Coming up with a set of Misdreavus variations was a lot of fun, so I decided to expand on that with evolutions and descriptions!

A few additional notes on certain breeds:

  • Sighs and Blessings’ songs and sounds are very soft and slow, sometimes never raised above a hum. They often bring themselves very close to people and other Pokemon to sing their songs to them, and they love cuddling.
  • Bans on Damnation Mismagius became widespread after several cases of them killing other Pokemon in trainer battles. Wild Gengar and Mismagius typically view one another as competitors, so this breed almost never appears in the wild. Thank god.
  • Hex Mismagius, unlike Chandelure, never harm their victims. They love watching their confusion and frustration, but should a person become absolutely, irredeemably lost, Hexes will often feel remorse and help them find their way back to where they were.
  • If you can adjust to the amount of noise they make, Echoes and Charms are fantastic pets. They’re easy to train, loving, friendly, and loyal. It’s often argued between breeders whether or not Blessing or Charm Mismagius make better pets.
  • There are no records of what a Curse Mismagius’ song sounds like. Most researchers theorize that Curses’ songs can only be heard by other Ghost-type Pokemon.
PSA: what is revision?

Do you ever see studyblrs taking about ‘revision’ and not know what it means? Do you wish you knew how to revise?

Well revision is defined as “rereading work done previously to improve one’s knowledge of a subject, typically to prepare for an examination”. So essentially, revision is an ‘umbrella’ term which applies to the act of studying for an exam. Chances are, if you didn’t know what revision was before now, then you were already ‘revising’ without even realising! 

As far as I know, revision is a term more commonly used here in the UK {sorry, it may be used elsewhere too}… we don’t tend to use the term ‘studying’ as much as ‘revision’. Also, when you hear people talking about revision it will most likely always be applied in the context of tests and examinations, but broadly speaking you could also ‘revise’ an essay through redrafting and editing.

I hope this helps!

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I noticed something in Connors last video (it can be just me): before he did his outro you heard he got a message from someone and after the cut he was smiling really wide and looked really happy so my theory was that he was texting troye? Idk

Aww, that’s actually a really cute theory. Might I also add that he says “I love you so much,” which he doesn’t generally say, right before his typical outro? He must have been very happy. 😊

I was gonna be a bit upset that so much of the Nick/Jess storyline this episode was all about sexual attraction. But then I remebered Fluffer and QHC, and how sometimes admitting sexual attraction for these two is just the beginning of so much more. It’s like it’s easier for them to admit that than to admit deeper feelings. So typical.  

It definitely feels like the beginning of something. 

Notes on The Eligible Bachelor (Granada Holmes)

Thanks for @mollydobby for bringing this episode to my attention. As cupidford pointed out, the stories of The Veiled Lodger and The Noble Bachelor (on which the episode is based) are on our radar since setlock. 

Here are my thoughts on the epsiode in context of the Special.

  • I’m 200 % certain that the Special will include the typical Granada opening.  - So in a way we will be tuned for a story told in “Granada-verse”. 
  • In the beginning of The Eligible Bachelor (TEB) we see Holmes and Watson in a cab. “Another case closed” Watson says, while Holmes gets off in Baker Street and Watson stays in the cab. // In the beginning of the Special (scene 7) John and Sherlock come home [from a jouney for a case probably] and both return to Baker Street.
  • What I found very intersting about TEB - and I assume that’s original and not from ACD canon? - is Holmes’ dream. He not only dreams about scenes from the case (he’s not even involved in yet), but part of his nightmare is about him falling down the Reichenbachfalls with Moriarty. And as welovethebeekeeper already had the idea of revisiting the fall (due to signs of water use in the studio), this is very intersting to me. TEB doesn’t explore this part of the dream further, but perhaps the Special does. 
  • A lot of scenes in TEB are set in a manor - Tyntesfield was used for many, many days of filming. 
  • In TEB we see Holmes wandering through nightly fog a lot of times.
  • The plaque of a club (don’t rember the name) in TEB has a very similar style to the Diogenes Club’s plaque. In TEB Holmes finds a bullet in the club’s door. (Any possibility that Sherlock and John not only walked into the Diogenes Club, but also found some clues there?)
  • The baddie of TEB is Lord Robert. He killed his first wife (I think), kept his second wife as a prisoner in the remains of a chapel for seven years, has an affair with an actress who he kills as well. But the actress managed to tell the third wife about Sir Robert’s secret. Hence he also attempts to kill his third wife. [Is this part of the plot based on any ACD story?] All I can think of as a vague and twisted reference to BBC Sherlock for now is “My husband is three people”. 
  • The sister of the second wife (woman with the veil) is looking for her sister and got injured along the way. (While the veiled woman is a murderer in canon, she isn’t in TEB). - As we got Marry in a mourning dress (with a veil) in the Special, I wonder, if she might be mourning her sister (the bride/the Lady in White).
  • And a last note on ACD canon: The woman in The Veiled Lodger is called Eugenia Ronder - according to Natasha O’Keeffe’s agency her role as The Lady in White has the name Emilia Ricoletti. So this could be a clue for some of Mofftiss’ canon twists. 

Well, she’s from a family of seven brothers, so typically she has to compete for everything. She is the only girl, so she has a strong sense of her femininity, though she expresses it in a tomboyish way. That, and her innocence coupled with her attempts to imitate others expressions(she uses a lot of sexual euphemisms without intending them sexually) gives her a cartoonish quality that Jake often pokes fun at.

It’s important though to consider that she has seven siblings, brothers or no, because it means she had to compete for attention and affection from her parents. It’s possible her dad was not around. Regardless, she’s deeply insecure about herself and it shows in the way she sucks up to Holt, tries and succeeds in having an image of an overachieving and disciplined cop. It becomes obvious that she doesn’t truly believe that when she messes up because she gets visibly upset(nerdfail) and needs reassurance from others.

She tries very hard at everything, but because she lacks confidence, she struggles. Recall that she was almost valedictorian of her class, but was beaten out by one other person. She naturally resents that Jake, who has his own problems, is talented for the job while not living up to her idea of what a cop should be, and she has to try so hard to keep up with him. But she does like him and he can bring out the best in her. It’s not an ideal economic situation and he isn’t mature - hallmarks of the young men of our time, and again - can’t stress this enough - she’s insecure. And that is because when a girl doesn’t receive enough attention from her parents and especially her dad, she thinks she’s unlovable(that especially afflicts girls). That leads to trying to do things to compensate(the alarm clocks - she has to be absolutely perfect), to be conditionally lovable, and that is also a serious problem in our society. She’s also a terrible cook - this is a hallmark of affection deprived children - that they didn’t really receive from their parents what they needed, they never gain the confidence to be independent and to make independent decisions. That’s often reflected in cooking skills which require both an ability to follow a recipe and to use one’s own ingenuity and common sense to blend and balance ingredients properly. She obviously has the first part down, but not the second - she just follows instructions.

Still, her hard work pays off - she has the job she wants, her finances are solid, if a little meticulously guarded. She has the biggest and nicest apartment of any of the single members of the 99. what she lacks is something Jake brings to the whole unit - an unconditional positive spirit that does not reflect his difficult life situation. Her reaction to that is a combination of her need for that positive relationship and her competitive resentfulness toward him for being able to be jovial in such a tough situation. Another thing unaffirmed young women struggle with is stable positive relationships - she finds relief from that in that no matter how much she insults Jake, she knows it won’t stop him from setting a positive tone. He teases people, but he doesn’t tear them down except when they pick at his personal feelings(he very uncharacteristically shreds Charles’ situation when Charles says Jake likes Amy). It’s a great character, who I think we don’t know well enough, but will get to know better through her relationships with Jake an Gina, but also others. She makes a huge step in being the positive support in the relationship when she makes it up to Boyle for ditching him on street duty on Halloween.

Again, a great character, and an important one for this day and age. I am really interested to know more about her past as well as her future, because I think we still don’t know enough about her.

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What were you like/involved in during high school? How was your high school experience? Were you as ambitious and as hardworking as you are now? Just curious because I think you're cool and interesting.

What were you like

I was kind of a delinquent. Very defiant. High grades when I went to class, but had “behavioral problems” i.e. non-submissive. My pride was more easily offended back then so I was quicker to confrontation and violence. 

Small social circle that I was very close with. Wanted nothing to do with the people outside of it. Would not let others befriend me. On and off again girlfriends that I was possessive of. 

Really a typical teenager, our neighborhood was just bad so you had to take on some extreme behaviors to be safe.

My enneagram is 8w7 as well so I doubt I’d of behaved differently elsewhere

involved in

My family is very active and forces everyone to play sports. I was good at Muay Thai, basketball, and soccer. 

I wasn’t into clubs or anything like that. Did a lot of ditching with friends. Rest of my time was spent reading or cruising around the city. 

How was your high school experience?

I had a lot of fun, breaking rules, having screaming matches with the girls I liked, frustrating my SJ teachers to the point of near tears. 10/10 would do again.

Massive existential crisis though.

Were you as ambitious and as hardworking as you are now?

No. That was a very restless time period for me. I feel that I was looking for something without knowing what it was, and the manifestation of that was my aimless driving and constant acting out. I had no idea what was in store for me (people in my neighborhood don’t get far) no idea of what to do, or where to go.

The ambition and work ethic came after a lot of introspection and catastrophic experiences that caused me to choose something and solidify my will.

Eggsy: Blonde or Brunette?

Important, deep, metaphysical question time, Kingsman fandom.

Taron is clearly brunette, so we know that the director had him dye his hair blonde to play Eggsy (though Eggsy’s hair color does seem to shift throughout the movie, I think that’s down to lighting, and what product they’re using to style it):

Michelle (Eggsy’s mom) is blonde, so my question to fandom is…

Do you think Eggsy is naturally blonde, or does he dye his hair because he likes being blonde?

Note that his eyebrows are dark and so is what little body hair we see is also dark-ish.. But face and body hair are typically several shades darker than head hair anyway, so that isn’t always a giveaway unless someone’s hair is practically iridescent white and their eyebrows are pitch black.

Because if he just likes being blonde that’s adorable

(Or if his hair got darker when he hit his teens and his mom was like wahhh you look like your dad and Eggsy started dying it to be like no mum look i don’t look like dad i look like you!11111!!! oh god that’s sad)

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I'm sorry I really liked your blog but I have to unfollow you because of your ignorant statement about "purposefully breeding mutts". I can't follow someone who discriminates against dogs .. I don't want to know how you feel about human equality.

If you want to know I view all humans as equals and don’t discriminate against sexual orientation, race or religion.
But I don’t support backyard breeding practices which is how mutts are typically bred so I didn’t exactly phrase it correctly. If someone health tests and temperment tests dogs and breeds them with a specific idea in mind I would be fine with that. But just breeding 2 random dogs together for no reason that is what I’m not ok with as those are the dogs that tend to end up in shelters.
If you want to unfollow I’m fine with it and would like to wish you a pleasant day as you really shouldn’t follow people who you disagree with anyways.

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Tamerlan was abusive. He systematically broke Katherine down so he could control her. Typical abuser profile.


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Was Cal going to rape Rose after he slapped her before he got interrupted?

It’s not specified anywhere (neither versions of the script) so we don’t know. In my opinion though, given Cal’s very dominating nature towards Rose, I wouldn’t be surprised he would have taken her against her will that night if the steward hadn’t interrupted. Cal felt ridiculed and betrayed, knowing his fiancée had gotten naked for this “street rat” she met merely 3 days ago (and obviously assumed they had sex), so like any typical possessive macho jackass he would have wanted to “claim back his property” and taken her by force. It’s gross af but totally in character tbh.


I really wish I had more to say about this show, but it’s good enough that all of my complaints are really nitpicky problems that don’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

It remains absolutely gorgeous while nailing the atmosphere and little moments. In typical KyoAni fashion, there are so many background characters that all have designs worthy of being main character. It’s Hyouka-tier in that area. Many of them get little establishing scenes that in only a few seconds time imbues them with lots of character. The background music is fantastic and perfectly fits the mood of the scene its in.

Not that it’s saying all that much, but this by far the best thing KyoAni’s done since Hyouka, and a return to form. It’s pretty good.

“You’d best start packin’ up now, fella. Game over” Austin promised only seconds before the dart in his hand connected with the bullseye in the center of the board. “Look at the flick of the wrist, boy! Lucky the cameras weren’t here.” The man howled with proud laughter as his hand slapped down on the table. The consequences of his actions didn’t register with him until he heard the tipping of a glass onto the stranger sitting at said table. With wide blue eyes, he immediately grabbed a handful of napkins ready to offer them to the stranger. “I can’t believe I did that. I’m normally not so careless, but I do hope you’re typically forgiving.” Austin suggested, taking a seat next to the person while offering the napkins. “And you can pretend you aren’t, that’s understandable - admirable even, to pretend that you’re unforgiving while you have the upperhand, hoping I’ll grovel and buy you a drink to replace the one I so recklessly spilled.” Turning for a brief moment, Austin signaled for another round from the bartender before letting his gaze meet that of the person at the table once more. “The only problem is that I don’t grovel – I imagine I would be terrible at it.” The man chuckled lightly. “I will, however, buy you another drink in return for your forgiveness. And perhaps a name.”

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Colin meets Jason for the first time and they get along real well much to everyone's horror. Showing Colin Gotham street-kid side.

Dude, Nonbon, that is such a cool idea. I can’t believe no one’s ever thought of it.

And like, there’s a bit of a secret lingo among Gotham’s street-dwellers, that no one who hasn’t had to live on the streets knows. So, when Colin and Jason first meet, Colin’s obviously aware of Jason’s alter-ego, because the Red Hood is a bit of an urban legend amongst the orphans and Gotham’s poorer neighborhoods. 

So when they meet, Jason probably starts off with a typical snarky comment. And Damian’s four seconds away from decapitating Jason himself for being rude to a guest, when Colin just breaks into the lingo in his counter-quip. And no one has any idea what he just said or meant, but Jason just grins and nods, saying, “Yeah. Alright. You might just be okay, kid.”

Haha, Damian would be so upset. Because Colin is his friend. No one else’s. No, Todd, you can’t add him to your redhead collection. You can’t have him.

GOD, a Jason and Colin friendship based on their past life experiences is something I didn’t realize I needed until right now. I need a Red Hood/Abuse team up pronto. DC, hire me and I’ll get right on it.

(I couldn’t tell if this was a prompt or not? So if it was, please message me again and tell me, Anon, and I’ll make a three sentence out of it.)

Yoongi putting himself through college and renting out a studio to work in by not so typical means because he never had any support from his family and didnt make much of an effort in school
Working as a camboy and occasionally dealing drugs
Despite the profession though he still lacks a lot of self confidence and any that he shows is merely faked but it’s also lead him to really seek out someone to compliment him because he needs the attention

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what do you do in art at school? like do you have a theme or do you do whatever you want?

in AP studio classes you follow a theme of your choice. in the class I’m in now, we go through different projects that are typically based on artists. it’s mixed media so we’ve used everything from oil pastels in a Georgia O'Keefe flower project, to spray paint in a Banksy based project ☺️next year I’ll be in drawing and painting I, so I’ll be with those mediums. x