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Could you do one where the reader has a really bad day and all she wants is a hug. However, since she isn't the most affectionate person, she doesn't know how to ask the pack for hugs.

Just a Bad Day | Pack Imagine

"Maybe we’re all going crazy, ever thought about that?"

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ira, are there identities that "aren't trans enough"? im having a lot of issues w my own id, where i don't... i know im not cis, but... idk, im really confused & v self critical, that idk what! like... specifically, i id as gendervoid, i think, for a time, you did or still do, im not sure, sorry for bringing it up if so,,,, but im just tired of being confused or idk.... im sorry if dont sound sincere, im just really bad at words... sorry, thank you for answering me, if you do.


here’s the deal: at least imo, the second u start thinking u might not be cis, yr probably trans, and once yr trans there is no “enough”

gender is made up anyway!!!!!! and people who try to enforce boundaries on it are accomplishing nothing but hurting ppl who are trying to figure out who they are

if u don’t feel like yr birth assignment fits, even a little bit, u can call yrself trans. and there’s no “more trans” or “less trans!!” theres no trans hierarchy from “kinda trans” to “THE MOST TRANS!!!” (except for me, archprince of darkness, because i am here to win)

i do still id as gendervoid!! tho for clarity’s sake i usually just say agender. if u want me to talk more abt what gendervoid/agender means to me, i can do that, but i dont want u to think that u have to like….compare yr feelings 2 mine 2 see if they “fit” bc all of these words can mean different things to different ppl and we dont have to experience being gendervoid in the same way

basically: anyone who tries 2 make u feel like u “arent trans enough” is a dickhead and i’ll fight them if u want

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So there's this guy at my school who I really like and we are always talking in class and he'll always act really cute and a bunch of people think he will ask me out but they've been saying that for weeks and I'm still single and idk if he actually likes me or not and idk what to do



okay so im gonna do the Thing. i gotta clear up my dash and like i mentioned before it may involve breaking some mutuals. but please know that if im in a mutual with you it means i do like you as a person and while i know you reblog things with good intentions or because theyre bad with good commentary, it doesnt stop me from getting upset and i gotta take care of myself. if you wanna unfollow me back i understand but i dont want you thinkin i dont want you around or anything you can still reply to my stuff and send me asks and it wont bother me. idk i just. i need to stop being mad every time i log in. and im on mobile 99% of the time so matter how well you tag i still see it….thanks for your patience with me….im sorry i feel so selfish


agender people are allowed to partipate in this i see so here i am!! im really bad at smiling for pictures so im sorry i look like death in all of them. (they/them pls) also sorry that the first one is upside down?? idk how that happened


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So this is love…

Disney + Favorite Romantic Relationship requested by storybrooke


"Like father like son"

Yesterday I made this tweet after reading that for s4 Derek is going to have a job and its suppose to be a big spoiler(?). 

So what if the Sheriff, after seen Derek with his old deputy jacket, tells him "It looks better on you, son" and it triggers a memory of when Derek’s dad told him the exact same thing when he was wearing his leather jacket? What. if.

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