Morgue reference (Maybe season 2?) He says, as a “joke”, that he may end up sleeping down there during his break. At the end of that episode, A is literally in the morgue.

Now tonight, with the same morgue/medical theme.

Spencer said she felt like she knew A. We could all sense the chemistry between them without even seeing “Charles” face! I thought it was just me, but Spencer feels it too, it’s like Charles wouldn’t hurt her!

She describes him as a pen-pal. I think that’s a big hint. Not that he was literally her pen-pal, but your pen-pal is typically from another country.

Being a doctor just opens so many doors for A. Police connections, medical records, medicine, knowing how to clean up behind himself. Everyday we just get more and more hints that the Doctor Kingston may be A.

The signs as The 1975 songs.

(In honor of the new era)

Aries: Girls “Wrestle to the ground, god help me now because, they’re just girls, breaking hearts.”

Taurus: The City “Don’t call it a fight when you know it’s a war”

Gemini: You “And you’re a liar, at least all your friends are. and so am I, Just typically drowned in my car.”

Cancer: Me “I love you, don’t you mind, don’t you mind?”

Leo: Pressure “you’ve seen so many faces that I’ve never seen before.”

Virgo: Talk! “Passing grammatical mistakes, totally wrecked and polemic in the way he talks”

Libra: fallingforyou “I’ll never make it right, if you don’t want me around.”

Scorpio: Heart Out “It’s just you and I tonight, why don’t you figure my heart out?”

Sagittarius: Robbers “Now if you never shoot, you’ll never know, and if you never eat, you’ll never grow.”

Capricorn: She Way Out “She said ‘It’s not about your body it’s just social implications are brought upon by this party that we’re sitting in.’”

Aquarius: M.O.N.E.Y “He’s got his charm with the girls that are smoking, he takes her arm, jumps the bar, and now he’s in.”

Pisces: Chocolate “Hey, now I think about what to do, I think about what to say, I think about how to think.”

Here’s a WIP because I haven’t posted in a while. This is gonna be a kinda wordy post.

So I’m typically a real sci-fi kinda guy, but I don’t avoid the fantasy genre because I dislike it. I’m just generally disinterested in a lot of the work that I see being done in that genre. I guess it quickly becomes stale to me and if I’m going to do fantasy genre illustration I’d like to meet it on my terms. Which probably just means using a lot of neon pink or something.

Furthermore, if ya’ll know of great people doing really progressive or interesting work in the fantasy genre that I’m just plain ignorant to, let me know. I’d really love to feel super blown away and refreshed!

Preference #314: He denies your child

Louis: Your relationship was on and off, and typically off way more than on. So when you got pregnant, you weren’t shocked that he had doubts about the child truly being his. What did shock you, was for him to completely deny the child altogether, as if there wasn’t a chance it was his own. “He refuses to believe it’s his,” you told your best friend, with tears in your eyes, “I know we are on and off like crazy, but it is his. Even when we’re off, I’m not with anyone else. That fact we break up a lot, doesn’t change who the father is.” Not wanting to see your tears, your friend almost said one thing, but then decided on honesty, “Well can you blame him? You guys were together what, once, maybe twice in that timeframe? He has doubts, like anyone would. Wouldn’t you wonder if it were reversed? How can he know for sure you didn’t date anyone else? Just prove him wrong. Don’t cry that he doesn’t believe you, get a test, and show him why he should have all along.”

Niall: He should have known better. Your daughter looked just like him in every way. Her features were all Niall, and only her eyes were shared with you. All of that did not change the fact he didn’t believe she was his though, it was all just coincidences in his eyes. “I don’t believe she’s mine, I really don’t. And I’m not raising someone else’s kid.” “But she’s yours!” You argued, hating him for even bringing this up. How could he deny her? “She’s not,” he shook his head, somehow not seeing how anything between your daughter and himself told him that you were honest. “Why would I lie? Niall, she is yours.” Nothing you said would change his mind, it was set. “She’s not mine, and like I said, I’m not raising someone else’s kid.” Your heart was broken over his trust in you, and if not for your daughter you would have let him just walk away. “Why don’t we go and get a test done, and then you can tell me she’s not yours.”

Liam: From the time your son was only 6 months, Liam denied him. It was at that point he could no longer shake the doubts he had all along. Your son was now almost 2, and Liam still did not believe he was his. You offered test, but he felt like it was a waste of time. He was so sure he was right, that it didn’t feel necessary. “Just stop it [Y/N]. We both know he’s not mine.” “But he is!” you argued, “Please, just take a stupid DNA test. Once you do that, I can leave you alone forever. If you’re right, I’ll be out of your life. And if I’m right, you can apologize, and be there for our son.” There was logic behind that Liam couldn’t argue. He did want this over with already. “Okay, fine, I’ll go with your get a DNA test.” “And then you can stop denying your child.” He shook his head, “I really don’t believe you.” “I know you don’t, but I know who I slept with,” you replied confidently, because despite whatever doubts he had, you knew the truth.

Harry: “So Harry, rumor has it that you and [Y/N] welcomed a baby boy last month. Anything you want to tell us?” an interviewer asked Harry, hoping to get the biggest news of their career. Though your pregnancy had been completely private, word leaked out only a few hours after your son was born that you and Harry had welcomed your first child. Nothing had been confirmed or denied yet though, and this was the first interview since everything happened. So Harry knew the question was coming, and had a reply prepared, one you never thought you would hear. “[Y/N] did have a little boy last month, but he’s not mine. So the rumors can stop.” Staring at your TV, you didn’t believe his words. Had he really just denied your son to everyone? You knew he had doubts, he’d shown that all along, but this shocked you. Why tell the world, before voicing his doubts to you? You looked down at your sleeping child in your arms, the one you knew was his, and teared up, “How can he not see the truth?”

Zayn: From the moment you told Zayn you were pregnant, he denied your child. He told no one about the pregnancy, and anyone who did know, he told them you were lying. In his mind, the dates didn’t add up. You tried to explain it to him, but he refused to listen. He saw it all as one big lie, even if it was the truth. “I don’t know what else to do. He won’t even answer my calls anymore.” The friend you were telling this to sighed, as she replied, “Call another of the boys. Do you have any of their numbers? Tell them to convince him to at least think it’s a possibility. He’s just being an idiot.” “I just want him to realize I’m not lying. This is our baby, and he’s denying it. And I don’t know how to do that.” “What I would do, just keep bugging him, and the other boys. Force him to at least get a test. Prove him wrong.” “It’s not that easy,” you commented. She rolled her eyes, “Give me all their numbers. I’ll get in touch with someone. He’s going to figure out the truth one way or the other, he has no choice.”

remember how i said kicks and sable are both girls in a lesbian relationship in my town

okay so i haven’t drawn in weeks (TYPICAL I AM SO HORRIBLE AT BEING AN ARTIST) because just… shit in general

but here i doodled girl!kicks while sitting in chat and kk-techn0kitten INSISTS i share with everyone

art © Cey [ delia-song @ tumblr ]

okay to re-blog | do not remove credit | do not copy, edit, or alter

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I feel like you should be a writer. Dude, your entire persona gives me writer or 60's feminist poetess.

lmao oh my god I personally think I am so terrible at writing anything other than typical college research and analysis papers about some bullsh*t. I can’t even journal because I overanalyze my stream of consciousness writing style and it makes me nauseous bc it’s terrible. I’m shocked that you say this!! shocked

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Do you think Emma will go super dark and do bad things like Rumplestiltskin? Or do you think it'll just be like the threat or potential of her doing dark deeds? Also, I wonder if possibly 5b will be dealing with the fallout/consequences of Emma being the dark one.

I’ve written several metas on the difference between Emma and Rumple as Dark Ones. I don’t think she’ll ever be as bad as he was, and she’ll be fighting it the entire time, unlike him willingly inviting it in and quickly abusing the power it gave him. And yes, I think that 5b will be about the fallout of it. I’m still undecided as to whether the Dark One Emma plot will last all season, but the 5a midseason finale is OUAT’s 100th episode and TV shows typically do something big for those. So it could very well be her being saved… and TLK. Ahem.

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Aren't chemical peels expensive though? I was hoping for something more affordable to get rid of dark spots/discoloration

Well they’re in the 100-150 range but then again I have a skewed perception because here in Memphis black people make up 80 percent of the metro area and a lot of aestheticians are well versed in black skin and hyper pigmentation is a big issue that those of us with dark skin so they’re typically less expensive than the Nationals average because of the demand have I agree that this can be kinda expensive for some but they work and are kinda an instant pay off but you can try brightening and evening masks formula 10.0.6 and Freeman’s beauty have a couple but I feel like that takes forever

over the past month i

  • had a (typical) mental breakdown and told my mom about shit so i could start seeing a therapist
  • fainted from pain at school, thought to be a seizure, admitted to er in an ambulance
  • was told i have iron deficiency anemia
  • was told i have crohn’s disease
  • missed like 5 days of school
  • in like an hour i will turn 15

a fucking Mess

Just a walk in the park | Open

It was one of the more pleasant days of the typical British climate. So much so that Regulus decided to take his favorite for an extra walk after his usual shift at the kennels. The park was busy, it was a Saturday after all and many of the londoners knew when to take advantage of good weather. He had walked with his dog, who still was unnamed. He was trying to think of one as they walked side by side, Regulus having taken him off the lead as they were out of reach of the most populated part of the park. 

He didn’t actually notice that the large dark shaggy presence by his side has disappeared until he heard some excited barking and some screams of terror as someone was taken down by 30kg of excited dog. He swiveled on the spot and tried to locate where his pooch had actually ran off to, and sighed as he spotted him. He had already bowled someone over, perfect. “Hey buddy! Come on, I’ve taught you manners, use them!” He shouted over, whistling loudly before jogging over to the dog and his unfortunate victim of his affections. He managed to pull the dog off from giving the person a good wash, and clipped the lead back on. He then turned to the person on the ground. “Hey, yeah sorry. I’m actually teaching him to savage people, but I don’t think he has the right idea yet.”

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People live in bubbles and have opinions and choose to be ignorant. So many people in our society have developed a mindset that "me me me me me" is all that matters, so these people typically don't want to step out of their own comfort zones and try to understand others, especially when it's something they've never experienced. Its a sad and frustrating part of this world, but it's also important to remember that so many people stand by your side on these issues. Sending lots of love your way!

Thank you and you’re right. I should probably put my feelings on hold for now too, and be more productive with my time by spreading awareness and facts. Equality, love, and justice for all ✌️

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*Is installing sprinkler system in your office so you wont smoke cat nip*

Okay but typically you don’t smoke nip you roll in it. Way to waste money. - Roth