I mean… WHY?! ;-;

KRAKEN represents the absolute bad part of Sasuke. She’s the one Sasuke travelled with, along with Jūgo and Suigetsu, during his WORST DAYS, when the hatred and the darkness totally controlled him. Yes, all of these three helped him, but ONLY with doing lots of bad, even terrible things. And Kraken had NEVER even tried to look at Sasuke as something more than just “an incredible handsome guy”. She had NEVER tried to understand him or to comfort him AT ALL. All she always wanted to do was “LICK HIM ALL OVER”, EVEN in the middle of the war. Also, during the time when he was travelling with Team Taka, Sasuke was not the Sauske everyone once knew at all anymore. => Team Taka (including KRAKEN, of course) is associated with the WORST parts of Sasuke’s life.

On the other hand, Sakura represents the light part of Sasuke’s life. She has ALWAYS wanted to save Sasuke, no matter what. She did NOT want to make him end up with her. Her only wish was to bring Sasuke back the happiness he needed, no matter what she had to do. She only wanted to see him smile genuinely again. She always cared about his dreams, feelings and concerns. Back in the genin days, why was she the only one who could see that Sasuke was soon going to leave the village? Why was she the only one that was waiting for him at the bench in Chapter 181? Because she always truly observed Sasuke’s words, feelings and actions. She is the only one who could truly reach Sasuke’s heart, with her two sincere confessions. Why did Sasuke call her “annoying” during each confession? Because he really saw her that way? Of course not. He called her like that, because she was the only one ever who made him question his actions. During her confessions, she told Sasuke everything he could have had if he had remained and what she mentioned were the only things Sasuke truly needed in life. So, for some seconds, he didn’t know what to do and began doubting his own decisions. This is why she is “annoying”: because Sasuke didn’t want to hear what he could have had. And, although he knew that he had to carry on his decisions, he hesitated for some moments. Sakura and Team 7 are associated with the BEST parts of Sasuke’s life. 

So, basically:

Karin => is associated with the worst part of Sauske’s life; 

Sakura => is associated with the best part of Sasuke’s life and is his only light.

Still, why would there be any SasuKRAKEN’s?!

To be honest, I totally believe that most (maybe even all) of the SasuKarin shippers are only NarSak’s, who decided back then to ship Sasuke with Karin, so that he wouldn’t interfere between Sakura and Naruto and Sakura wouldn’t have any choice, but to choose Naruto. 

And now that the NarSak’s saw that their *OTP* is completely ruined, they feel the need to spread their absolute hate and that’s why they started defending SasuKarin more and started coming up with theories like “Karin is Sarada’s real mother”. ;-;

 Anyway, as we can see, those NarSak’s still don’t care at all about Sasuke and Karin, as one of their biggest theories is that Karin died and this is why Sakura had to take care of Sarada alone, as Sasuke couldn’t raise his kid alone, so he had to find a nanny for her. (Yeah, I won’t comment on how stupid and delusional this *THEORY* is. x”DD LOL.) 

Basically, they wouldn’t have cared at ALL if Karin had died, if that meant that Sarada could have been, in fact, her kid, as this way they would have been able to laugh at us day and night, this being their biggest wish. And of course I’m saying that they don’t care at all about Sasuke, either, as every person who cares, even a little bit, about him would NEVER want to see him near that sick KRAKEN.


So, I have been terrible at writing out my goals for the last two months. I have had a running list in my head, but that’s not really the same and doesn’t motivate me to actually achieve anything. Time to get back into setting these each month. (Even if a lot of them are similar to other months.)

  • Attend 20 spin classes (I tried this last month, but traveling 3 weekends in a row made it tough. I made it to 17 so hopefully I can make it to all 20 this month).
  • Car maintenance: I got an oil change last week, which was going to be on my list for May, but I still need to get my tires rotated ($) and get a new drive belt ($$$) and want to get an estimate on a few other things like my stuck window. 
  • Read 5 books. I have been slacking lately on the reading front, but I have too many good books that I’ve bought on Kindle in the past month to not be enjoying them. 
  • No. More. Chips. This is gonna be tough since I live for chips, but I really need to cut back on the snacking. (Specifically, I’m not going to buy any chips and when in the office I’ll aim for just one tiny snack bag or none each day.) On that note, VERY limited fast food or food splurges. I’ve been so crazy busy with work and going out of town the last month that I’ve had a few too many slip ups. I’m setting a goal for just 2-3 fast food or splurgey meals this month.
  • Move ALL winter clothes to the storage unit. I made it a personal goal last month? (maybe in March? who knows) to pull it all out of my closet but then it just made it to a big bag in the back of the closet. Time to vacuum pack and store those suckers. 
  • Make a training plan for the Peachtree Road Race and START STICKING TO IT. 
  • Plan out my outfits and ideally buy no more clothing in May. I have a lot of cute stuff if I can just keep up with my laundry and plan out things to wear to the office. Maybe get crazy and wear actual clothing when working at home instead of hoodies and running shorts. 
  • Get bridesmaid dress altered and get any dresses for that weekend dry cleaned as needed. 
  • Order contacts and get blood work done for primary care doctor. 

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"I'm not cut out for this" Giripan

((THIS IS SO LONG FOR A DRABBLE. On top of that I have no idea what this is. It’s like… angst and fluff with something that can pass as smut towards the end?? Idk. I’m putting it under the cut.))

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can’t believe taylor swift has just started a…

do you expect her to write a new album for tour or to use songs from her other albums? like i dont understand

i expect her to write albums about HER REAL LIFE and HER REAL FEELINGS like every “”songwriter”” tries to do instead of writing and make other people write songs all full of references to a terrible PR stunt nobody believed in the first place and it’s still the biggest joke of the industry. There are fans crying over her songs and relating themselves to her songs believing this is real and this is what Taylor felt when she wasn’t involved in this story and this relationship has never existed so she does’t need to write another album, she needed to write an AUTHENTIC one and not one based completely on publicity and fake things. 

calaveracarlos replied to your postI probably should have warned Manny about all the…

no i made isolde kill her son and alistair still likes me but is mad at me cause i keep flirting with zevran. also i took zevran with me but he CAN’T UNLOCK CHESTS AND HE KEEPS SAYING HE CAN BUT HE FUCKING CANT.

Zevran is a wonderful person but a terrible rogue. He can’t even assassinate people right.

Also oh my god.

Why… why didn’t you go get the mages? D:

You can romance Zevran instead if you decide you like him better. I’ve tried them both, I personally like Alistair’s better but Zev is fucking great, I love that little shit.

Also……. I’ve been told I would be a bad friend if I didn’t warn you about Alistair.

There are spoilers under the read more cut.

One way or another this will end badly for you because you’re an elf and the games are horrible to elves.

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i remember when 




AND WHEN RUKIA WAS DYING IN HUECO MUNDO i was just wow this place is terrible who would want to die here 

and nnoitra was just yeah 0/10 wouldnt recommend 

So I wrote “Jimmy gets terribly insecure and embarrassed about his own physique the first time he sees Nacho without a shirt on, I bet” and now I’m thinking that he basically tries never to take all his clothes off at once. (He thinks if he keeps talking the whole time Nacho will not notice this, which is of course incorrect, and Nacho is pretty quickly like, “Clothes off, all of them, now.”) Finally he confesses his insecurities. it turns out that Nacho is incapable of reassuring him without giving away his own enormous vanity, because his basic line is “Of course you don’t have a body like mine, no one does, look at me I am the prettiest.” Once Jimmy realizes how vain–ergo flawed–Nacho is, he feels a lot better. 

And also starts giving Nacho shit about his wasitline every time he has seconds on beer or ice cream. (Nacho is not amused.)

To everyone in the YouTuber community

I’m considering just giving up drawing all together. Not because people don’t notice it, not because the people I draw things for don’t notice, that’s stupid. But, I figure it like this.

The YouTubers I draw for, Mark, Jack, Wade, all those guys, they have fan bases in the millions and among those millions are many, MANY talented and unique artists. I’ve seen what they can do, and it blows my mind that someone can create things like they do. They’re gifted people, really. Me? Not so much. Sure, my pixel art gets a compliment here and there, my chibis aren’t too terrible, but they are not good enough. I can’t compare to the multitude of fantastic artists in the communities. I’ve tried, hours upon hours, days upon days, to get better, to finally be good enough, to finally be worth something in the markiplite community, the septiceye community, the minion army, the bobblehead brigade, all the YouTube communities I’m a part of, it just won’t ever happen.

So many beautiful pieces of art, why the hell am I polluting the world with my stupid scribbles… You’re all fantastic people, really. Please don’t ever stop doing what you do best, making others smile daily with your art, your stories, your animations, games, just please make this world bright and beautiful cause it really needs all the light it can get. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to.

I’m sorry.