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hi uhm, i hope its okay for me to send this, becuase it's sunday where i'm at but i'm slightly freaking out because i think that my aro/ace identity is just because of my severe depression?? if that's the case then am i really aro/ace?? or am i just doing this for attention like everyone says i am??

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You are valid as aroace no matter the reason. <3

Walker Stalker Day 2: MMB Edition

I mentioned that I was going to try to meet Melissa again on Sunday because I was just completely shut down the first time I met her.

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Friends (No Laugh Track Version)

Notifications Are Low Key Horrifying

For whatever reason seeing the little notification for a message is so nerve wracking for me on here (and any social media really)

like Oh gosh someone has contacted me, specifically me what could it be about, what do they want dear God if I open it then they will somehow just  know and they’re waiting for me to answer but what if I’m not ready and then I just look silly and asdfghjklydyfdfvf

And it ends up being like, Bethany talking about an obscure book series

I'm BETTER than HIM (Jimin//Jungkook Scenario) (Part 1)

Slightly „smut”//bad language//Aggressiv content 

I was currently sitting in the living room of the boys dorm. Why ?
Because I couldn’t find ANY peace at home to do my freaking homework.
So while I was sitting and doing my goddamn homework the boys got ready to go out, well everyone but Jungkook.
The boys had a free day so they decided to go out and do something rather than staying inside, which Jungkook refused, he wanted to stay at home.

Jimin, my boyfriend, told me beforehand that they’re going away, which i didn’t mind.
I mean I needed to do my homework anyway so it couldn’t be even better.

„But when I come home, you better be having that homework done so i can spend some time with you“, he said before he went to Jungkook and literally dragged him out of the living room into their bedroom.


„You stay away from (Y/N).! If I find out that you tried something, I swear to god Jungkook..
You gonna pay“, Jimin said through gritted teeth while he hold on Jungkooks collar.

„I’m not gonna try anything hyung. She’s your girlfriend. Just because I like her doesn’t mean
I’m gonna do anything. I promise“, Jungkook said with a disappointed voice.

„I’m just warning you.!“


As they went out of the room, Jungkook looked a bit… i can’t describe it… there was just
something in his look that made me worried.
Jimin went straight to me, went down on my level, since i was sitting on the floor, and kissed me.
But before he stood up he whispered in to my ear, „Babe, please stay away from Jungkook or at least don’t talk to him much. And promise me, you call me when there is something odd happening. Okay?“

I just nodded my head in confusion but before I could ask what he meant with staying away from Jungkook and why. He stood up and went out with the rest of the boys.

So now it was only me and Jungkook.

As I just simply shrugged the thought off, i continued to do my homework while Jungkook entered the bedroom and literally disappeared in it.

After what felt like 30 minutes, I was stuck at a question, re-reading it over and over again until I just let out a long frustrating moan.
Jungkook went out of the bedroom and looked at me with an what-are-you-doing expressions which I 

responded to with ,“I’m stuck at a question“.

His face changed instantly to an Oh expression and he quickly sat beside me.
He read the question, took my pencil and wrote the answer down.
„Do you need more help?“, he looked at me with his famous cute smile.
I was stunned because he just literally answered the question in, what ? 5 seconds?
„(Y/N)? Need any more help?“
„H-Huh? Eh… No, Thank you“, I smiled back.
The thing was, I thought that he’s gonna go back to his bedroom but no, he sat with me.

After a while of silence, me doing my homework and him starring at me doing my homework, he broke the silence.
„Sooooo, how is it going with Jimin Hyung?“
„Well, good?“
„That’s good to hear. Is he a good boyfriend?“
„Ehm, yea? He’s cute, kind… sexy“, i muttered the last part…
„And he’s well behaved. He takes care of me and helps me when I have a problem“, I answered.
„And what do you think of me?“, he suddenly asked.
I was a bit taken back because, why would he ask me this?
„Well I don’t know, I think you would be also a good boyfriend“, i said, trying to concentrate on my homework.
„Than why him and not me?“
I looked at him with wide eyes, stunned at the question but rather at that statement.
He looked in to my eyes with a lovely expression combined with desperate.
He waited for an answer, which I couldn’t give him.

As he still waited for an respond, I tried to collect my thoughts.
I tried to calm myself because JESUS, this shit here is intense.
And suddenly it made click, thats why Jimin wanted me to stay away from Jungkook.

Because he was in love with me..

As I still haven’t given a respond to Jungkook, he came suddenly closer.
My Heartbeat was increasing.
He stopped right before my lips mumbling against them, „why Jimin and not me… I would be so much better..“
As I inhaled sharply, I felt like melting away..
It wasn’t because I felt something for Jungkook, no, my heart belongs to it’s fullest to Jimin.
It was just, I never wanted to have such an…. awkward moment. I never wanted to be in such a position.
As my breathing got heavier and my mouth parted, he tried to kiss me but before he could i managed to push him a little bit away.

„NO, Jungkook, No……. no… no….“
I said while shaking my head rapidly from left to right.
I was thinking, where should I go.
Should I go to the bedroom and lock myself in until the boys return or should i lock myself in the bathroom…
I decided to go for the bedroom, so as I stood up and tried to went past him
he quickly got up too and followed me to the bedroom door.

Before I could enter it though he grabbed me by my wrist, turned me around and dragged me backwards inside the bedroom. He quickly closed the bedroom door with his foot and slammed me against it.
His breath close to my neck. I could feel him inhaling my scent and I could feel his lips wandering up and down my neck, his nose tickling my skin in the process. I inhaled sharply. 
He went up to my ear, holding my wrists firmly at the wooden door. My breath got heavier again and oh how i wish Jimin would come home right in the second.

I made up the worst scenarios in my head but than again, it was kookie… right.. my little kookie.. he wouldn’t do that..right… or am i wrong?

Suddenly, his grip loosed a bit but was still firm and he dropped his head onto my shoulder.
„Why… why not me… I love you (Y/N)…“, he whispered.
It was like my voice disappeared. It was gone…

He looked up, sadness, love, disappointment… everything was written in his eyes.
And before I could say or do something, his lips were crashed onto mine.
My eyes widened, I tried to shake him off but his grip tightened again and he pressed me even more against the door, if even possible.
He forcefully kissed me, bit down on my lip and as much as i tried to turn my face, he was glued against my lips.
I felt his tongue but i refused to open my mouth so he spread my legs with his knee and started to rub my womanhood through my pants.
I gasped, partly moaned and thats where he got the entry.

I was being weak, couldn’t do anything and thats where I started to panic..

His hands changed from holding my wrists to holding my waist and pressing me against his body.
I started to beat his chest, tried to free myself but all he did was wrapping his arms around me and throwing me onto his bed.
I screamed… shouted „STOP, JUNGKOOK. PLEASE STOP“ but he wouldn’t.
He hovered above me, pinned my wrists down again, as he leaned down he muttered, „Why are you still trying? Just let it happen. You must feel something for me“, as he said that he kissed me again more aggressive this time.

I was on the edge of crying when someone pulled Jungkook away and punched him straight across the face.
I quickly sat up and saw Jimin holding Jungkook on his collar. The other boys entered quickly the room and tried to get a hold of Jimin but no… He was in rage…

„Jimin, calm down“, Jin and Yoongi tried to calm him down but it was impossible in this state.
„Jimin, Let him go“
„Jimin, Calm Down“
The Boys desperately tried to part them both but it was just useless.

Titanic Imagine Part 3

I am stuck in a car. A car. A tiny vehicle that I could easily freak out in. If I wasn’t here with Harry. He smiled as he heard the people yelling about how it must have been one of those stupid rats and I shuddered. Rats. Gross. Harry slightly laughed at the face I must have been making. “Wow you really are such a rich girl.” 

I flipped them off and he leaned over to me to kiss me. This wasn’t like the first kisses we shared. Though those ones had sparks. This one lit off fireworks in my whole entire body. I couldn’t help but lean towards him tugging on his shirt collar to have him fall over me so I could be able to kiss him harder. He smirked a little. “Someone’s a little feisty Eh?”

I gave him a look before he went back to kissing me. That was when I started to take off his vest. I didn’t care if I was supposed to ,sorry forced to, marry Cal. I wanted someone I care about. I wanted Harry. So when he stopped to look at me taking off his vest. 

"I want this." He smiled unbuttoning the back of my dress. As I quickly slipped out of the fancy dress that we had found in the chest. He smiled at me and once again I could not believe that I was doing this. 

The dress came off and he smirked at the sight of me in my undergarments. “God am I a lucky bastard.” 

I nodded as I got closer to him and kissed him some more. “You are.”

He looked at my bra and just reached and unclasped it like it was nothing. I looked at him strangely. Just assuming that he had done this shot before and he laughed. 

"Older sister when I was younger I practiced on one so one day I could pretend to be pro." Rolling off my eyes, I immediately looked down at his boxers. I knew he was turned on and thought it would be fun to play with him even though I was just as turned on and this would be torture for me too. I slowly got to be completely on him and I sat on him, my arms around his neck and slowly started to move my hips back and forth back and forth.  His moans kept on exciting me and exciting me. Sooner than later he decided it would be okay to start helping out with the moving off my hips and started playing along. The friction was amazing.

Eventually the two of us were so riled up that we both began taking each other’s underwear off at the same time. Once mine was off all he could do was smile. “Man I really am the luckiest guy in the world.”

Of course right after he had said that he decided to go down on me and start eating me out. He looked up briefly to smile almost evilly. “Damn Anna, you are wet!”

Might of not help that he really couldn’t finish his sentence because I just pushed him right back down. It felt so good that I just didn’t want it to stop. Soon , after I had probably moaned I pulled him back up, once he licked his lips, I slammed my lips into his. “ I need you now.”

I mumbled into his lips. He nodded and gentle did so. He put his tip in and slowly trusted. He moaned a bit and I was guessing it was because I was tight, I had heard talk about this before. Sooner and faster his thrusts got faster and harder. It was not long until I was scraping his back with my names and pretty much yelling his name.

Once we had finished, the car we were in was steamy and you could not see out the windows. We were laying on  top of each other as the fact was the car was really small and we just looked at each other. Suddenly, I had an idea. “Harry?”


“Can you draw me like one of your French girls now?” With a smirk on his face I could tell he was happy about this.

“I thought you would never ask.” We both slowly got out of the car. I was kind dizzy and tripping and so was he. We both got dressed and I saw the scratches that were on his back and I thought to myself ‘Damn I did a pretty damn good job for my first time’

Rushing back to my room we made sure no one was there and that every single door was locked. He looked at me and smirked. “You know what to do.”

Stripped down and on the couch, I laid down and kept int eh same position as Harry drew frivolously in his art book.

When he was done, he looked up to me and smiled. “Do you want to see it?”

I grabbed the blanket on the couch and walked over, looking at the amazing drawing he had just made of me. “This is amazing.”

I said as I started to kiss his neck signaling something. “Round two?”

He questioned. I let go of the blanket grabbed my dress and ran into my room. Today just kept getting better.

2353) Since falling out with my friends I've started to get really anxious about going into school. I've started to not be able to sleep and at 1 or 2 in the morning I freak out and start shaking slightly and crying worried that they'll confront me or I won't have any friends to talk to. It's been getting worse and worse and now it's half term it hasn't stopped but I've just found it harder and I'm scared to leave my house in fear I'll run into one of them.

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I'm slightly new to yognaughtdom and Flux Buddies is pretty much amazing. Everyone's freaking out about this sapphire thing and I know it's always been there, but I don't know when it got there or how. Could you tell me or link me or whatever works for you? Thanks for letting me ask and thanks for having an awesome blog. I adore your jokes. Never stop.


Lalna gives it to her as a gift in this episode of Flux Buddies. 

And, since then, she’s always made sure to keep it in her inventory. Bless.

To the ppl working on shameless who release the episode stills, pls when you release the stills of (5x10) don’t release stills from the Dugout scene pls don’t!! just let it be a surprise, pls don’t spoil the excitement for this scene by releasing fucking sad stills from it. PLS!! PLS!! (the fandom here wudn’t take such a thing slightly,i cud never handle this) (thinking abt this is freaking me out so much) 

Possibly triggering, but no #s

Weigh-in was this morning at 6 am, and the dietitian just came in told me I need an increase because I didn’t gain the weight required per week during my first week here :( I know it’s necessary to do but I’m still getting pain and discomfort from the amount of food I’m already being fed (which is actually basically an average persons intake) and then adding an additional x hundred calories is slightly freaking me the hell out.
Gotta do it though. For the booty 👌but most important for me and to get the most out of my life!
Thankyou all for all of your support as well, Im thinking of you guys a lot ❤️