we’re looking at the stars because we like to
remind ourselves of the things that are
strong enough to burn through the darkness.
our legs are pressed together and we’re holding hands 
just so we remember to feel something tonight and 
all i ever needed was this, just me and you and 
nothing else. i want to spend as long as i can laughing
into the skin of your shoulder because the only other thing
i ever could have done was cry and there’s no time
for that tonight. i want us to sit, sipping soda
from the same straw and asking all the questions
that matter. you’re telling me why you never really
liked your father and my hair is blowing in the wind
and for the first time i think i may have done something
right. we talk about regrets and you ask me if given the
chance to do it all over again, would i leave everything the 
same and i think i would, just for the right here, 
the right now, the mess of a girl i had to be to stumble 
my way right into your arms. and you’re not perfect, 
and i’m not naive, and we both know our hearts can't 
swell like this forever, but we’re strong enough to hang
on for another day, and that’s all that either of us cares about. 
i think this is the kind of love that disappears soft and 
beautiful and fast like the setting sun and maybe i’ll forget
you. but i’ll always carry you with me, the boy who knew
all my ugly and stayed. i think if we’re lucky, memories of
nights like these will always come back to us when
we need them. someday someone will look at me like
they want to crack my soul open to the core and for just
a split second, i’ll remember the exact color of your eyes.
—  nights with you by Auriel Haack 

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So basically it has finally fucking dawned on me that I am graduating the living hell that is high school and I am fucking terrified and its giving me anxiety thinking about life after. Like I was at a university to pay my application fee and I nearly shit my pants because I got lost and some kids looked at me weird. Please help me, I'm a mess.

First, do not worry about going to college. Everyone that’s starting with you is starting at the same time, which means you’re all in the same boat and at the same level. Maybe some of you have done more research than others or had older friends or siblings to ask questions of, but none of you first-time freshman have actually done any of this before. Sometimes you’ll get lost, because you’re still learning the campus. Just ask someone for directions and in no time, you’ll be the one giving directions. Sometimes you won’t know how to do something like registering for classes on your own (second semester fun!), but you have a whole support system on-hand to help you out. You can ask your peers, upperclassmen, teachers, advisors, resident advisors (RA) or resident housing directors (RHD), or the staff in any campus offices.

High school is gross and you survived it. You won! Think of it as having beat a big boss and now you get to tackle the next level. At first, everything is new and strange and harder, but you learn as you go and it gets easier. You’ll figure things out and you will be okay.


I’m new to tumblr but have been keeping up with motiveweight for quite some time. I am not even close to where I want to be but these two pictures compared against one another just make me that much more motivated. They were taken exactly a month apart from April 26-May 26. This is the first time I have seen a difference in my body. Honestly the scale has budged only slightly but the difference between these two pictures is pretty prominent to me. I have been eating 1400 calories a day and using myfitnesspal to track what I eat. Whole grains, lots of protein including egg whites, natural peanut butter, turkey burgers and regular greek yogurt. I work out 4-5 days a week and I do 2-3 miles on the treadmill and HIIT workouts. I can’t wait to see what the next month brings!

Mitch Pileggi on  Jared and Jensen

They are children..children! I love them to death.

They just have so much fun doing what they do that it permeates the whole set, the crew and everybody just loves going to work. They have such a great attitude. Sometimes you have to go “guys..guuys” to bring them back into what you are supposed to be accomplishing.

They are both just really good people, and Misha,they are all really good dudes.They do so much in social media, for causes, and they put so much energy into it.

The first time i worked with them i said to them (J2) “I am so proud of you, that you have your heads screwed on straight, you have all this fame and you could do whatever you want to do” and a lot of young guys go of the rails but these guys are doing it right and i love both of them. (paraphrased)  Denver Comic Con 2015  (vid link)


So I was invited to go to this year’s Brony-con in B-More this summer. This will be my first year going and I have no Idea what to expect there. So to blend in, I have decided to do some more Human Pony art but this time I have made the characters as if they were knights in an Fantasy Anime. This Project is not fully done only half of them are (around 9). I will have them for view at this year’s Awesomecon in Wash. DC. so if you attend come check them out.

imagine an episode where John and Sherlock get married and then it ends with their wedding dance (in contrast to Sherlock leaving early) right

but since we have the dance = sex metaphor, their dance will probably have fucked up symbolic innuendo

like I remember in one of the first eps of Coupling, there was this great visual metaphor of a couple’s first time where Moffat had a guy open a can of Sprite and it immediately spewed everywhere, like i.e. he bust super fast, and there was funny dialogue about it

or they could do that earlier in the ep since there’s a toast and a champagne cork, it could symbolize them going and having a quickie in the coat closet

or maybe their dance will be too hot for a metaphor~ like any metaphor you try to stick to it just instantly vaporizes and is deeply inhaled and felt to be more real and sexual than the actual footage. it’d be the superposition of text and subtext, where the unspoken is suddenly more viscerally felt than anything else – which parts of TSoT and HLV arguably achieved too, maybe even the power plant and NYE scenes from ASiB, but I mean like MAINSTREAM obvious. like obvious enough for homophobes to empathetically feel the heat between them without meaning to and then get dipshit mad about how these two fully clothed grown men are making them think sexual thoughts in a context they don’t want to be thinking them

but I’ll be happy with a premature ejaculation gag, don’t get me wrong

alona tal is a 31 year old actress best known for her role as jo harvelle on cw’s hit show, supernatural. this pack includes: 700+ gifs varying in both size and quality (some are numbered and some are not; my apologies for repeats) with a special folder dedicated to affectionate gifs because they can be very hard to find for her, 39 icons some of which i cropped and adjusted myself, and around 100 lookalike images with a couple actual images taken from alona’s instagram. i don’t really take credit for any of the things included in this pack because honestly, it’s just stuff that i’ve saved over the few years i’ve used her as a faceclaim so all credit goes to those who deserve can download the pack here. if this helped you at all, please feel free to like/reblog

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beans on toast is an amazing experience. I've lived in England my entire life, and I've seen many places outside my walls, but beans on toast is actually very good. the point of toast is that by the time you eat it it's not soggy yet because it's toasty. you don't eat beans on bread (though my mum does)

what else do u eat? cheese on bananas? onions on cookies? soup on cereal? do u just go into a cupboard close ur eyes and force urself to eat the first two things you find? why do u like soggy bread?

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Will you tell me a story?

once upon a time there was a young mouth-spider named arnold. he lived inside the mouth of a little girl, named claire, and made sure that all of her teeth stayed clean. at first, when claire discovered that arnold was living in her mouth, she was very disturbed. but then, claire remembered that she hated to floss, so she asked arnold to do all the flossing for her. arnold was a nice guy and agreed. claire had clean teeth all the time, and they all lived happily ever after. the end!

(my dad used to tell this to me when he brushed my teeth! haha)

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I've made the choice to convert to Buddhism! Where do I start? What do I start changing, I need adviceeee 😊

You have it backwards. You start, study, THEN convert to Buddhism. Until then you are not a Buddhist, even if you’ve “converted.”

So TO start, read, study and practice. Here’s a list of some of my favorite books. The first one is my all-time favorite book and is a resource I always go to and highly recommend reading.

My FAQs page is also a good place to start, too.

Smile and be well!


Summing up my weekend at FanimeCon 2015! This has got to be the best con experience I’ve had since I started attending them in 2009. Highlights include making the most sales I’ve ever had since starting up AA 5 years ago, placing 3rd in the FanimeCon Karaoke Contest, doing my first photoshoot (can’t wait to reblog photos once my friend uploads them!), seeing all of my con friends, making new friends, and seeing some mad shit go down during the Gong Show. Here are some pictures of me and also commissions I received throughout the weekend! 
Shoutout to everyone who helped me get through this weekend. Y’all are the best! Also shoutout to all my new followers and any followers who stopped by my booth. I appreciate your support and it was nice meeting you all. :)

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Next year, my school is doing a musical. The problem is we don't which musical to do. Which musical do you highly suggested?

First see who you have and go from there. I’m assuming it’s a female heavy cast (sigh…high school theatre) so I like anything goes (we just did it with 8 or 9 guys and like 25 girls), smile (current fave), Millie (all time fave), bye bye birdie (…memories), once upon a mattress, singin in the rain (if you have the talented guys), Chicago, LITTLE WOMEN (astonishing is my anthem), legally blonde (idk the show that well), Peter Pan (Captain Hook and the Pirates…we had the lost boys and Peter and the Indians as girls), Oklahoma. That’s all I can think of!

sometimes, I ask myself what the point on trying to get good grades and pass my exams, get my degrees etc. When my eman is so low.Why am i so focused on worldly things when I know im going to leave them behind? Why is that when I write my goals and think of my dreams that the first things on my list is worldly things? Why don’t I have things like, perfecting my salah, fasting? praying on time? become a better muslim? reading Quran?  on my new year revolution? My goals? When these things with help me in the both worlds why are they limited to this world. Why isnt that i dont think so much about the hereafter and strengthening my eman as i do when im in pain or facing some difficulty  

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You only get joshifer if they were on shoots, promotions and with their co stars. Can you never get tired of this? Jen used to follow Nic in Europe when she was in a relationship and she never did it for hutcherson. In fact, josh was in spain for his gf in his free time. Don't you think he would rather choose to be with his real gf than his supposedly pr relationship? He isnt dumb enough to be always in pr for the restof his life. You are a nurse and you shud be the first one to know what's real

What do you think you’re going to accomplish by sending me this?

Do you really think I’ll be like “oh my god anon you’re so right, your antagonistic words have set me straight!”?

Why do you care? Do you just need to vent because you’re frustrated? Okay, do it on your own blog. 

I don’t get why you care what I post on my own blog. I don’t care what you post, make a shrine to Claudia and Josh love for all I fucking care, I’m not ever going to find myself in your inbox ranting. So leave me alone.

Seriously, you sound like a child that can’t handle anyone thinking different than you.

Grow up.