of course the first steven universe thing im drawing is this gay bird

(this is mostly a v quick coloring experiment between commissions, but yaaaay i can draw again!!)

i have no inspiration, school is out and i need practice so im going to do another one of those reblog for art things. the doodles will look like this vvv

doing the first 300 . make sure your submit box is open. 

ps. check out my blog + look at my other art + be my friend pls !!!

Guess who recently reached 1,000 followers and also has zero editing skills i’m so sorry ??? *does a cartwheel* Aaahh!! Thank you, thank you everyone for following me and sticking around!! *gives each of you a hug*  Each and every one of you deserves the world and I am so grateful for you all ^_^ Thank you!!!

And in celebration, I’ve decided to do my first Follow Forever ever! I don’t follow a lot of blogs, but I love every single one I do. I follow some incredibly talented individuals and have met the most beautiful friends - both inside and out (you know who you are *hands each of you a flower* uwu). Again, thank you all for 1k - when I have more time over summer, I’ll try and do something special for you all ;) so look out for that!


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Hello everyone!  ヾ(=^▽^=)ノ

So I’ve been on Tumblr for about a year and a half now. I’ve reached quite a nice number of followers (idk why y’all follow me tbh) and I decided it was time I made my first follow forever, yay (ノ゚ο゚)ノミ★゜・。。・゜゜・ Also, how do you like my edit? If it’s lame, please don’t tell me because my confidence will disintegrate to the Earth’s core.

I don’t really know what to even write. What DO you write? I always wonder, does anyone actually even read the intro? I could just write anything…I like pancakes…let me know if you like them too, if you got to this part. But to be honest, I didn’t know Tumblr would change me so much, when I first started it. For the better of course. It made me view things differently, made me more critical… I met some of the most amazing people on here and I truly hope we stay friends for life… or at least keep our friendship for another few years. I’ll keep it super short, so a big thanks to everyone who make my dash beautiful even on rainy days. ❤



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*I’m sorry if i forgot anyone. It’s most likely because of the URL change…

♔ My special cupcakes  ♔

(some of them I actually know irl, tnx for putting up with my shit

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Why yes there is a way….

Alright fine I’ll do it.

It’s that time again anyway to compile the sketches, marking SU sketch dump number 6.

The rest- including the first set of Pearl and Connie shit is neatly organized on my DA here…and probably in better resolution too.  Thanks for checking out my stuff- stay tuned.

smcmfuse asked:

I showed my roommate AtLA for the first time last night and when Zuko showed up on screen the first thing she said was "he walks like he has a big dick" how do I live with this dishonor.

The person you need to speak to about this is Mai.

the marauders squad

i, allegra aka lurpin, am proud to present my first ever harry potter network..
its about time we gather those who share a love harry potter and the marauders so i have come up with the unoriginal idea of creating this network/squad where we can share our thoughts and discuss all things harry potter hehe

to do
  • must be following me 
  • reblog this post (likes will not count sorry loves)
  • must have harry potter as one of your main fandoms (multifandom is great as long as the majority of your blog is harry potter)
  • please fill out this form
  • and feel free to ask me any questions regarding this network
  • this ends on the 1st of june
  • happy, kind and active blogger
  • working tagging system
  • clean and pretty theme
  • general passion for harry potter

other qualities (for future reference - if selected)
  • comfortable with sharing personal chat accounts (e.g. skype. however it is perfectly fine if you are not- as this is just an option if the group wants)
if selected
  • i will send you a congratulatory message asking for a 120x120 icon for the network page and your email (unless you included that in your application then you would have already been added)
  • you can put a link to the network somewhere on your blog
  • you will be added to the chat sideblog here on tumblr
  • please feel free to go right ahead and introduce yourself to everyone on the chat
  • it would also be amazing if you guys could follow the other members (of course i would never force you) but that is entirely up to you
  • a lovely group of people you can get to know and a place you can talk about harry potter/the marauders (amongst other things of course)
  • wonderful advice givers (fellow squad members)
  • people to reblog your beautiful selfies and original content etc
  • inside jokes (probably)

other information
  • track the tag #maraudersquad for updates
  • i will be choosing around 10-15 bloggers, depending on the number of notes and my indecisiveness
  • this post must reach at least 50 notes 
  • i will most likely be adding new members in the future so please don’t be discouraged or hurt if you do not make it this time around, there is always another chance :)

Hi taylorswift! I don’t know if u are currently lurking but I just wanted to say thank you and remind you how much i appreciate everything you do and how incredibly HAPPY you make me. Also. I’m SO excited for tour and currently cannot stop thinking about it and CANT believe it starts in less than ten days. AND it’s insane that it’s been 6 months since I sat on my bed in a trance listening to 1989 (minus the first time I heard style-when I ran around my apartment freaking out). I am so proud at the success of this album and it deserves every bit of recognition it has received so far AND MORE. Anyways goodnight love u hope you had a really nice day wherever you are!

I’ve recently decided to take a few of the things I’ve wanted to learn to do and carve out the time to actually do them while experimenting within my craft as a way to document my musings and ventures, learning as I go. Starting with this journal on house plants. I bought my first one this weekend – the snake plant, or mother-in-law’s tongue (mixing the names is actually pretty fun, too) – and I’ve almost decided I want every client to pay me in leafy plants from now on. Taking any and all gardening book recommendations 🙏🏻🌱🌵 (at Cliquot – Beirut)


Tumblr is full of amazing people with so much talent. Even if I am not one of them, my lovely followers still like and reblog and comment the stuff I post. And you have no idea how happy that makes me.

So I just want to take some time to thank all of you lovely people :) Thank you so, so much! I love you all! <3

anonymous asked:

You should draw more diverse characters like trans people or something. js

okay like first off doni’t tell people what they need to draw or should draw they gonna draw what they gonna draw k second of all do you want me to draw someone holding a flag saying “I’M TRANS” because otherwise you can pretty much call anyone i draw trans like i’m not gonna just gonna draw dudes lifting up their shirt all the time showing their binders like??????? you can interpret my drawings however you want but as far as i’m concerned trans people just look like…people? do they have magical purple dots on their skin or wings that i’m not seeing that i need to draw? is that what makes them stand out? 


Don’t expect too much fanart from now on, as i’m gonna put that on a little hiatus and focus mainly on my characters and practicing stuff i usually don’t draw. Anyways, I’ve been wanting to draw my main group of characters in different ages for a while now, and decided that this was a good time to start. Going in the order from first to last created, of course. Here’s the first two ~

anonymous asked:

Dave! What would you say your relationship with John stands at? Best bros?

were pretty tight i definitely consider him my best friend 
accidentally smacking him upside the head with a ball was definitely a pretty great happenstance even if it cost me all of my fruit cups 
his jokes are pretty damn shitty and i dont exactly appreciate getting cake shoved against my face or a water bucket dumped on me every time i spend the night but its him and its pretty endearing at this point even i have to bring 4 pairs of extra clothes for one night just to be safe
hes always been around for me if i need it and ive tried my best to do the same
man this is sounding as disgusting as adam sandler was when he was trying to win over drew barrymore in 50 first dates
that movie is so goddamned horrible
but anyways yeah hes my best bro
i love him