade to you but your taste buds are changing and lemon isn’t your favorite any longer. maybe what you’re looking for is ice tea or coffee. you need to tell her that it’s you who changed, not her. do not let her think this is her fault. it will break her and she will turn sour.

you didn’t just wake up and decide not to love her anymore. it wasn’t because she didn’t smile at you when she was having a bad day it isn’t because she snapped at you last week it isn’t because she’s a burden because she isn’t. tell her how sometimes people lose things and it’s better to leave them lost, or things break and it’s better to leave them broken. make sure she knows this doesn’t have to break her.

one day she will ask you “do you still love me?” and you will want to lie and say yes, you will want to spare her. don’t lie it will only delay the inevitable. this love has broken and eventually she will find the cracks and if you do not warn her they will cut her. you need to warn her. you need to let her go.

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #4– Lily Rain

leedonghae: ELF Happy 9th birthday ^^ Because I like writing letters so I tried writing one to everyone ^^ Please take care of us in future too!! Don’t get sick, eat well and smile a lot ^^ I love you.

leedonghae: Ur my hero ELF !:) i’ll be standing right next to you :)) always….^^  

 Donghae’s letter:


Congratulations to my beloved ELF from the bottom of my heart on your 9th birthday! It’s already the 9th year since we’ve walked together, time has really passed. 

So many things happened right? We cried and laughed togther, and leaned on each other, you were beside us protecting us and patting us on our backs, ELF is something that SJ cannot do without.

 It was nice to meet you in the beginning, I’m thankful that we could become close, and I’m happy that we could love, giving us these times that when we look back there are so many memories that I don’t want us to be separated ^^ 

I hope that we can love like there is no tomorrow, making up for the weaknesses of each other and hope that you can stay by us ^^ I love you ^^

Donghai1015: ELF sheng ri quai le [ Happy birthday] !! Happy birthday to ELF 9 (c)(c)