Since January 16, 2014: 1 year and counting.

Thank you GOT7 for giving us a year full of laughter and inspiration. Thank you for changing our life in the most beautiful way. I’m so happy that every sweat and tears you’ve invested are starting to pay off.

Remember that ahgasaes will always support and love each and every one of you, no matter what happens. I wish you more happiness and love, good health and much prosperity. Let’s carry on this journey for the next 7 years and more!

Happy 1st Anniversary GOT7! I love you, always~♥


"Like father like son"

Yesterday I made this tweet after reading that for s4 Derek is going to have a job and its suppose to be a big spoiler(?). 

So what if the Sheriff, after seen Derek with his old deputy jacket, tells him "It looks better on you, son" and it triggers a memory of when Derek’s dad told him the exact same thing when he was wearing his leather jacket? What. if.

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Middle-earth History Meme: Yet more Elves! (The Children of Finarfin & Eärwen … also Orodreth. Because I prefer Orodreth son of Angrod? but I also didn’t want to leave him out…..)

Also bonus accurate-hair-aegnor for Gaia: