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The Megane and His Butler (closed RP with detective-ryugazaki and sparklingsei)

Seijuro Mikoshiba adjusted his uniform once he finished dusting everything in the study. He was still new to this whole butler thing, but was doing his darnedest to keep his new boss happy. He really couldn’t afford to lose this job. He didn’t have anywhere to stay if he got kicked out, and he really needed the money.

Fortunately, taking orders was something he was pretty good at. So far, he’d only had a couple of actual conversations with his boss, Rei Ryugazaki, and one of those was when he’d interviewed for the job. Other than that, it had pretty much been Ryugazaki giving him instructions about what to clean when, what to make for meals, that sort of thing.

Seijuro didn’t really know a lot about his employer, other than the fact that he came from a rich family, hence the mansion and the considerable amount of money he was able to pay the redhead. Although he was curious about what kinds of things this Ryugazaki character did with his time and money, it wasn’t really his place to pry. He was just the hired help. Taking the duster over to the utility closet, Seijuro got out the broom to start sweeping the hardwood floors of the living room.


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You can listen to the mix on 8tracks [here] if you’re interested!

Stefan grunted, as he met them on top of the bleachers, “‘Sup losers.” Katherine gave him the finger, “Says the guy who is walking around with a football ball. And that hair.” Stefan winked, “Gotta stay fresh for possible hunks who want to throw balls with you.” He ignored her disgusted face and pointed at Klaus, “You’re looking positively miserable.” “I’m brooding.” He huffed. Katherine chuckled, “More like pining over your little sister.” Stefan looked out into the field to see Caroline, with her hands on her hips, in her cheerleading outfit. “I’ve told you I don’t like this, man. Why can’t you pursue Bonnie Bennett? Caroline says she’s a witch. You’d be into that, right.” Klaus looked up at him, “You’re insufferable.” “And you are not going to date my sister.” “Whatever, dude, she doesn’t even look my way.” Klaus mumbled. Stefan rolled his eyes so hard his neck cracked a little. “Uuuuuuuuuh,” Katherine clapped her hands “Do tell!” “I’m not telling you shit. I love you, buddy, I really do. But you walk around with a knife in your pocket. I’m pretty sure you don’t shower. You haven’t had a steady relationship since kindergarden. And that was with Kat. Who is gay.” “So? He was a great boyfriend!” Katherine threw her arm around Klaus’ waist protectively. Klaus smiled a little and bumped his elbow against hers affectionately. “And no more mixtapes,” Stefan continued “If I have to spend another night listening to “the spill canvas” and “saves the day” and all that pop punk emo bullshit I will rip someone’s head off.” Klaus and Katherine gaped at him in disbelief. “What?” Klaus felt his cheeks burn, heart ready to come out, “She listens to my mixes?” Katherine threw her fists in the air, “She listens to your mixes!” While the two of them kept on celebrating Stefan finally sat down and, with his face on his hands, sighed. 


work hard play hard

{ drippingredledgers​ }:

unexpected voice FIRES from behind,    unexpected bullet to pierce
through her ear drums.  heels mute against the pavement, halting in
their step.         there’s no need to turn, to gain recognition of the face
behind ;; she knows. how could she forget ?            lips line smugly,
concealing into a FINE coral line.

                    ❝ someone’s full of compliments today. ❞

    & CUE a rotation on pointed heels,      CLICKING into a firm spot. the
     smile which was one there, a matter of moments ago,   DIMINISHES
      at his glimpse    ( but he knows it’s BURIED in the sand BENEATH ).

❝ so, you do REMEMBER me. 
        i don’t know if i should be  f l a t t e r e d  or scared.
        maybe both ?

wiping off the smug look on his face, he dabs the napkin
from a nearby table and wiped some dirt from his mouth
―he didn’t expect to see her here. heck, he didn’t expect
to see anyone here. but since they’re already there, he gu-
essed he should take the effort to, you know, not look lik-
e shit. he owed her at least that. 

                      ❝ how are YOU, widow ?

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