yo yo yo just so you guys know we’re going to try and get #EmbraceTheWaffleDan to trend on twitter when i get home from school (i only have a half day since it’s the last day so I’ll be back p soon) bc he always gets on himself for talking about things we like and i want to make him feel appreciated bc i love him
you can tweet like anything from the tags, idc, pictures, compliments, whatever. just no negativity pls and don’t bring up phil too much if you can avoid it bc although he is my beautiful sun and i love him like my own this is more so about dan and trying to make him more adapt to expressing his opinions rather than dismissing it right away
is that cool? good? don’t start until i get home pls bc i wanna be a part of it too, and spread the word!
(if this ends up being a flop and no one else tweets we’re gonna forget it ever happened k)

Perfection - P’taah

Questioner: How do you deal with it when the ego tries to show you that you are not perfect, or to look at the bad side of you?

P’taah: But dear one, it is to know that every facet of who you are is an expression of the God you are. Every facet of who you are is an expression of Divinity, else it would not be, beloved. There is no right or wrong. There simply IS.

Questioner: I am working on a preconceived idea of what perfect is. That is where the whole trouble is.

P’taah: Beloved, you are perfect.

Questioner: Even with my ‘whatevers’? They are as perfect as Jesus was?

P’taah: Beloved, you are perfect.

Questioner: My ego is perfect, my everything is perfect?

P’taah: Dear one, you see it is humanity’s definition of ‘perfect’. As we have said before, your definition of perfect is a finished object, pristinely finished, but you see, there is nothing in the universe that is finished, else it would not be, not even God.

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BK fans playing victims right now lord. I feel bad for Bamon fans who wanted a panel at bnc and already paid. BK fans don't get it, they know not all kat fans ship bk so of course they want a ian/kat panel. all we get is a so called meeting with ian and kat and couple photo ops, while chris/kat are doing three panels and photo ops. Whatever I hope at their individual panels fans ask about Bamon anyways.

Yep some just want to go there to see Kat/Ian on panel and not every single person is going to  BNC just to see a Kat/Chris panel.  Even if it was two panels with Kat/Chris and one with her and Ian then it wouldn’t be so bad.

Yeah hopefully some Bamon fans there will still get to ask Kat about Bamon. 

Oh well there is nothing that we can do about it now expect for hope for p anels in the other Cons that are going up this summer. But false rumors should not be spread and twisting people’s words or misunderstanding what they meant ( whether the words are getting twisted by accident or intentionally only the person who started the rumor knows this)..

Because if there are actual receipts of Bamon fans demanding that Kat’s panels with Chris be cancelled I have not seen them. All I have seen is Bamon fans asking why there are no panels with Kat/Ian at BNC and why does it make sense for them to put her on three with Chris and none with Ian. Bamon fans would have had the exact same questions for BNC if they had decided to put her on three panels with Steve McQueen and none with Ian. Because it is about the lack of panels with Kat/Ian at BNC.

But with the internet if one person posts something claiming things against a person or group of people then U have those who will believe anything and start to spread the rumor. Which we are trying to stop from spreading.

Def needed yesterday to recuperate from the party

So glad everyone had a good time! my brother did skin his knee and break his phone but he’s okay haha. I ended up going to get my nails done with my Mom and my aunt Janice at this random place on a whim and got a really fierce bright red. Other than that I just lazed around because my stomach was still kinda ick from all the alcohol but whatever, gotta live a little sometimes :P 

Today its back to the work grind and i’ll be there 1-6 so not too bad of a shift. Also went to the gym and had a good run but was annoyed because I’m having trouble syncing music on my new ipod rawr music is life so I think I need to fix that somehow and maybe go into the Apple Store or something 

Today is also Tyler’s REAL birthday, I won’t be seeing him today but I will see him later this week. I really miss him already from yesterday I didn’t want him to leave but he had to drive everyone home :P anywho ttyl errbody 

According to Isaac, the love of the Creator towards fallen angels does not diminish as a result of their fall, and it is no less than the fullness of love which he has towards other angels. To think that hatred and resentment exist in God, even against demonic beings, would be thoroughly odious and utterly blasphemous, Isaac claims; as it would be to imagine in that glorious Nature any other weakness or passibility or whatever else might be involved in the retribution of good or bad. Instead, God acts towards us in ways he knows will be advantageous to us, whether they cause joy or grief, whether they are insignificant or glorious: all are directed towards the single eternal good.
—  Met. Hilarion Alfeyev, The Spiritual World of Isaac the Syrian [p. 39]

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Planet fitness doesn't have anything against muscular people so long as they don't make other people feel inadequate and are very body positive. They give free pizza and tootsie rolls and let you do whatever. The employees are nice too I love it

yeah from what i’m reading the first anon was p damn wrong

my bad for posting it w/o doing the proper research

whenever i get really really bored with whatever is going on around me i sorta retreat into this fantasy world of mine but then like. some of my movements and expressions and things that i say carry over to whatever im actually doing. so if in my world im angry then in the real world i look angry, and if i make a really dramatic movement in my world i can feel like. my shoulders or my arms twitch as if im actually about to do that. it gets p bad listening to music in a boring class or on the bus bc i sorta lose myself in that ideal world where im not bored out of my god damn mind and i actually have sensory input instead of someone’s voice or bumps in the road

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Since the People Eater is a nipple twisting sexual deviant (fun fact in the concept art he has a large penis) who likes to hurt people (he laughed when he killed Valkyrie) - my headcanon is that if a war boy does something that's against the rules or some other shit Immortan Joe doesn't like - Joe will sent him to gas town and let P.E. do with him whatever he wants. I would write a story about Nux and Slit trying to escape from Gas town but my engl. isn't that good. :-(

This is really interesting! I’ve honestly neglected Gastown and the Bullet Farm in my headcanons, I should definitely expand my horizons. c: Something about Nux and Slit barreling through disgusting, sprawling urban decay chased by bad guys sounds very appealing…(if only I didn’t suck so badly at action). :p And you should write a fix anyway! Plenty of people would be happy to proofread it, and everyone makes mistakes when writing anyway. c:

i was tagged by the super cool mycroftslonely

you can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. hit shuffle on your itunes/spotify/whatever and write down the first ten songs. then pass it on to ten people! 

  1. the (after) life of the party - fall out boy
  2. back$tabber - ke$ha
  3. thunderstruck - ac/dc
  4. growing up - fall out boy
  5. damned if do ya (damned if I don’t) - all time low
  6. sheer heart attack - queen
  7. thank you for the venom - my chemical romance
  8. puss ‘n boots - adam and the ants
  9. miracle - paramore
  10. bad influence - p!nk

and I tag patrvchilles not-ready-todie not-victor themorrisdance achillogy acedanvers the-doors-are-closed manhasetardis thisbirdisabsurd and st3v3thenerd

Dear everyone,

It’s storming pretty bad here and it’s very likely my power will be going out soon, so you should keep me company! :D

P.S. That means whatever you want. Message me or just do the number ask thing.


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ace anon had to stop following ace-related blogs bc their behavior is frankly embarassing. they have this whole attitude of sighing loudly about being "special snowflakes" (i'm not using the term facetously either 8/) and yet get really angry that no one takes us seriously. ofc they wont when the ace comm is always acting either shunned or Too Pure and making up ridiculous new "sub sexualities" within the ace/greyace/whatever spectrums that are completely inane. they're also p. anti-sex a lot :V

Anonymous said:same anon, but while I don’t think aces should do the bad shit they’re doing, i also don’t think its usually the reason that lgbt groups shun us the way they do. they never say it’s because of bad behavior or attitudes and usually instead go the route of “wow gross i dont want to catch what you have!!!” or “lol that’s not a real thing grow up and try sex”. basically the pride groups are super bad for being all about white gay people like usual


we all have shit to work out

i just really, reALLY want aces to understand the divide isn’t “sexual ppl vs ace ppl” but instead “white cis straight male sexuality vs literally everyone else” when they make their big odes abt the evils of allosexuals (which is, btw, a term they stole from the queer french-canadian community)