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You've got a very interesting bit of dialogue accompanying your blog. I am beginning to think the mythology behind the Dark One Curse is very much bigger and more complicated than anybody realizes. So much so, that I am just going to shut up and see if Cora's attempt to keep the Dark One Power from boiling off into the air is more urgent than we realized. She may have understood something that nobody else did. What happens when the Dark One Power boils off into the air? It does not vanish?

I do think that OUT would be epic if the writers focus on the great stories they wrote like the dark one curse.

For me, the dark one curse is some evil essence that searches for a host. We dunno how many hosts it had or how long they lived with it.

The dark one’s vault is a great mystery that ,sadly, I bet they will never explain. Is Zoso there ? What changed while Rumple was dead at season 3b?

I like to think that FTL and all realms with magic live in a certain balance. Maybe the dak one curse is an opposite of fairies’ magic, for example. But what would happen if that balance is broken?

I hardly think that a world only with godness would work. People would stop fighting for an objective since nothing would stop them after all or realize that the problem is not the dark one, but the human being’s nature that sometimes is totally selfish (reminding that almost all rumple’s deal has the other’s  ambition as reason).

Cora lived many years at Wonderland and got used with other kind of magic. As far we know she was the evilest soul there, but what if she is not? Maybe her experience there made her learn more thing about the dark curse, maybe things that even Rumple does not know.

And I have the feeling that Blue fairy wants that Rumple remains evil bc of this balance.

“ the Dark One Power boils off into the air? “ Sadly, we dont have much info about it, but I dont think it vanishes, only its host or keep waiting when someone needs some dark magic. 

a thing more: a friend , when we were talking about my “balance theory” , came with other theory that maybe the sorcerer created the dark one curse just make him more important and liberates his dark side on it

It is so hard to draw the line between words that have just changed uses and words that have been basically stolen/broadened beyond their reasonable limits. “Queer” is obviously having its own battlefield rn and I’m all for keeping it for LGBT people and nobody else (not straight guys who smile a lot or black people who are straight but marginalized) but I think. Idk. I think the fact that the battlefield for “Butch” and “Femme” as terms, but most especially “femme” is so small is exactly why it needs examining. I’ve changed my mind on this a million times but I do think we should make a collective move toward returning “femme” back to lesbians only and “butch” by extension. Although nobody but lesbians seems to interested in calling themselves butch anyway. Which makes sense.

Snippet from a song I'm working on

This is essentially a snapshot of a page from ye olde writing notebook, so don’t take it as a whole piece.  Just thought I’d throw it out there and see the reaction.  I know I deal with these sorts of bullshit rationalizations on a daily basis.

But it’s not you, right? It’s everybody else

You gotta shift the bigotry away from yourself

"I’ve got an open mind, but that’s the real world

All you’re gonna find will get you hurt. 

You’ll see it was me who was helping you out
don’t doubt that if I gave you a hand
it would set a standard the world wouldn’t stand. 

So trust when I say that I do this do you,

'cause in the real world, dreams don’t come true"

But what you don’t see is *YOU ARE THE PROBLEM*

and things don’t get solved until we fuckin’ solve them

One less rotten step on the staircase

Elevates us all to a better place.


Yep.  Just that.  I could post more, I guess.  Sure as shit need to write more.

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Okay what the hell do you actually like, asshole

I assume you mean related to games, so uhh, matthewmatosis, gaming historian, portscenter, chrontendo, hyperbithero,  Joe Gagne’s Funtime Pro Wrestling Arcade, gaming brit, Mr BTongue, Totalbiscuit’s port reports since nobody else seems interested in doing that shit, Dark Side of Gaming and Console Wars by Blake J. Harris

I highly recommend all of those, especially Gaming Historian and the Console Wars book.

Transformers: Welcome to the Gun Show

Title: Welcome to the Gun Show
Warning: Much comparing of gun sizes, tormenting a third party with sexual tension, dubcon? Nonexplicit hatesex.
Rating: PG-13
Continuity: IDW
Characters: Sixshot, Tarn, Overlord, Megatron
Disclaimer: The theatre doesn’t own the script or actors.
Motivation (Prompt): Commission from Elapuse. Thank you!

[* * * * *]
Sixshot has no interest in the size of anyone’s gun, but nobody else can see what’s right under their noses.
[* * * * *]

Starter for loyal-nerdlinger:

Izaya sat on a bench in the park, watching his beloved humans as he sighed from boredom. What was he supposed to do? He was unusually bored. Even in the crowd of humans, nobody really caught his attention. Until a certain young male came into the view. Hm. Their eyes met shortly and he could see something in them. What was it? Maybe that spark that signaled that the young wished for his life to be more interesting. Or was it something else? Time to find out.

Izaya stood up and walked straight to the male, smiling widely as he aimed to look as innocent as possible. “Hello there! Could you please tell me how I can get to the closest train station?”

With a sinking feeling that had little to do with Quidditch, he cornered Dean Thomas after Transfiguration one day. Most of the class had already left, although several twittering yellow birds were still zooming around the room, all of Hermione’s creation; nobody else had succeeded in conjuring so much as a feather from thin air.
“Are you still interested in playing Chaser?”
“Wha — ? Yeah, of course!” said Dean excitedly. Over Dean’s shoulder, Harry saw Seamus Finnigan slamming his books into his bag, looking sour. One of the reasons why Harry would have preferred not to have to ask Dean to play was that he knew Seamus would not like it. On the other hand, he had to do what was best for the team, and Dean had outflown Seamus at the tryouts.
“Well then, you’re in,” said Harry. “There’s a practice tonight, seven o’clock.”
“Right,” said Dean. “Cheers, Harry! Blimey, I can’t wait to tell Ginny!”
He sprinted out of the room, leaving Harry and Seamus alone together, an uncomfortable moment made no easier when a bird dropping landed on Seamus’s head as one of Hermione’s canaries whizzed over them.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Chapter 14 ‘Felix Felicis’

Sure Harry, your ‘sinking feeling’ is because of Seamus, of course, we all believe you, oh you poor blind little child. Protect him at all cost.


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hi! I was wondering, as a writer, how you differentiated your own ideas from ideas that may have come from long ago read books. I'm always paranoid that I've used someone else's concepts unknowingly. is there any way you can know what you're writing is completely original?

You can’t. No concept is original. No idea has not been explored. All creation is derivative.

Your aim isn’t to create something completely original – I promise you, it can’t be done. All you can do is combine and explore things in the most unique and interesting ways you can. One thing to remember, though, is that nobody can tell any story exactly like you can. So although your ideas will never be original, your voice, and your style, always is.

I should be asleep

More than not, I feel like an impostor when I try to spend time with folks with whom I ostensibly share some specific trait (the one around which we are organizing, the one we are discussing, the hobby we are pursuing, whatever).

I feel like it’s just a matter of time before someone points a finger at me and discovers I never belonged in the first place. Rejected. Thrown out.

I never really know what the bounds are, only enough to feel that I don’t fit them. When it comes to trans stuff, queer stuff, I feel like someone is going to pull up some busted thing I said years back or some weird feeling I am working through now or some question for which I don’t know the answer and declare me an impostor.

It’s part of the reason my gender has developed as it has; it’s all *mine*. *I* define what my terms are and *I* define what they mean. Ultimately, though, if I am not going to be alone j am going to have to determine the Venn diagram overlap and try to meet with others. Scares the shit out of me.

I don’t want to hurt anyone, to intrude in spaces I am not wanted. To force my way into places I don’t belong.

Well, in terms of small safe-space type places anyway. I don’t seem to belong in the rest of the world but they can deal. I *am* pretty great in my own way some times.

If only I weren’t as crazy as I am I might be better at sorting out the paranoia from the legit concern. The concussion doesn’t help either.

Meh. I should be sleeping.

From PEP 4-10-15

“James Spader is incredible actor and when Avengers: Age of Ultron was coming around and Joss began to put together the character, he said to us, ‘It has to be James Spader,’” says Feige.

“It was another casting moment where we went ‘yes!’ There was nobody else on the list. He’s so unique and has such an amazing voice that is full of humor, darkness and emotion. In the comics Ultron he is a very unique robotic character, but it’s a scary thing. There have been lots of franchises based on robots, so we did not want him to be a normal robot. We wanted Ultron to be borderline insane and full of raw emotional nerve, which you don’t expect out of a synthetic life form.”

The producer continues, “That’s what makes Ultron interesting and over the course of the film James Spader brings various bodies of technological scrap metal to life in a very unique style. It’s exactly what we wanted and then some. You have this metallic face and geared robotic eyes saying these voices he has created.”

For Spader, the complexity of the character was something he enjoyed exploring. “Ultron is able to access anything technological and anything that is available on the Internet,” informs the actor. “It becomes part of his stimulation and information and is embedded in his psyche. He has ungoverned access that is constantly streaming into his processing chip. So it’s overwhelming and almost impossible to harness the powers and knowledge. He’s a little too strong for his own good.”


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I would love it if someone quoted the hateful things teenage girls say about white men, and overlaid them on pictures of Harry Styles and the guy who played Thor. Or those guys from Supernatural. If that hasn't already been done, it would be interesting to see the result.

Sweet idea. If anyone decides to do it, keep me updated. If nobody else does it, I’ll make it happen.

The only people I would care to be with now are artists and people who have suffered: those who know what beauty is, and those who know what sorrow is: nobody else interests me.

Hello everyone,

A few notes:

First, thank you all for your patience during the transition. I hope it’s been essentially invisible to everyone, and I hope to do as good a job as Heather maintaining this blog.

Second, I’d like to say that I’m aware that it this is very much a community project, a lot of people have a vested interest in it because, if nothing else, we so terribly lack explicit representation elsewhere.

Which brings me to my third point: submissions. I foresee submissions being a big part, a huge part, of the blog going forward. I want to distinguish between asks and submissions – nobody could possibly be aware of all the different invisible bi characters out there, or the media that they’re in. There are many suggestions in the inbox for stuff I’ve never heard of.

The thing is, I think it would be unfair (especially in a community already feeling the lack of representation) for the blog to start very much reflecting one person’s tastes, but I honestly can’t spend a whole lot of time (or money) pinning down the details of an ask for a show (or whatever it might be) that I’m not already at least a little familiar with.

So if you personally really want to see something on the blog, the absolute best way to do it is to send your ask in with as much information as possible – name your character’s romantic partners or reference the episode or volume it happened in. Those sort of details make it quicker for me to do a write-up, and thus make it more likely it will happen. Even better? Send it in as a submission, already styled like our character sheets typically are. 

One final note: I am currently scheduling posts for three days a week. That may increase or decrease depending on how much stuff comes in, but that’s what I’m aiming for.

Kind regards,


Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Person of Interest (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Harper Rose/Frankie Wells
Characters: Harper Rose, Frankie Wells, Sameen Shaw, Root (Person of Interest), The Machine (Person of Interest)
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, same universe but shaw is alive because i said so, dominic is still very much around and harper is a pain in his ass, harper ‘i’m too pretty for this’ rose, Ladies of POI
Series: Part 1 of nobody mourns the wicked

No guns usually meant less of a chance of getting shot in the face, or the back or wherever else these goons that Thornhill had led her right to was getting ready to fire at.

Yeah, that was something Harper and Thornhill was going to have to talk about, the whole leading her into an ambush thing. It was getting old.

the people you don’t have any interest in always have an interest in you. & you’re just left thinking like “wtf when is shit ever gonna be mutual for a change?” lmfao.

idc I refuse to feel bad for not liking somebody in return. I shouldn’t have to force myself to like somebody out of fear that I may never meet someone else, I either like you or I don’t.

then mfs get mad & try to make you feel guilty for not liking them. talking about “nobody is gonna like/love you the way I do.” like okay, and? lmao I didn’t ask for all that though.

if I tell you from the jump that I don’t like you like that & you still try to push the shit even after the fact, that’s your own fault for getting your feelings hurt. ijs.

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Serena and Tierno

Interesting one, is there even a ship name for them yet? Well regardless,

Who worries about how they will look when they’re older: Tierno, he’s already a little self conscious about the way he looks for the obvious reasons, but then remembers what Serena always says to him — “I’m already yours, and nobody else’s…”

Who makes the mix tapes/cd’s: Tierno, typically for some music to dance to when practicing with his Pokémon, but also to have playing in the background during dinner date nights at home; just the two of them.

Clings to the other during scary movies: Serena, considering she doesn’t like scary movies at all, but tries to enjoy them, anyway for her and Tierno’s sake as a way for them to bond more. Regardless, never actually getting through the whole movie once Tierno turns it off, and sugests sitting outside instead under a blanket just to talk.

Gets into the shower with the other randomly: Tierno, he just can’t help himself.

Flashes the other when they walk by after taking a shower alone: Neither, though Tierno tries to get a peek at Serena whenever he can.

Initiates hand holding while the other is driving: Both, sometimes him; other times her.

Secretly tries to touch the other in naughty places during public/family events: Tierno, he likes the sound of her giggles, constant pleads for him to stop even if she doesn’t really mean it, and deep red cheeks whenever the naughty touching does occur.

Asks weird questions in the middle of the night: Tierno, though Serena never really knows what he’s talking about. Therefore initiates “other things” just to change the subject.

Asks “what are you thinking about?”: Serena, she knows her boyfriend loves to talk, so whenever he’s quiet for longer than usual, she typically feels the need to ask.

Always has to be touching the other, (if either of them do): Serena, touching, kissing, hand holding, hugging, cuddling — you name it, she loves it and Tierno never ever argues with her about it either; genuinely loving it just as much as she does.

My rating for this ship: vomit / don’t ship / ok / cute / adorable / sexy / perfect / beyond flawless / hot damn / screaming and crying /i will ship them in hell