My favourite bands

Panic! At the swimming pool

Twenty one train drivers

My chemistry teacher

Fall out kangaroo

Pierce the balloon

Sleeping with ice cream van music

Look at him / Look at me
That boy is bad / And honestly
He’s a wolf in disguise / But I can’t stop staring in those evil eyes

30 Day Coloring Challenge || Day 14: Create a coloring with at least 6 layers

the signs as feelings
  • aries:taking cookies out of the oven, walking down an empty hall, getting in line for a rollercoaster
  • taurus:walking into a used book store, looking at fish at a pet store, watching an old movie for the first time
  • gemini:cotton candy melting in your mouth, watching dark clouds appear before a storm, climbing a tree
  • cancer:taking the first sip of tea, painting your room, watching the sun rise in Winter
  • leo:being in a bouncy castle with your friends, finishing a good book for the third time, having a first kiss with someone new
  • virgo:finding a mistake in a book, the last bite of a really good meal, when your favourite store has a sale
  • libra:finding something new, singing your favourite song, when strangers smile at you
  • scorpio:accomplishing something great, moving to a new town, going to bed early
  • sagittarius:walking onto a plane, planting flowers, getting pushed into a pool
  • capricorn:walking a dog, shopping online, tanning
  • aquarius:finding shapes in the clouds,checking into a fancy hotel, laying down after a long day
  • pisces:when you first see the buffet, cracking your back, winning a board game
Best Lana Remixes

I might make more masterposts for my music page of things like acoustic performances, artist’s remixes, covers,etc….) 

Reason #5473 why I am a complete dork

irisbleufic posted a photo of her 1990 first edition US hardback copy of Good Omens signed by GNeil and PTerry

I saw it on my dash

Got up from the sofa 

Went to the bookcase

And picked up my identical (in every way) copy and gave it a cuddle

I just really love books okay

anonymous asked:

what if louis has an embarrassingly big crush on liam since txf, and he's been dropping hints every single day, hoping liam would understand. of course he doesn't. after 5 years of flirting with him and gradually losing self-respect and dignity, louis gets massively drunk. the next morning, he wakes up finding himself in liam's bed and his eyes widen in horror when liam says "you showed up drunk at my door at 3am and told me /everything/."

NJNHJB omg louis has had an embarrassingly big crush on liam for five years but I’m so into this idea!!! goD!!! literally all the nicknames he’s given liam, all the attention he devoted to getting him to play with him on txf, all the broo dates and reeces he dragged liam on!!! and liam still hasn’t got the hint. and louis is drunk. drunk and sad. drunk and sad and angry. and stupid- very stupid. so he stumbles up to liam’s door and whacks it hard three times before the movement makes him feel dizzy. and liam takes a while to show up and when he opens the door louis’ breath catches in his throat because liam is shirtless and sleepy with his joggers hanging so low on his hips and his hair all soft and ruffled and sleepily blinking his eyes open saying “lou.. what?” in a croaky voice and louis wants to cry and kiss him and admit everything and just crawl into liam’s bed and live there forever. and it’s cold and louis had left his jacket in the club so liam bundles him inside and they go straight to liam’s bedroom where louis can wrap himself in the duvet and stop shivering before liam asks him, all concerned, what’s wrong and louis chokes up a little. “you don’t get it liam you don’t fucking get it. why haven’t you just noticed or done something yet. can’t you see it’s killing me. god why haven’t you realised i’ve been like this since the x factor. since the first bloody time i met you” “like what lou?” “like in love with you and i fucking hate it!” louis says, trembling a little and probably crying and liam just gapes and him and louis cries a little more properly and lies down so he doesn’t have to look at liam’s face. curling himself up with the entire duvet and mumbling “I’m sorry, i’m so sorry, i’m sorry” as he falls asleep.

andreasfr asked:

Stale Fic Trope: Highschool AU.

Anonymous said: how about; shy unpopular kid at school has a crush on the jocky popular kid

interdimensionaldipshit said: High school AUs?

Protip: don’t

Dean’s a freshman, broke as dirt, new in town, kinda weird, and definitely a defensive jerk, so he doesn’t fit in much. He’s got his looks, bullheadedness, and sang-froid going for him but that’s about it. He’s the sort who gets bullied, then fights back, gets punished for it, and then gets bullied more because he got punished for fighting back, so he continues fighting….

Cas is a senior, top of his class, on the sportsball team, and basically everyone wants in his pants even if he’s not openly interested in anyone (there are rumours that he’s gay of course, or saving it for marriage, or ace, etc – but it’s really just that he’s seen how much drama and distraction dating brings and he’d rather get into the college of his choice first and sleep around later). He catches some kids backing Dean into a corner and comes to the rescue. Dean has stars in his eyes and forms an instant crush, which Cas gently rebuffs (because he’s 18 and Dean’s 14 and dude no) but lets him hang out anyway. Puppy love turns into an enduring friendship as Dean has to set aside his infatuation & lust to actually get to know Cas as a person.

After graduation, Cas comes by now and then to help Dean with his studies, but eventually he leaves for college and Dean’s heartbroken but he gets over it in time, just like everyone eventually gets over their first puppy love.

When they meet back up as adults, this time Cas is the one chasing Dean (’cause he was teen-heartthrob cute as a high schooler, but he’s heavenly as a grown man), and Dean’s the one making Cas curb his enthusiasm – he’s not that awkward 14yo misfit falling over his feet to try to get his arms around his crush anymore. They rekindle their friendship first, and then start dating.

…But that’s all very mainstream, and while it would probably sell as a book, I personally wouldn’t read it, so let’s keep going. HS AU @ 1 cuil, as sheereleganceinitssimplicity put it. This one’s based on messier51‘s input.

How about a zombie apocalypse AU in which the lads have to get to high school with military escort and the reanimated corpses of their friends clawing mindlessly at the barricaded windows? Dean – already unpopular save in certain circles – is having to come to terms with being queer in the midst of all this bullshit, and his crush Cas – who was a popular athlete & honours student before the outbreak – is becoming more and more withdrawn as trauma makes him start to shut down. Soon anyone 16 or older who can hold a gun is getting drafted as security, which threatens to make both of them break down. During a blackout (a strategic but extremely perilous shutdown in hopes of drawing the zombies away from a holdout) the boys open up to each other and end up clinging to each other’s company our of sheer desperation.

Then there’s a breach, and the front lines open fire, and they know it’ll be their turn soon.

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