NOT pretty pictures of food, however this was yesterday’s meals. Don’t freak out! We have an assignment, where we need to reduce our calories with 50% for 48 hours. And what’s the point of that, you ask?
The point is that, as health professionals and nutritionists, we need to know how our clients will feel if we bring their calories that low. We still have to do what we usually do - study, work, or train, whatever we are doing on a day to day basis. So yeah, I had two workout sessions + HIIT! 
Given my past with ED, this assignment was slightly triggering for me. Especially, since I am still not fully recovered (big confession right here). I thought it’ll be easy enough for me not to eat, but I was wrong. I felt hunger last night before sleep and this morning after I woke up my stomach was not happy. Also, I have noticed extreme hunger after workouts, which is not usual for me. It makes me happy though, that it is no longer “easy” for me to restrict! I LOVE food, I LOVE taste, and I LOVE eating!!! This couple of days made me think about how wonderfully is the human  body created - how amazing is that we are able to fuel ourselves by enjoying hundreds of foods, multiple tastes and various textures! 

I tried kept it vegetarian for those 2 days, because I actually found myself transitioning to more plant based food. I do not consume poultry anymore and I rarely consume red meat. But that’s another topic for a post, which will come very soon!

Yesterday I drank almost 4L of water with BCAA in it. I don’t want to lose more of my precious muscle mass! My protein sources were rice protein powder, lactose free yogurt, and silken tofu (scrambled with asparagus and tomato sauce - surprisingly not bad).  Macros for the day were: 135g carbs (38g fiber); 32g fat, 91g protein, 1 159 calories. Burned 307cal, it was back day!

It’s been an interesting experience so far. Also, it was very different from juicing, which I tried for 4 days on my internship. I didn’t feel hunger while juicing. If you want me to tell you more about my experience with that, write me! :) Otherwise, enjoy your food and stay healthy!

Another post with today’s meals will come tomorrow, also I will share if I lost any weight or cm from my waist, since we had to document that as well!

"I brake for birds. I rock a lot of polka dots. I have touched glitter in the last 24 hours. I spend my entire day talking to children. And I find it fundamentally strange that you’re not a dessert person. It freaks me out.  I’m sorry that I don’t talk like Murphy Brown. And I hate your pants suit. I wish it had ribbons on it or something just to make it slightly cuter but that doesn’t mean I’m not smart and tough and strong."

- New Girl

In light of the new Supergirl trailer, I think people need a little reminder.

onlyinlostdreams asked:

Does it ever freak you out slightly that a ton of people have pretty much adopted you as their online momma? ('re also so amazing, thank you for all your help)

Not really, no. XD

I do have occasional moments of “Why the fuck are you all following me, are you LOST!? Do you have any idea what a screwed-up GOOF of a person I am?”

And then I remember that that’s all part of my unique charm and people seem to like it, so why worry?

I’m currently at 5,636 adorable people who somehow think my input is valuable, so I must be doing something right.

And if a bunch of them decide that they’d like to have me as a witchy surrogate mama, I am totally down for that. :)

Other IBS sufferers ...

I always find it interesting when I meet other people who have IBS.

I know that statistically there are a lot of us out there, but I don’t seem to meet very many. Probably because we don’t greet new people with ‘hi my name’s Joe and I have IBS’ … it’s something you only tend to find out when you get to know someone a little better.

The reason I like meeting the odd person like me is that generally I learn something – Everyone has a slightly different story, different experiences and I come away from it feeling like I’m not a one-off freak. It’s comforting knowing you aren’t the only one.

That said the people I meet seem to fall into distinct categories:

- People who absolutely do not want to talk about it. That’s fine, it’s personal, your business. I normally experience this when I mutual friend says something along the lines of ‘you have IBS, hey Karen here has it too’ … and then Karen looks runs a mile.

- People who claim to have IBS. The last person like this I encountered was a classic example; let’s call him Bob. The conversation went as follows:

Bob: ‘Oh yes, I have IBS too because sometimes at Christmas when I eat far too much I get a bit of tummy ache’.

Me: ‘Right. Have you seen a doctor?’

Bob: ‘No.

Now I’m not saying Bob does or doesn’t have IBS - But you can’t just borrow medical terms for when you’ve been a cake-guzzling glutton. I got a bit of a sugar rush drinking a juice last week and I didn’t start claiming this made me diabetic. I’m just concerned that some people who employ the term without careful consideration risk trivializing the condition for the rest of us.

- People who do like to talk. This is normally when you’ve both had it for some time and have experience with rounds of doctors/hospital visits.

Until last week I had never had a flare up when in the company of another IBS sufferer. I swear hand on heart it was the best thing ever. Not only do they completely ‘get it’, they know what to do – When to help and when to leave you alone. It was like I had another mini me to help out. Ideally I think we should travel in pairs ….

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How did english lit go today? I'm assuming you do it (sorry if you don't!) I agree with you though, ccea are being unusually nice this year, it's freaking me out slightly

I think it went okay?! How did you find it? :) Yeah me too, I’m dreading unit 2 on Friday… Goodness knows what we’ll face!

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I'm in the bathroom freaking out. He walks in to return the dressing gown. I turn around but bc of the stupid wet floor I kinda slip back slightly & he reaches over to steady me. His hair is still wet & he looks so hot at this point may I add looks me straight in the eyes & seriously goes 'u knothe only thing that can solve this level on sexual tension' & my hearts racing & I shake my head mortified. He goes 'pizza I'm starved. I'll order' kisses my cheek, smiles & goes 'I'll wait downstairs'



I can’t believe it right now rip me oh my ff

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hey, i'm sorry to be a other, but i was wondering if i could have some advice. i had to tell my parents about my DID today and they went for interrogate, not validate. i want to talk to them about they way they treated me and explain why it's so important to change my treatment plan and i was wondering if you had any advice on how to make it more likely that they would listen to me. any and all advice is appreciated (i'm panicking slightly) :/

You are not a bother at all! I do this a lot :D

I can understand why you’d freak out, especially if you’ve only recently had the diagnosis yourself, and your parents haven’t taken it well. DID (for my other readers, Dissociative Identity Disorder) is one of those big scary “cinematic” diagnoses that tends to make people interrogate because it’s semi-rare and usually the product of trauma, which especially makes parents wig out because it means they didn’t protect you when they think they should have. 

It’s good that you want to talk to them about their reaction to the news, and I hope you understand that it is the news they were reacting to, not you – while they may have trouble separating your diagnosis from your person, if they’ve got you in treatment and want to be a part of it then I think they probably do genuinely come from a place of “love you and trying to help”, they’re just being super bad at expressing that right now. Which doesn’t excuse what they did, but it may help you understand why they did it, which can take some of the sting out.

I mean, I think what you suggest is good – make a few notes to yourself about the things you want to say, like have three main points you want to make, and stick to those points when you talk to them. “The way you reacted really freaked me out”, or “I need to talk about why you didn’t believe me” or “I really need you to trust me and help me out, I’m scared too” or whatever it is you feel you need to say. Possibly it would be best to do this out in public where their emotional reactions are likely to be dampened, but that can be harder on you, so you know – pick your venue with care.

You may want to consider having your counselor or doctor or therapist talk to them too. You’re not alone in this, someone diagnosed you – why not have them handle the flak from your parents? After all, if you need to get parental consent, surely the doctors are going to need to get your folks to sign something at some point. If your parents are freaked out, an expert with a degree can explain the technical (not the personal) a lot better than you can, and won’t be as hurt when your parents ask a lot of dubious questions about it. 

But also – you’re old enough that the person or people treating you talked to you about it instead of going straight to your parents, and you’re old enough to be pretty coherent about what happened, so….do you need their permission to change your treatment? I honestly don’t know much about DID but I was given to understand that a great deal of the treatment for it is focused around treating the initial trauma(s), like, it’s not like you’re probably going to need surgery for this. How much parental consent do you need? Teenagers in particular tend to forget that they don’t need parental permission for everything they do, because they have for so long. Can you change your treatment plan without needing their permission? If so, I say go ahead and do it, as long as your folks aren’t gonna actively cut off support you need. 

So, I think it’s great you want to talk to your parents and I hope they come to understand the things you’re dealing with – but remember that your framework as a young person is shifting, and you may be able to do what you need to do for you regardless of what they think you do or don’t have as a diagnosis. 

Good luck. It’s a scary thing to face, but more knowledge is always better than less. :)

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Hi, Angela! I'm the anon from a while back who slightly freaked out over Harry and Louis doing things right as I was supposed to be studying for finals. You so kindly (and correctly) advised me that my studies come first. NOW, I have another final in 4 days AND THESE TWO ARE AT IT AGAIN! WHY DO MY LARENTS WANT ME TO FAIL COLLEGE?!

they are mean people!!

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The first time my boyfriend fingered me, I ended up squirting like crazy. It shocked me. Trust me, it wasn't voluntary. I kinda freaked out, but I know it wasn't urine. He was actually rather pleased to get such a response. It just takes hitting the right spot while lying comfortably with your hips relaxed, but slightly elevated. But every body is different and some people are more sensitive/responsive.

Team of scientific researchers, anon. Scientific. Researchers. It is pee.

little asshole popular blogger things

*lost 5 followers* lol k i’ll make that up in like 10 mins but whatev

*lost 12 followers* okay assholes bye i’ll have that dent covered in like a day


reblogging posts from smaller blogs that love you and watching them freak out

following a blogger that loves you and watching them freak out

sprees of anon love to random blogs

seeing a lengthy reblog to a post you reblogged and wondering if you’ll be feeling shame for one of your followers and apologizing to the OP

popular text posts are a fucking nightmare

popular photosets only hurt slightly less

“should i tag this or will my follower count float it?”

*7 new messages in your inbox* oh no what did i say

*0 new messages in your inbox* ummmm???? excuse me where is everyone?

having your popular blog crew

being a post pimp for your friends

everyone and their grandma does anon ask memes

you don’t know how the fuck you got more than 10 followers ever

the other night when i was slightly tipsy i accidentally told the friends i was with about me having done acid and they freaked out?? omfg they got all worried and “we need to have an intervention” “don’t do drugs” “is there anything else we need to know about”

GOD that is not. the most dangerous thing i’ve done to myself. not by a long shit.

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It slightly freaks me out when fans can easily bring up picture from years past of 1D recycling their wardrobe. However i also think it's pretty cute that Harry (and others) wears clothes he's had for years. Unless YSL or Nike is sending him a new box of whatever, he goes into his closet and rummages around like any regular person and is like, "you know what, that RS concert last night was so much fun, Imma wear that shirt I got, it's gotta be here somewhere"

harry does seem to like his older stuff as well as the new YSL stuff. lol we all have our favorite shirts 

Got tagged by fan-girl-it-up (thanks even though this is freaking me out still thank you for tagging me in this) for the beautiful people thing and I have no recent pictures of myself that don’t include my family and this was only like late last year or something and I look the exact same plus this is my favourite photo of myself but yeah gonna be honest I’m paranoid as hell about putting my photo on tumblr sorry anyway I have no clue who to tag I know awesomereject won’t do it so I won’t tag her People I tag and this is at random any that come to mind charlie-chipmunk crowlay pole-r-baer asexualkingelsa antonindollohov votecrowleyforministerofmagic bam4me baylester gluestickandscissorfights consumedly halereyes hgtmigirlxx hhipuppy killjoywhatsername lloydoholic mirthfulmeg puddle-of-awesomeness @everyone who wants to do it Also if you don’t want to feel free to ignore this

Random OTP AUs because why not
  • You fell asleep on my shoulder on the bus/train/plane and you woke up while I was trying to take a photo of us to show my friends how cute you were. Well this is awkward.
  • Help my friend made me take her dog while she runs off to talk to a guy she spotted. I have never walked a dog in my life and I’m freaking out; You look quite competent with yours could you please help??
  • You’ve been wearing the exact same shirt but in slightly different colours each time I see you and it frustrates me but you also always look amazingly well coordinated how do you do that?
  • We made awkward eye contact while homophobes were loudly talking hate. We should so make out to annoy them
  • You got called outs of your work by a concerned customer to deal with a drunk person, but I’m not actually drunk; I was just having an animated conversation with a pigeon who won’t leave me and my sandwich alone help me out?
  • This is the third time I’ve seen you and your friend propose to each other to get free food in a restaurant so I decided to stand up and pretend to be your shocked and very upset partner, and I ended up getting us both permanently banned because you and your friend went along with it.
  • You’re a teacher on a school trip and I think you’re cute so I’m trying to subtly find out if you’re single or not but the kids won’t stop interrupting.
  • “There’s a car in the car park that parked near me and it’s the most DISGUSTING combination of lime green and orange it makes me want to throw u- wait that’s your car?”
  • I’m trying to return someone’s phone but you’re listed as X famous celebrity in their contacts and I needed to know if it was actually them (bonus points if it is actually them)

So I’m going to be at the Philly con this weekend and I’m making my dad come with because California to Pennsylvania is a loooooong way (and he’s a huge nerd :P)

And also I’m slightly terrified because the last time I saw dt - when I was in Raleigh - I accidentally overdosed on Xanex and was high the entire time and did so many embarrassing things right in front of him. And I can’t even remember half of what happened! Which is sad.

But he held my hand when he was only supposed to do fist bumps and he called me sweetheart so… I think he really pitied me.

Plus, as he was leaving I was sobbing by the door and he asked my friend if I was okay. (Then Ian Somerhalder or however you spell that sat with me while I cried and I had no idea who he was but some lady’s granddaughters were flipping out).

Anyway, I’m soooo embarrassed to see him again because if he remembers … oh god. Ohhhhhh god.