So, at AHBL6 in Sydney I got to meet Jensen Ackles for the first time. and it was magical. When I saw him during my first op, my teeth were chattering (because they do that when i’m nervous) and I walked up to him, my teeth still going and i was trying to smile and he smiled at me, then suddenly looked concerned “Are you cold?” He asked and I was all “No, i’m nervous, sorry.” and he literally pulled me into a hug and said “It’s okay, don’t be nervous.” and he gave me a huge squeeze and I said thank you, then the photo was taken and he pulled back and gave me a reassuring smile and I said thank you again and he said thank you to me and then I looked away and stumbled out a “You’re so beautiful.” and I heard him say something and chuckle but I was too stunned and nervous to hear what it was and then I was walking away and then I started crying because sweet merciful jesus he is so beautiful in real life and he smells wonderful and I COULD FEEL THE DIP IN HIS SPINE WHEN I WAS HUGGING HIM AND UGH.

Sorry, I had to tell that first part cause i’ll look back on this post later on in time. AND SO this was the 2nd photo I had with him and I got to have mark in it too. Mark of course was incredibly sweet, he spoke to me first with a “Hello, Come over here darling” and Jensen had a cheeky smile going on at me and before they pulled me into that ‘me in the middle with their arms around me photo’ I stopped them and nervously looked to Jensen and asked if I could ‘hog’ him while Mark looks jealous. Mark gave the ‘Of course’ to me and Jensen grinned and eagerly snatched me up and I was originally looking at the camera during this shot but then I heard something to my right and I literally shifted my eyes over accidentally and then the camera flashed and I freaked out because oh shit, I was meant to be looking at the camera, but I think it turned out okay in the end, it looks like I’m gloating. So i’m pleased. Mark’s face was wonderful, very reminiscent of my one with him last year. Later when I gave the picture to Mark to sign he shook his head at me and said “You asked me to pull this face didn’t you?” and I said “Yes, and it was beautiful. Thank you for it.” He gave me a sweet smile and a “Aw, you’re very welcome. Nice to meet you.”

When I went to Jensen’s auto, I didn’t pay much attention to his reaction to the photo cause I had actually bought him and Jared a Batman and Superman Ice-cube trays. When I told him who it was for, he flipped over the box saw what it was and seriously, his face lit up so bright I was blinded for a second. He looked up at me grinning still, “Ice cube trays?” when I nodded he laughed and said thank you. And I explained that the Superman was for Jared and Batman for him. “Awesome.” He said, and I then asked if he by any chance knew who Misha’s favourite was. “Misha’s favourite superhero?” when I nodded, he seemed to really think about it and said “I actually don’t know whose Misha’s favourite is, I’m sorry.” I told him no trouble and I hope he enjoys them. He said thank you again and I shook his hand and thanked him for coming and it was nice to meet him. And even after I had shuffled over for the next person in line he was still looking and smiling at me and I melted. guys. it was the happiest experience for me. i’ll never forget it. I have so many more stories but this is already a super long post so i’ll stop. 

STAN: Dude, oh my God.
STAN: Do you think we should do something?
KYLE: I don’t know. I really don’t know.
KYLE: I think we need more proof first.
STAN: What more proof do we need? Craig has enough spots to be a giraffe.
KYLE: Alright, alright.
STAN: What was that?
KYLE: I think it came from outside.

KYLE: Oh my God.
STAN: Dude.
STAN: This is happening.
KYLE: What the hell.

STAN: Wait, what day is it?
KYLE: Monday?
STAN: No, what holiday? We have no school today.
KYLE: Memorial Day?
STAN: That’s it.
STAN: Last time I checked, Craig was openly gay. There’s no way his dad would let that slide.
KYLE: Where does THAT logic come from?
STAN: His dad and my dad are pretty much on the same brain wave.

KYLE: Wait, you’re gay?
STAN: Now isn’t the time for that.
STAN: I’m going out there.
KYLE: Dude, no. Don’t get in the middle of this.
STAN: Someone has to, Kyle.
STAN: It’s cold outside, and I don’t see Clyde making any moves to go out there.
KYLE: If you insist, dude.
KYLE: I’ll be here when he inevitably doesn’t talk to you.



“Time will in the end erase the love we shared that’s why I turned myself into a robot so you can stay forever in my heart of steel.”

I wanted to draw a fanart for the 3rd anniversary of VIXX’s debut but I’m such a shit I didn’t have enough time to do it since I had to finish this one first. Here’s our KenKen for whom I sort of developed a little obsession hehe I want to draw him over and over dunno why. 

I was tagged by the beautiful ben-smiths and stepanbehindthemic for the 20 Beautiful People challenge!

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Between Big Hero 6 and Frozen, I like Big Hero 6 better.

I like Frozen too, but it didn’t emotionally impact me the way BH6 did. Like, I never cried during Frozen the way I did with Big Hero 6.

Given that “Shadowhunters” is such a special project (facing skepticism from people that hated the movie, people that hate the books, the critics who bashed the movie and are not going to be reasonable to the TV series because they hated the movie, and even some fans of the books), the show will need as many viewers as it can get. Book fans will likely be where most of the views for earlier episodes come from, and it’s important for us to stick with the show, even if the first few episodes aren’t very good. If you want to give up on it after around episode 7 because you’re just not liking it, then I’d say that’s a reasonable time to do so. But try to get at least halfway through season 1 before quitting.

Shadowhunters: Beyond the  Pilot

I’m pretty sure I posted this a long, long time ago when many of my followers weren’t on my tumblr, but this is something I really want all the fans to take into consideration. You can read the full post (which I really recommend) in the link. 

stop trying to cheer me up; nursemaid dean means well

“How do you feel?” Dean asks, pausing in the doorway.

Cas shrugs. “Like half my leg is on fire.”

“Did you take your pills?” Dean asks, shooting a narrow look at the little bottle on the night stand. Every time he sees it, his first instinct is to hide it, but this Cas isn’t that Cas. He shouldn’t be treated like a baby because of a crazy vision Dean had five years ago. “It’s been six hours.”

“They don’t really help. They just make me sleepy.”

Dean comes into the room, pausing at the foot of the bed long enough to squeeze Cas’ good ankle. “If you’re asleep, you won’t notice that half your leg is on fire.”

Cas shrugs again.

“Come on,” Dean says, climbing onto the bed. “The ER doc said it was a clean break. You’ll be up in a couple weeks. And – hey, Sam was just saying the other day that you’re not really a hunter until you break something.”

“He’s said the same thing about dying.”

That’s an unpleasant thought, so Dean leans in an kisses the corner of Cas’ mouth. He smells like their bed, sleep-warm and familiar. Dean presses in closer, humming under his breath; Cas allows it at first, but when Dean lingers he sighs and pulls away, bristling like a hedgehog.

“Stop trying to cheer me up.”

“Hey,” Dean says, stroking his hair. “I’m sorry your hurting.”

“It’s not that. I just – I fell down the stairs.”

“It happens.”

“I tripped over my own feet.”

Dean snorts out a laugh against Cas’ shoulder. Cas makes an indignant noise, but Dean just noses his way up to Cas’ neck and hides a kiss below Cas’ ear. Dean knows it must be irritating for him; he used to be light and grace and intend and now he’s stuck in a clumsy, human body that doesn’t always follow directions.

“Come here,” Dean says, wrapping his arm around Cas’ shoulder. “Lemme tell you about the time Sam lost his shoe down a storm drain.”

So, I just reached 1k followers here!!! You’re all so special to me and I know I don’t interact so much with you, guys, but I’m trying… then I decided to do a special fic rec list!!!
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graphic by my precious friend clueinglooks 💕

SilentAuror ( silentauroriamthereal ) 

Act IV - 39k words, POV Sherlock Holmes, HLV fix-it

After Sherlock is shot, John moves back into Baker Street. They spend the autumn together as John tries to make sense of his life and make some important decisions about both Mary and Sherlock.

At the Heart of it All - 19k words, POV John Watson, first time, romance, post-Mary

John has been back at Baker Street for four months now and thinks it’s about time they had the Talk to see whether or not they could be more than friends. Sherlock has a lot of uncertainty about this concept for multiple reasons.

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so im very proud to announce that i’m going to disney world tomorrow (for the first time in forever) with batpersons who was my First Internet Pal. we’ve been pretty much planning to meet up @ disney since we were 14, so now that we’re adults it’s finally happening. i probably won’t be very active for the rest of the week :~)

master-swhored asked:

Firstly I'd like a link to that "psychology today" article. Secondly "Assumes weight is a lifestyle choice"? You do realize that weight is a life style choice. I was fat just a year ago and it wasn't something that happened overnight. Just like how I didn't loose weight overnight. Getting fat is the direct result of a lifestyle choice. It's a conscious decision that you make every time you decide to stuff your face and not do anything, do that regularly enough and it becomes a life style choice.

Firstly I have no idea what you’re referring to. Secondly I could literally not care less about some former fatty’s story. Wow you lost weight, gold star. First person to ever do that before. If you could do it, it must mean that literally every other single person can as well, right?? Thirdly you picked the wrong day to mess with me, so get out of my inbox, off my blog, and how bout off tumblr all together.


i can’t belieb i just reached 1000 followers!! that’s honestly so crazy and i feel like i have to pinch myself just to make sure it’s real life??? ok i know it’s not that big of a deal but when i first made this blog, i never expected it to get the attention that it has. i hope u know i appreciate every single one of u that rps with me, or just simply follows me! even though i suck most of the time and work 24/7 and am hecka late with most of my replies, y'all still stick around n i’m so thankful for that!! honestly just thanks to all of u for wanting to do things w/ me and giving me the oppurtunity to write amazing things!!


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i know i probs forgot some people and i’m hecka sorry about that!! but i truly love everyone i follow/follows me so just know that ur all rad n cute n i wanna hug every single one of u for being so kind and following me ://

m-i-m-i-c-k asked:

Hello Arcane, I have a question for you, and I DID read through your FAQ and copyright link before heading towards your inbox. Some of your tarot spreads like the Shadow Self Conversation spread are very useful and I'd like to use them for my own tarot reading services. Is it okay to use that same particular name, etc? I don't want to use any of your visual elements, but is credit required somewhere in the PDF-formatted reading to avoid issues?

Good Afternoon, I thought about this a lot and would want this to be clear going forward to anyone with a similar question.

First I would like to THANK YOU for taking the time to ask for my permission, that speaks volumes in my eyes. You have no idea how many times my spreads end up on forums and other tarot reader shops without my permission.

Unfortunately, utilizing my spread, even with you giving me credit for the spread is something I no longer am comfortable doing because of the fact that I do not want it to seem as if the ArcaneMysteries name is endorsing your shop, which would not be the case. I do not want the ArcaneMysteries name attached to a shop, and owner who I am unfamiliar with. That is a bad business practice in my eyes.

I do encourage you to create your own spreads for your shop.

Check out some of these fantastic tutorials: