Okay so I'm an asshole but I'm okay to females (by my own standard that is ) which means I won't do certain things

So here is the story before social media happened it was hard to know who knows who, so my cousins and some of their homeboys (fxckboys 85%_ of them) use to do this thing they would meet a girl learned everything about her,her fave food clothes, hobbies,things that turn her own,where she likes to go for dates,what pisses her off, so they would write all of these things down n then they would be like okay this is everything they know about that girl .. If you’re a girl and you’re reading this let me ask you one thing is this okay u might say there’s nothing wrong well, okay so after awhile they would trade with each other and the girls would be like an open book, so do you know how easy it is for a dude to get with you if he knows almost everything about you, so they will break up with the girl and , someone else would date her a close friend and then repeat ,

I hope they all have daughters tbh ..


David Tennant’s Video Diary for Series 2 of Doctor Who- I love these and I wished he did these for his other shows as well. I mean can you imagine David Tennant doing a video diary for Broadchurch. Just picture him going around set, trying to get people to spill the beans about who they think killed Danny, and then him being all like “well, I guess I have to get into my grumpy detective mood. It’s not easy being grumpy because I am usually really laid back and nice for the most part, but that’s the job for you. Plus I get to tease and have fun with Olivia Colman, she is such a card.” lol. But no seriously, I love watching these, and wish David would have done some more for other shows because they are such a treat to watch, plus we are purely seeing him being well him. 

Hello little girl...

It had been a very pleasant spring day, rather close to the wall of the empire. Immediately outside the wall, there was a very large and lush forest with a pelasant stream running through it. Sure, the Empire’s walls were looming over it, but even the tall walls looked somewhat natural, like they were only a very large and even cliff-face.

But the forest, however pleasant it was, was a more dangerous place than usual. Unfortunately, Fredrick had escaped. The spider-beast hadn’t gotten far, though - climbing over the wall had been quite a feat, and now it was hungry again. So, as a result… the forest was thick with nearly-invisible strands of spider-silk. It was especially prevailent near the stream, where the spider was sure some unsuspecting prey would land. The spider itself was hiding, for now. Watching. Waiting.


anonymous asked:

im about to give up on drawing bc i haven't improved at all, i've been drawing for 4 months and i see no improvement there are so many other people who draw better than me theres absolutely no way i can draw like them

Hello Anon , this is so sad to hear from you but I’m kind of glad you sent this ask to me I’m gonna try and help you in everything you need so please don’t hesticate to send me more asks if you have the need. I’m gonna try to explain you few things for breaking this horrible wall you’ve infront of you. 

I don’t know if you have more problems apart of this but sometimes our personal life influences our drawings , for example if you have problems at home or in school you will prob feel very frustated and this block you so much in all the ways. I’m telling you this because it’s was my problem and maybe you’re in the same situation I were. For more problems you have , please try to think positive! I know it’s very difficult but if you try , little by little you will start dealing with everything. A daily excercice I tried to do once in order to stay positive was something I read on tumblr and it’s really helpful: try not to write on the internet bad feelings or whatever neg you think about. I hope I’m not hurting yourself with this… I just want you to be happy. 

Now the important thing about the problem you asked: your mood influences your drawings. Please don’t give up , if you LIKE drawing you can always stop by some days but you will have the urge to come back to your pencil , you will be more inspired!! You aren’t the only one who have problems like this. I’ve a freind who is in a similar situation too and she stopped drawing , it’s been a month since then and now she has fears and insecurities. Obviously not all the people is the same , some can surpass their problems better than others but try to think that you’re not the only one and if others can ,  YOU CAN ALSO DO IT you can fight over this art-block! and It’s OK not to improve in 4 months , it’s the same as I told you before but this doesn’t mean you aren’t good! The biggest enemy we ALL have is the fear of failiture , beat it with courage. Maybe this will help you too , I really suggest you to start reading other kind of comics ( not only manga) and also something that really helps me tons when I feel bad is going outside alone and walk around the street wihtout anything in mind. Try to relax Anon , there will always be someone who draws better than us but you know what? you’re unique in this world.