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hey, is it possible to be pro-sex worker but critical of the sex industry?

No, not really.

I mean, obviously, it’s possible to look at say, people in managerial positions over sex workers and talk about the ways in which they act exploitatively, and it’s possible to assess the ways in which misogyny, racism, or transmisogyny impact our interactions with clients, and so forth but neither clients nor managers nor a combination of the two constitute “the sex industry” — a monolithic thing that can be coherently talked about, that one can be for or against — that thing doesn’t exist. It’s not a useful way to talk about sex work, or to dissect the ways in which it affects sex workers and civilians.

Plus, more importantly, the phrase “critical of the sex industry” is pretty much tainted past all redemption, in my opinion. Whatever you may personally mean by it (and I’d like to give you the benefit of the doubt), when people use it, they almost always mean either “love the sinner, hate the sin” (both impossible and unhelpful, and supportive of the continuing stigmatization of sex workers) or “I think sex work should not exist, but I don’t like feeling that I’m harming people by feeling that, so I’m going to prefix my whorephobia with a meaningless platitude so that I have a thin veneer of plausible deniability.”

I’m assuming that’s not what you mean. So support us without letting the swerf-contingent shout you down to a wishy-washy non-statement. If you support sex workers and abhor the harms we suffer while working, listen to what we say we need. (spoiler: it’s not hatred of the industry— it’s decrim, so that we have redress from crappy working conditions.)

i’m planning on living by myself when i get to florida, because then i can do whatever i want, come and go as i please, have whoever i want over, at whatever time, and just be 100% independent and free.
and if i don’t have anyone over, which i probably won’t because i’m hella bad at friendship, then i’ll just have a cute lil apartment 100% to myself which will literally be just as nice.

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hey :) I lot my virginity last week and I'm only 14, I know that I'm young but it was my decision, but do you think I'll regret doing this later in life? it was with the guy I like, but I don't want to date him because I'm scared I will mess it up.

i dont know. i just think that that is way too young but hey as long as it you were safe whatever. but we are still kids! you even more so. i dont want to patronize you bc i know how annoying that is and im still a kid, but just…you are not going to be the same person you are now when you are 15, 16, 17, etc. i’m gonna be 18 soon and i’m still a baby! and im different than i was last year and the year before and the year before. the person who  was at 14….smh cant even remember. i just remember thinking i was grown. and im almost legal and i still know i’m not! crazy!!!! so keep that in mind ya know? plus, like…you should have only had sex with someone your age (bc the age gap when you are under 18 is a big deal and not like an age gap from like….a 14 with a 17 year old? dff than a 25 with a 28 year old.) penis ain’t even ready!!!!!!! or grown!! it like a vienna sausage!! why have sex w a vienna sausage. 

but i do understand we have hormones and i was horny as hell since i was like sixth grade so i get it! just be safe. and if you aren’t ready then dont rush anything. don’t try to grow up faster than you already are! don’t do things that you are hesitant about because regrets do happen. they don’t fuck up your life if you don’t let them though. 

also you don’t have to date people you have sex with. just don’t go into anything without being sure. i won’t tell youto not have sex bc it’s your body but don’t rush anything and please be safe! consider going on birth control (you can get it at age 12) and just tell your parents your periods are irregular and then talk to your doc about it. always always use a condom and make sure to bring your own. tell your friends where you are going and if you get any bad vibes run ho!!!!

So I bought a dragon from this person, but the breeding pair I had in mind for it didn’t work out. I resold the dragon, went on with my life. That was like a month ago. I was interested in buying another of their dragons recently and they told me “The last derg I sold you got exalted. I don’t mind, you can do whatever you want with them, just saying.”

I checked, sure enough, the new owner exalted it. But that’s no fault of mine and if you “don’t mind” why would you even bring it up? This annoys me more than it should.

tl;dr: people who care wether or not their dergs are exalted are ridiculous.

Why we should respect each other for what we ship.

I don’t know why we have to fight over what we ship. Why can’t we all just respect people for what they ship? I respect people for what they ship as I completely understand that not a single ship can be loved by everyone, and that everyone has their preferences on what they like to ship.

So let’s all just stop fighting, make peace, be friends, and ship whatever we want to ship without conflicts, and respect people’s decisions to ship Jelsa, Helsa, Kristanna, Elsanna, and other ships. There shouldn’t be any wars between any of them as we all have our preferences of what we would like to ship.

The one thing I wish for that I’m afraid I will not live to see, is peace on Earth, the whole world living together in peace. *tears sting eyes

The only person standing in your way of what decisions you make is yourself.

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What do you think of freelee and Harley actually being sued by someone? I hope this girl Kayla really does take them to court over this. They always say someone is suing them but then nothing ever happens with it...I don't agree with Kaylas eating of animal products but I feel like freelee/Harley are more in the wrong than Kayla is. Your/your followers thoughts?

I think karma is a bitch and they did everything to have this come to them. We shouldn’t be bashing anyone or their diet. What I personally believe in is VEGANISM but I am not going to bash every other diet expert out there to prove I am better and fitter/thinner ect more worthy ect. It looks really poorly on the vegan community to have someone out there calling girls anorexic, saying they are starving themselves or they are too fat, unfit, or whatever else. I do not and will not support those 2 ever unless they change their ways. Sorry if this was harsh but I just think they put out so much negativity that OF COURSE this is going to come back to them.

Training 3/3

Morning session: 

A) back squat 
3 x 1 @ 60% - 110#
3 x 1 @ 70% - 130# 
3 x 1 @ 80% - 150#
5 x 5 @ 90% - 165# 

Ummmmm 5 x 5 at 90%, wtf.. I knew going into this that there was no way I was doing 25 reps at 165# aaaand I was right, lol. I did my first set of 5 at 165, and then I almost killed myself on the second set so I dropped it down to 155 and completed the rest of the sets there. It was still challenging so whatevs.

B) power snatch 
5 singles @ 84%
again.. this sucks because as I start hitting more PR’s, my percentages start getting harder and harder. 96# power snatches were just not happening, so I had to drop 10 pounds again and do all 5 at 85#. 

C) RDL + ABK power clean + split jerk ( 5 + 2 + 1 ) x 5 for speed. 
I went with 75#, as I find I always do with these complexes. 

D) 3 RNFT 
10 strict pull-ups
15 pushups
20 weighted GHD siups (14#)

Evening session: 

A) 1000m row 

B) 21-15-9-6-3
OHS 95/65
Bar facing burpees

time- 9:40 

I swear to you, slower burpees had never been done lol. I think I was like crawling on the floor the entire time. 

*I really am loving the two-a-day sessions on my days off because it keeps me moving all day & I feel like I get more volume overall during my week as opposed to just once a day 1hr training. I spend between 2-3 hours in the morning on olympic lifting, and then usually 1hr - 1 1/2 hours with my 2nd session of metcons/skill work/gymnastics etc 

CONGRATULATIONS! YOU ARE MY 1,201TH FOLLOWER! (I missed the follower before you oops)


Anyway I’ve received tons of followers within the last two days (miraculously) so this is a welcome post introducing myself as well

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Marian Rivera is going to play a lesbian character together with Glaiza de Castro. My jawdropped when I saw the news. There's some dudes involved though, but honestly, I'm just so happy that we're finally getting a lesbian show in PH. I think it's directed by the same person who directed My Husband's Lover (I haven't seen it but I hope this one's not going to be some heartbreaking sad shit.)

It’s going to be called The Rich Man’s Daughter oh my gosh. It’s still a love triangle but whatevs.

I’m so happy and I hope it won’t be crap. :{

Thank you, Anon, for telling me this!!
lilias-amell, princessheda meggy-carter

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Hi! What's your opinion on people calling Ereri/Riren pedophilia? Or saying that the people who do ship Ereri/Riren are people who're are disgusting? Personally I have no problem with this ship, it's one of my top ships. But I wanted to know what you think on all of the hate recently since you like Ereri/Riren yourself.

Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate (oh god did I just reference taylor swift). Uh I think it’s best to just ignore them? Those kind of people live off of attention so  overreacting will just make things worse. We should just respect each other’s ship and let ppl ship whatever they feel like shipping .  

You know when someone acts differently toward you, and regardless of pleasantries, they still come off so cold?

That’s the shit I hate. If you find me vile, if you think I’m ugly, if you wanna punch me and break my nose, tell me. Fucking tell me. Where is your passion? I don’t care if it’s positive or negative. I’m so fucking tired of being jerked around. Pick what end of the spectrum you’re on, and stick to it.

Or don’t. Whatever.

Hello again, disability devotees:

This is me.  Here’s how it’s going to be.  If you are running a devotee blog, you DO NOT get to reblog pictures of me like this one.  If you are so enamoured with my cripple body that you simply must reblog it to meet your fetishistic needs, you need to click the donate button at the top of my blog, or go to my Gofundme site (x) and make a donation, whatever you may be able to afford.  You MAY reblog this post if you add a comment urging your followers to help me in what is an incredibly difficult period of my life.

If you are truly interested in me as a whole, entire person, you will recognize that I am in serious need of help right now, with no idea how rent will be paid and food will be bought because my mother and I are both disabled, and kindly reblog my post asking for help (x).  No one will get to see pictures of my crippled body if I end up homeless.

If you find me lovely, but cannot reblog this picture or others, or if you want to see more, you may message me and ask about acquiring pictures for a small monetary recompense.  I feel that’s fair.  I have a lovely body, and have no problem taking sexy photos for someone who is willing to help me get by.  There is a big difference between me consenting to give photos to someone and someone taking them against my will.  I hope that  difference is clear to you.

Yours sincerely,


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Brent’s never let himself think about it, is the thing. The kid’s got a lot on his plate. And okay, whatever, maybe Johnny’s only 3 years younger - maybe he’s not a kid, but Kaner calls him the same thing sometimes and that’s just laughable, considering Kaner’s birthday is still a few days away. 

He seems it sometimes, though. The cracks in his facade, the uncertainty that seeps through. Johnny’s the oldest young person he knows but at times he’s just the youngest in general. 

So no, he hasn’t allowed himself to think about it. Except now — now he can’t do anything else. He’s so damn grateful the circus trip is starting. It means days without Johnny in his space at night, even though they still sit together on the plane and on the bus. Maybe he’ll let Duncs switch with him. 

Fuck. Not like it will matter. It’s there now. The seed has been planted and he can’t do anything but let it grow, his mind consumed with images of Johnny— of himself thumbing at Johnny’s lips, of Johnny parting his lips on a gasp, of Johnny licking, eyes dark on Brent while he pushes in, making it known that he wishes it were something else. 

Brent comes so fucking hard, biting his wrist and gasping into the darkness. 

Two months. He barely made it two months before getting a crush on the kid who is totally gonna be his captain one day. 

Brent’s gotta be a sick fuck or something because that thought? That one gets him off more than anything else combine.